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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  8jun2020(mo)17:59  No.77561  OP  P1
Hope this makes up for the shitty Flannery one last week.
If you didn't figure it out yet, these two were meant for pokegirl melee but I ended up taking my time with them instead to make 'em all pretty.
Smash a Pokegirl were just a bunch of stinky shitposts anyway.

Hilda.swf (1.57 MiB)
1600x950, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 29 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)18:51  No.77568  A  P2R1
Is the guy okay? Grey skin means necrosis or dry skin
>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)18:58  No.77569  B  P3R2
Nice, more porn of Hilda is never a bad thing
I love the easter eggs btw
>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)19:07  No.77570  C  P4R3
Damn, you're becoming a machine gun of quality. Grey dick tho.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  8jun2020(mo)19:39  No.77571  D  P5R4
He's an ayy lmao. It's foreshadowing for the coming invasion. Arm yourself with this knowledge, my friend.
>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)22:50  No.77575  E  P6R5
I formally request more Sabrina despite being spoiled with like 2 flashes of her
>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)22:54  No.77576  F  P7R6
It's an interesting experiment. The scenario is cool, I like that all of your flashes have a blatant story going on. The shading and background are a nice touch.

I dont care about the grey dick (this site spergs over black/white dicks constantly so I dont blame you), but the position isn't flattering. She looks like she is hanging down and it just doesnt make her look good.

You mentioned last time you don't like or can't animate cum. I think it looks fine here, but obviously we can't see most of it. It also looked fine in the Flannery redo.

>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)23:55  No.77581  G  P8R7
any other easter eggs besides serperior and emboar
>>LootingMonkey  9jun2020(tu)02:27  No.77582  H  P9R8
Dude this is awesome in my simian opinion! Don't put yourself down because of the Flannery animation, I thought that it was a (good) nice change of paste. As I said previously you do you mate, it's a good thing to take suggestions from time to time but focus on what you wanna make first and foremost. Just my two cents on this.
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)05:32  No.77583  I  P10R9
Best girl is always appreciated.
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)06:39  No.77584  J  P11R10
Nice, I like it. The premature ejaculation bit was cute. Also you can actually click the dick to change colors.
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)21:02  No.77589  K  P12R11
Dude you can never go wrong with a decent "girls of Pokemon" swf post. Noice one
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)21:07  No.77590  L  P13R12
Also:Why shitty? I thought the facial animations were top notch as always, Dinner.
Man, pokegirls are just a treasure trove for good porn.
It's no coincidence that the games get progressively worse, while the poke waifus are getting better and more plenty everytime.

Only thing that I noticed in this flash is that the removal of the hat looks kinda strange. Idk, I've never seen Hilda without hers, but it's just the movement of the 2 different hair shapes that seem a little out of sync. I'd just leave the cappy on.


No gripe with the perspective here. It puts an emphasis on her looking down in the cowgirl position.
Also the cum itself is better. It was a little lacking on Flannery herself last time, looks good here!
The trick is to always have lingering wads of cum stay on the screen. If you make it drip out, let it do so continuously from a visible resident mass (lol gettin real technical on fucking cum here).

lol was the last animation that panned? Looks like DinDin set the bar high to such an extent that a regular good animation would somehow feel subpar.

Wait, that's not Rosa. Are you fooling me again, anon?

Oh, yeah you can, only after the first button press though.
Just noticed the premature cum. I wondered why there was a second frottage scene in underwear.
Dick = diamonds. Premature cumming is such an underused fetish.

>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)21:11  No.77591  C  P14R13
>Also you can actually click the dick to change colors.
It doesn't always work and keeps resetting between scenes, this is the only thing I think needs fixing.
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)21:17  No.77592  K  P15R14
Where do you get the Easter Eggs though, I tried everything
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)22:27  No.77593  M  P16R15
inb4 there are no easter eggs and a troll-procedure was commenced.
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)23:03  No.77594  N  P17R16
At the end, wait a bit. There's 2 buttons that appear with Serperior and Emboar inside them
>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)10:42  No.77599  O  P18R17
Needs virgin blood.
>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)11:24  No.77600  M  P19R18
Sure, you want some Calendula and Ayahuasca to go with that?
Maybe some Opium poppy?

Dunno what kind of potion you making.

>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)15:34  No.77602  L  P20R19
sweeto, don't know how I could have missed that

pick one

>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)00:12  No.77607  P  P21R20

click on the dick :P

>>Anonymous  12jun2020(fr)03:32  No.77623  Q  P22R21
Always love your work and I've been hoping for Hilda to be in Super Smash a PokeGirl for a while

I loved it and the secrets but I really hope you do her ass justice in the future. She looks great in your style!

>>Anonymous  15jun2020(mo)07:46  No.77681  R  P23R22
I love everything about this. I don't know what the issue was with the Flannery one, but... all is forgiven.
>>Anonymous  15jun2020(mo)13:26  No.77684  S  P24R23
i didn't mind the flannery one tbh, and yeah the pokegirl collections were partially shitposts but still real good, thank you for all you do
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