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>>Anonymous  14jun2020(su)22:39  No.77673  OP  P1
Btd 2.23

Behind the Dune 2.23

DuneV2.23.swf (24.63 MiB)
1500x720, Compressed (Deflate). 90 frames, 24 fps (00:04).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  15jun2020(mo)05:31  No.77677  A  P2R1
Any differences in this version?
>>Anonymous  16jun2020(tu)02:23  No.77690  B  P3R2
Listed in the menu
>>Anonymous  16jun2020(tu)08:11  No.77697  C  P4R3
2020, May
-The sex scenes about sandtrouts with Chani and Anbarin is finished.
-New quest to make the Water of Life.
-The sex scene about that quest (with Khaira and Stilgar) is sketched.
-Big illustration with Bene Gesserit people (RM, Alia, Jessica, gard) to illustrate the deaths with the Gom-Jabbar test, and also teasing Stilgar too much. Took me a while but good result I think.

-This game is in progress. It has texts on the right. Copy/paste it in a message if you are in the mood for a bug report.
KNOWN PROBLEM: After a while, the game lags. Quit and restart it.

>>Anonymous  16jun2020(tu)20:11  No.77698  D  P5R4
nice, this guy still updating vegahunters?
>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)15:48  No.77747  E  P6R5
There a way to fuck Alia?
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)15:09  No.77761  F  P7R6
anyone have the jessica revison mod?
I don't want to create an account just for one game
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)17:37  No.77762  G  P8R7
wake me up when i can have more than one concubine
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)19:00  No.77765  F  P9R8
You can have both options as concubines my man. You just can't fuck them at the same time.
Two concubines and a wife
>>Anonymous  15jul2020(we)19:17  No.78207  H  P10R9
How do you find the traitor? I've ran to that particular dead end ever since it was implemented.
>>Anonymous  15jul2020(we)19:45  No.78208  I  P11R10
Thank you for always delivering, love this game and love you anon
>>Anonymous  16jul2020(th)00:48  No.78213  J  P12R11
anyone have 2.24 now?
>>Anonymous  16jul2020(th)01:54  No.78214  K  P13R12

question all the witnesses, then get guy in telecommunication room to be with you, and question the doctor, if you spoke to other NPCs, it should trigger that you get new line questioning for doctor, general say ah shit, then MC will get set of dialogue option then you can arrest/punish her.
Created: 14/6 -2020 22:39:40 Last modified: 28/9 -2020 22:27:46 Server time: 28/09 -2020 23:05:22