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>>Anonymous  23jul2020(th)21:31  No.78322  OP  P1
let's talk about wasted talent

Shitting and Pissing Extravaganza.swf (2.78 MiB)
1200x840, Uncompressed. 473 frames, 25 fps (00:19).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  23jul2020(th)23:23  No.78328  A  P2R1
Ah Emma presents.
Used to do some great art with variety.
But then got on the Niche fetish YCH money train and never looked back.

Shame too. I liked their art.

>>Anonymous  24jul2020(fr)13:08  No.78339  B  P3R2
why would this person go in such niche fetish, not sure how people get off watching girl basically "empty" themselves
>>Anonymous  24jul2020(fr)14:48  No.78343  C  P4R3
believe me, the more special the fetish, the more money is in it
people who are grown up and have nothing better to spend on are willing to pay huge sums for artists to cater to their very specific needs
if you understood how people can get off to it then it wouldn't be niche shit, would it
>>Anonymous  26jul2020(su)13:31  No.78362  D  P5R4
Emma Presents started out with some potential a few years ago, I followed em to see what they'd make.
They went almost exclusively to toilet fetishes.
I stuck around hoping it would change, but it didn't.
>>Anonymous  30jul2020(th)02:34  No.78379  E  P6R5
how is the talent wasted if they're making money though? Isn't that the opposite of wasting it, are you literally that mad that not every artist in the world caters to you?
>>Anonymous  30jul2020(th)02:46  No.78395  OP  P7R6

of course i'm not mad, lol get out of here.

>>Anonymous  1aug2020(sa)09:04  No.78418  F  P8R7
I would quote you and post a soy chugging Wojak but they won't let us upload pictures that aren't related to the flash.
>>Anonymous  1aug2020(sa)14:16  No.78422  C  P9R8
lelelele coorpotaions make big monies, so they very good talent
>>Anonymous  1aug2020(sa)22:29  No.78426  G  P10
good. the world needs less bastardized versions of the feels guy assaulting our eyes at every opportunity.
>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)22:20  No.78749  H  P11R9
shidding and farding rn
>>Anonymous  23oct2020(fr)15:45  No.80566  I  P12R10
+69 it's indeed wasted talent
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