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>>Tom  5jul2020(su)02:22  No.78034  OP  P1
Mario is missing

Mario is missing

Mario+is+Missing+PUT+AS3.swf (39.88 MiB)
785x500, Compressed (Deflate). 10 frames, 26 fps (00:00).
Ver31, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Mario is missing  5jul2020(su)02:33  No.78035  A  P2R1
Mario is missing

Mario is missing

>>Mario is missing  5jul2020(su)02:43  No.78036  B  P3R2
Mario is missing

Mario is missing

>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)15:21  No.78042  C  P4
I wonder if

Mario is missing.

>>Mario  5jul2020(su)17:50  No.78050  D  P5R3


>>Mario Is  5jul2020(su)18:42  No.78052  E  P6R4
>>Revolver Ocelot  5jul2020(su)20:41  No.78056  F  P7R5
Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot

>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)22:01  No.78057  G  P8R6
>less than 1 fps at all times
>game crashes constantly
>black screen when you start a new game and not played in browser
>maxes at 26 fps
>3 different art styles for Peach shown at the same time
>jumped once and fell right through the ground
>somehow jumped and fell through the ground AGAIN while talking to NPCs

There needs to be some kind of reward for this level of awful.

>>Anonymous  6jul2020(mo)11:47  No.78060  H  P9R7
At least they could give a cheat to unlock the full gallery and don't suffer to play the actual game.
>>Anonymous  6jul2020(mo)12:51  No.78061  A  P10R8
They do
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)06:14  No.78115  I  P11R9
This is just peaches untold tale, not mario is missing. Fuck off
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)07:57  No.78116  H  P12R10
How then?
>>Anonymous  14jul2020(tu)14:51  No.78192  J  P13R11
You know this is called "Mario is Missing: Peach's Untold Tale" right, fam
>>---  15jul2020(we)12:27  No.78204  K  P14R12
cheats PUTcheatcodeboard.png

>>Anonymous  15jul2020(we)20:17  No.78209  C  P15R13
>what is the embed feature?


>>Anonymous  15jul2020(we)23:44  No.78212  L  P16R14
Buggy unoptimized garbage and people PAY for this shit?

For fucks sakes DPS dips down 1 and falling through floors is commonplace

The porn isn't even worth it. If you can call it that.

>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)12:20  No.78227  M  P17R15
He's been working on this crap since 2012 if you can believe it. [spoiler]Still coomed though.[/spoiler]
>>Anonymous  27jul2020(mo)14:30  No.78374  N  P18R16
needs "thank a you so a very much for a playing my a game"
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