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>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)01:39  No.77949  OP  P1
record of rape

enjoy the shitty translation

Record of rape a shoplifted woman.swf (1.51 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed (Deflate). 3495 frames, 30 fps (01:56).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)04:51  No.77951  A  P2R1
Good stuff. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this artist/team.
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)08:17  No.77956  B  P3R2
I'd mind if I had t see more of that damn translator's work though.
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)09:49  No.77959  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)20:10  No.77966  D  P5R4
has something wrong with age lol
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)20:24  No.77969  E  P6R5
yeah, this is definitely quality
>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)17:32  No.77979  F  P7R6
abhorrent translation but otherwise great, is it the same guy from THE sleeping rape?
>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)20:52  No.77983  E  P8R7
Why? Seems okay to me. Looks like the youngest one is ̶̡ͣ̓̿̍͗͒ͪ͊̾͑́1͐ͬ̆̆͛̈́̇̑̎̉͞͝҉5̎̇̄̍̒̊̈́ͩ̓ͥ͝҉ years old.
>>Anonymous  1jul2020(we)20:38  No.77994  G  P9R8
Hey, I was looking for this a few weeks ago but could only find the demo. Tks OP
>>Anonymous  2jul2020(th)07:34  No.77996  H  P10R9
>a shoplifted woman
What kind of shop sells woman in the first place and why would you steal one instead of supporting that business?
>>Anonymous  3jul2020(fr)11:58  No.78000  I  P11R10
>he hasn't heard of Ukraine
>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)09:15  No.78039  J  P12R11
It's not parody of the Shoplyfter series, so we should not expect it to be more than it is, but it could still use some work. It is okay, despite the poor translation. It does remind me of The Sleeping Rape, which is better than this, IMO.
>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)15:23  No.78043  E  P13R12
Yeah, probably made by the same guy.
Though I think this one has more variety and way more scenes.
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