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>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)00:08  No.77719  OP  P1
PIGTAIL TOUCH!! [moyasix].swf (7.52 MiB)
1000x800, Compressed (Deflate). 50 frames, 24 fps (00:02).
Ver11, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)17:55  No.77734  A  P2R1
why isn't this hacked already?
>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)03:46  No.77741  B  P3R2
Just do what I do, hack porn flashes and never post the modified versions.
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)06:34  No.77778  C  P4R3
This shit won't play? Just sits on the black screen, and right-click>play isn't doing anything? Anyone got a solution for this?
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)12:06  No.77780  D  P5R4
Maybe lowering the version of the Flash player will solve this problem. Downloading and playing locally is the best way.
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)14:13  No.77783  A  P6R5
Idk, it sometimes did for me too.
Then I downloaded the thing and played it offline and it worked. I rechecked the online version and it worked as well. Seems pretty random to me.
Anyone at least care to share some screenshots of the end?
>>Anonymous  8aug2020(sa)08:46  No.78595  E  P7R6
Found A Cheat!

Moya blessed us with a cheat to easily get to the end without hax

www pixiv net/en/artworks/67408647

A couple of breaks but put that in to see his page (P.S. you get a somewhat nice fuck but not worth the puzzle 3 outta 5)

>>Anonymous  8aug2020(sa)20:42  No.78604  A  P8R7
Got it to work. My guess it has to do with an invisible pixel that you can click to get line that help you, showing you each spot in order to click.
Unfortunately it's not even uncensored at the end.


>>Anonymous  9aug2020(su)06:50  No.78611  F  P9R8
don't bother, it's censored at the end, and it's one of those "censor for the sake of japanese law things" so even if you did remove the censor there is no penis on vag action it's just shapes clipping into shapes.
>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)15:18  No.78745  G  P10R9
japan could replace every loli hentai for remove censored genitals law
>>Anonymous  17aug2020(mo)15:02  No.78763  A  P11R10
I do type words into a sentence when I speak
>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)18:48  No.78861  H  P12R11
Black screen for me.
>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)20:42  No.78887  A  P13R12
had it happen to me too randomly
works when played locally (offline) or with projector
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