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>>Powerless  14jun2020(su)01:01  No.77655  OP  P1
Minotaur elfbang

Go get em.

Powerless.swf (2.1 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  14jun2020(su)07:56  No.77657  A  P2R1
I mean it's a great concept, but it's just a shame that it's so goddamn buggy (I'm aware it's an early version) and that the proportions and designs of the characters look like they all have scoliosis and are made of rubber at the same time.
>>Anonymous  14jun2020(su)15:10  No.77658  B  P3R2
What the fuck do I even do.
I triggered a "sex" scene by walking into the courtyard, then overlook and then flirted with the minotaur dickman.
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)11:12  No.77805  C  P4R3
So, how do you get to the sex schenes?
>>Anonymous  11sep2020(fr)01:30  No.79539  D  P5R4
What a fucking trash-tier fucking name. I spent fucking ages fannying around with it and it was dogshit. When I finally got to a cool scene of a throat-fucking gangbang, it was blurred to fuck so I couldn't enjoy it. Trash-tier, what an abomination. I just wish it had an easier gallery option instead of that trash-fire. Fuck this.
Fuck this so much.
>>Anonymous  11sep2020(fr)02:22  No.79543  E  P6R5
you can rally soldiers(whatever area you on you click on then click the soldier tab, best scene). you can have sex with the guy from the tutorial, talk to him on the balcony, and you can go to the soldiers bathing area and suck on some nuts. thats it. bit disappointing really coming from the last game which imo was much better.
>>Anonymous  11sep2020(fr)16:35  No.79554  D  P7R6
Okay, so I'm back.

I've changed my mind. There's a lot of fannying around and the experience is extremely awkward. The UI leaves a lot to be desired, scenes take too long. The pregnancy alert has no skip and takes forever. Speaking of pregnancy, the way of avoiding it with soldiers is buggy and inconsistent. You can also just get pregnant and avoid any time you need to have sex with northern neighbours to buy their land.

I don't know how to improve your relationship with the south, perhaps trading. I'll try that out, but the only sex scene I'm aware of right now is to visit their capital after an invasion and you'll be captured which would have been my favourite scene had it not been blurry and broken. I'm going to test it again later and see if it was just a one-time bug or if that scene is wasted. Moving soliders, visiting new areas and moving around the map are all sluggish, so that'll be the longest one to do.

I've come back to the game multiple times and I actually really like the art and concept. I'm all for getting fucked with horsecocks and rape and gangbangs and the glory-hole soldier box and the throat-rape capture, I'm all for it, but the game is extremely buggy, slow and sluggish to get through. I want to actually enjoy this game and see a lot of the content, but it really needs a gallery or an easier way to get between scenes.

I'm glad it has a flag editor, though. Good for that, I suppose. I want the creator to succeed, so here's to him doing well.

>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)14:21  No.79620  B  P8R7
amen, COOMbro
>>dider  12sep2020(sa)15:29  No.79623  F  P9R8
how to trigger wolf and anubis 2 scenes?
>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)15:36  No.79625  G  P10R9
There's a different scene for buying a town and buying a capital. So for the wolf scene you buy the north nation's capital, for the anubis king scene buy the south nation's capital.
>>dider  12sep2020(sa)16:57  No.79643  F  P11R10
thanks, but i cant get much respect from southern lands to buy, how can i gain it?
>>Anonymous  13sep2020(su)20:02  No.79686  H  P12R11
Trade shit with him. Buy a fuckton of stuff, or sell a fuckton of jewels and you get access to the scene.

Update, by the way. The reason the capture scene is blurred is because it's the same for both north and south. I was really hoping the scene for the north would be a dog-rape, but it isn't. It's the same as the south one and blurred out for the throat-fucking because they wanted to use it for both the northern and southern kingdoms, as one is Trundle and the other is Nasus.

It's really lazy and actually super disappointing, I really really hoped they were different or at least unblurred. I really wanted to see my ginger princess having horsecocks forced down her throat. Shame, really.
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