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>>Anonymous  16jun2020(tu)20:23  No.77700  OP  P1
The YCH Project dechimped

The YCH Project by DoctorCurse, with blowjob option and a new character, dechimped.

The YCH Project.swf (936 KiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 935 frames, 30 fps (00:31).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  16jun2020(tu)22:36  No.77717  A  P2R1
virgin /pol/tards approved
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)06:39  No.77723  B  P3R2
You misspelled Chad.
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)07:46  No.77724  OP  P4R3
I uploaded both versions. Do you also want an only black one so you can feel cucked better?
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)14:12  No.77726  C  P5R4
You're watching some other guy fuck the girl anyway so whats the difference faggot
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)16:24  No.77728  OP  P6R5
difference is I don't go to bitch about it on a board when there's what I want literally in the next post
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)18:01  No.77736  D  P7R6
Is it just me, or do only Kizuna, Zonetan and Botan have oral scenes?
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)22:05  No.77739  OP  P8R7
Oral is supposed to work only on them as it is still being implemented for every other character
>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)12:38  No.77744  E  P9R8
Good job, OP!
Okay cuck
>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)16:00  No.77748  F  P10
>>77700 (nice trips)
wtf does dechimp mean

learn 2 use kuĉk properly u zimp

>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)17:29  No.77749  OP  P11R9
Removed interracial.
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)00:23  No.77752  G  P12R10
Lol are you seriously posting Maddox as an argument lmao
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)02:09  No.77753  C  P13R11
Yet you did all that work in the end
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)02:43  No.77754  H  P14R12
Imagine all the work he did copying and pasting a couple lines of text. It's less work than you whining here.
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)03:57  No.77755  I  P15R13
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)04:46  No.77756  F  P16R14
all of you
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)08:02  No.77758  OP  P17R15
Not even that. All I did was right click and remove. Literally the most braindead thing to do as I don't know code and I'm surely not going to learn it to make fapping easier for people
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)12:29  No.77759  J  P18R16
The Chad Republic
The virgin Islands
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)19:22  No.77766  K  P19R17
>>Anonymous  20jun2020(sa)07:48  No.77768  L  P20R18
Excellent work Anon, always happy to know there's someone out there cleaning the grime away from our quality games.
Also, kinda conflicted on whether the Patreon icon not having a mouth to fuck is either good attention to detail or irking oversight.
>>Anonymous  20jun2020(sa)09:28  No.77769  M  P21R19
Because as we all know, white people are the only people that browse this shitty site
>>Anonymous  20jun2020(sa)21:39  No.77772  N  P22R20
youre wrong
>>Anonymous  20jun2020(sa)21:39  No.77773  N  P23
nah im black as a fucking tyler, youre wrong buddy
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)05:29  No.77777  O  P24R21
games with facial expression progress is always a + for me
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)14:11  No.77782  D  P25R22
Wow, Anonymous sounds like a pretty cool guy. Being extremely coding-illiterate and proud of his lack of knowledge and not afraid of anything.
>>w7-890  21jun2020(su)15:38  No.77787  F  P26R23
any black FÆilipinos here

why does swfchan hate ni/gg/ers so badly (is this some sort of meme)

>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)15:39  No.77788  F  P27
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)17:48  No.77790  D  P28R24

yes and no
niggers are generally not what you'd want to see in porn flashes mainly, but the over the top de-niggering of all and every swf here that contains someone with darker than pale skin is actually just a meme

>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)22:42  No.77794  P  P29R25
*plays chipmunk laugh track*
>>PersonWithCommonSense  22jun2020(mo)00:41  No.77795  Q  P30R26
I'd like to see all of you argue IRL and see if you're still as hotheaded.

Also, this is why the internet was a mistake.

>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)02:41  No.77798  R  P31R27
>ook ook ook eek eek ooh
What did he mean by this?
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)03:48  No.77799  S  P32R28
checked, very impressive
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)19:37  No.77823  F  P33
>>77724 yes pls
>>77717 ok reddit
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)21:28  No.77824  R  P34
fuck off cuck
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