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>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)14:34  No.77536  OP  P1
Zara's Zany Zoolatry Beta Release.swf (15.38 MiB)
1600x900, Uncompressed. 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  8jun2020(mo)20:32  No.77573  A  P2R1
Not as many features as Zoo-phobia, but still nice. I like the clothing options and the fact that Zara can orgasm.
And he didn't add an option to remove impregnation in Zoo-phobia either, so that sucks.
>>Anonymous  9jun2020(tu)20:45  No.77586  B  P3R2
What's the rank on her buttcheek do? Any eastereggs?
I got it from F to D-.
>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)04:55  No.77595  C  P4R3
this is super neat
>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)05:56  No.77596  D  P5R4
Every 5 times you cum in her pooper she goes up a rank, and at first seems to increase her asshole gape, but that maxes out around rank C.
Also at Rank C she gets a rose tattoo, Rank A turns it into a firework looking thing, Rank S turns it into a sperm trying to impregnate a heart, and when you get to ASS+ rank it becomes a crown with a banner. That takes 100 cumshots, and after that it maxes out. Easter egg? arguably. Worth it? no. Let me fuck her pussy after that and we'll talk.
>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)06:33  No.77597  E  P6R5
Is there an in-game way to get back to the main menu?
>>Anonymous  10jun2020(we)09:16  No.77598  F  P7R6
>rock candy
>vaginal option
why even bother adding this one xd
>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)00:18  No.77608  G  P8R7
Many of them had it. Most of the ones involving Rudolph come to mind...
>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)00:27  No.77610  G  P9
Zoophobia, in this very flash, has the option?
>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)02:07  No.77636  H  P10R8
'Most' is an exaggeration, only some of them have the option and of those the majority are relatively more recent works.
>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)02:48  No.77638  D  P11R9
I know you're memeing, cause Rock Candy = Anal is old meme,
but for real, you can do a reverse cum enema with body distortions that put stretch armstrong to shame but can't fuck a perfectly good pussy? especially as an unlockable easter egg? C'mon.

Here's to hoping it's implemented by the final product, maybe with a "Yo" thrown in.

>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)11:41  No.77644  E  P12R10
>doesn't have 14 different speeds
>no futa
>no toejob
Instantly dropped
>>Anonymous  15jun2020(mo)13:38  No.77685  I  P13R11
having trouble with graphics sticking in place "glitched" on the left half of the screen. for example, on the start screen some of the credits don't scroll just a bit of them on the right do. in game half her face and hat are delayed in motion and leave streaks of themselves int he wake of her motions.

anyone know why it's doing this? is it my flash player version? should I downgrade? I've got the newest flashplayer. or is it some problem with using it in Firefox?

>>Anonymous  15jun2020(mo)14:41  No.77686  I  P14
replying to myself for others, this swf does not work right in flashplayer 32 on 64 bit firefox, the graphics glitch.

it does work in flash player 23 standalone though.

>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)17:49  No.77732  B  P15R12
had the same problem some time ago
to my knowledge it's a matter of whether (in firefox) dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled is enabled or not
you want it disabled for 32bit browser but enabled in 64bit

it's the same for me when you open the flash but not in a focus tab but offscreen
if you switch to it, some frames will not be drawn, only "moving" parts will update

>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)19:09  No.77819  J  P16R13
reminds me of makoto riding swf

>assistance from fallow wing (plz not from kittery)
insert para whore meme here

>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)18:37  No.77845  B  P17R14
well, same music
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