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>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)11:15  No.78226  OP  P1
The YCH Project

-Inkling added
-Stargirl Blowjob Implemented
-Quality of life buttons are added. Press 1 2 3 4 to skip between the emotion progress and press 0 to pause the progression. Z X C will let you select between the skin color of the men. Pressing V will return the skin color selection to random. Press N to clean the graffiti and press M to pause the graffiti progression. Pressing P while cumming vaginally will guarantee pregnancy.

The YCH Project.swf (1.02 MiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 935 frames, 26 fps (00:36).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)13:32  No.78228  A  P2R1
Welp, this is it. The de-chimping project is obsolete now, we can just always pick the right race whenever we want.
>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)16:19  No.78229  B  P3R2
yup, but it's easy anyway if anyone wants to skip selecting race every time. Just delete the unwanted races from sprites in ff decompiler
>>no step on snek  19jul2020(su)20:03  No.78265  C  P4R3
dont genocide plz
>>Anonymous  20jul2020(mo)06:03  No.78267  D  P5R4
Great additions my dude. But the skin change doesn't seem to work?
>>Anonymous  20jul2020(mo)09:18  No.78268  OP  P6R5
yeah controls are kinda weird, I personally had to make a bleached version in order to only have one skin color as I couldn't figure out when to input the command.
Emotion progress works fine as well as graffiti progress, which have to be pressed before starting any scene. Given that I think the skin change option works the same but I haven't spent so much time trying to figure it out.
>>Anonymous  20jul2020(mo)09:21  No.78269  OP  P7
I mean, select a girl and before going into a scene you adjust emotion and skin. That should work
>>Anonymous  20jul2020(mo)11:12  No.78270  E  P8R6
Unless the 3 different skin colors get converted to 3 different shades of white, yeah it's kind of unnecessary now.
>>Anonymous  22jul2020(we)19:47  No.78307  D  P9R7
Yeah exactly this. ALl other works fine except the skin colour. I don't mind that much though as as always there will be a dechimped version lol
>>Anonymous  22jul2020(we)22:36  No.78309  F  P10R8
I guess I'm an idiot, can't get guarantee pregnancy to work.
can someone be a little more precise in the instructions..
>>Anonymous  23jul2020(th)01:01  No.78313  A  P11R9
You gotta press P just as the animation of him cumming is playing out. If you do it while idle it'll just give her the prego belly and look goofy as hell.
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