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>>Anonymous  4jun2020(th)09:20  No.77432  OP  P1
if you can face fuck them somehow tell me and ill bleach that one part too
i didnt bother in the first place since you couldnt access it anyways

749966_doctorcursed-ych-project_bleached.swf (817.2 KiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 905 frames, 30 fps (00:30).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  4jun2020(th)11:21  No.77433  A  P2R1
facefuck has been released for 5 dollar patreons. It's either not public yet or I don't know how to do that as well
>>Anonymous  4jun2020(th)17:20  No.77436  B  P3R2
very good. im confused about ranma, i don't know if she considered a female or a trap haha
>>Anonymous  4jun2020(th)21:36  No.77440  C  P4R3
>Paying for porn
>>Anonymous  5jun2020(fr)13:19  No.77448  D  P5R4
>Being a cheapskate
>>Anonymous  5jun2020(fr)23:48  No.77466  E  P6R5
Kill yourself kike, 440 dollars for a character added to simple loops is bad, i had the displeasure of working with this nigger personally, he's a giant tool.
>>Anonymous  6jun2020(sa)00:59  No.77468  F  P7R6


>Why doesn't anyone like me??

>>Anonymous  6jun2020(sa)01:35  No.77470  G  P8R7
You're not on /pol/ anymore you passive aggressive little shitstain.
>>Anonymous  6jun2020(sa)12:33  No.77474  H  P9R8
Buuut, people do have to understand how economy works. If you're an artist and people finance your livelyhood you can pump out lots of cool stuff with little to no restriction. It's the same really with cooperations. They still have to pay their artists money each and every month. They just make that money back by selling you lots of shit. L O T S.
I'd rather cut out the middleman. Sure normally you only pay once to get a product, but these days even that isn't the case anymore. Lots of broken/unfinished shit getting released with day1 patches, paid DLC, renting everything instead of owning it.
Why not just give your favorite niggers a set amount of dollaroos per month and if you think they are just pumping out cheap shit month after month without any explanation, then just, fucking stop and get your 1 flash for free on the internet.
Just remember that good creators died, because just noone paid them anything. If you pirate everything and never give back to those who do good in your opinion, then they will eventually perish doing so.

tl;dr: if you throw away your money to lazy shitheads, they will be shitting away and if you complain about paying any artist, there won't be any artists left

>>Anonymous  6jun2020(sa)16:22  No.77478  I  P10R9

>Implying porn is not in some way paid for

Comrade, it is good of you to do artist work for potato stamp not like capitalist monkey of West.

>>Anonymous  6jun2020(sa)21:04  No.77480  E  P11R10
I don't have to be you stupid nigger, i can call you what you are anywhere

>why do people call me what i am???

>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)07:52  No.77485  J  P12R11
Excuse me, let's get back to the important shit
We want to facefuck
>>ok boomer  22jun2020(mo)19:29  No.77821  K  P13
>>77480 >>77474 >>77468 >>77466
ahoy there redditors you seem lost here is the portal so you can go home

whatever kike also sage goes in the mail field

>>77433 >>77485
found it (no niggers beyond this point)
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