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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  8jul2020(we)08:37  No.78103  OP  P1

/aco/ request. Don't mind me.

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>>Anonymous  8jul2020(we)17:04  No.78110  A  P2R1
great, can I request too?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  8jul2020(we)20:25  No.78112  OP  P3R2
There are plenty of requests already. I'm just doing those first.
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)14:26  No.78120  A  P4R3
can i wait in queue?
>>✌(ツ)  9jul2020(th)14:43  No.78121  B  P5R4
You made this? you post your stuff in somewhere else? i want to follow
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)15:51  No.78122  C  P6R5
like hell i won't mind you, you're awesome! bless whoever made that request
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  9jul2020(th)19:34  No.78127  OP  P7R6
lol dork

You're already following me right now!

>>✌(ツ)  9jul2020(th)19:58  No.78128  B  P8R7
i really don't know how this site works
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  9jul2020(th)20:12  No.78129  OP  P9R8
Hmmm. How about this?
It has all of my stuff.
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)20:41  No.78131  A  P10R9
you post my site again, can I wait in queue now?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  9jul2020(th)21:18  No.78134  OP  P11R10
It's not a queue...
>>✌(ツ)  10jul2020(fr)13:54  No.78139  B  P12R11
Thank you dude
>>Anonymous  10jul2020(fr)19:38  No.78140  A  P13R12
i can wait i can pay, i can pin your stuff on homepage
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  10jul2020(fr)22:51  No.78143  OP  P14R13
No, please don't give me money lol. I don't need it.
>>Anonymous  11jul2020(sa)02:29  No.78144  D  P15R14
I don't know about queues, but I'd like to request something from Sam & Max. If only because I'm curious to see what female character you'd pick from all those games, cartoons and comics to draw.

Also: maybe its just the angle, but doesnt her ass seem kind of low on her body?

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  11jul2020(sa)03:33  No.78145  OP  P16R15
Good eye!
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