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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  22may2020(fr)02:56  No.77231  OP  P1
Shin Megami Tensei

Gather demons and cum again!

Added more clicky bits.

Demonic_Cumpendium_ver_0.2.2.swf (5.79 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 29 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  22may2020(fr)07:52  No.77232  A  P2R1
Putting in an obligatory vote that Pixie be next
>>Anonymous  22may2020(fr)15:26  No.77233  B  P3R2
Alice or Sylph would be pretty based. So would Lamia if you're feeling adventurous.
>>UnfriendlyJogger  22may2020(fr)16:26  No.77234  C  P4R3
Ok this is top notch. That M-Man thing caught me off guard for sure. Keep it up DinDin<3!
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  22may2020(fr)16:35  No.77235  OP  P5R4

Yeah she's next. Among other things. I mean, it's Pixie. I kinda have to y'know?

Alice? Nah I'd never do that...

>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)04:06  No.77243  D  P6R5
That bar builds up way, way, waaay too slow
>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)11:45  No.77245  E  P7R6
I'm surprised how fast this update came, keep up the great work Dinner
>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)21:33  No.77248  F  P8R7
I don't wanna know what happened to poor magenta moth
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)13:37  No.77266  G  P9R8
I think there could be great femdom scenes with Alice, if you shy away from penetration.
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)16:03  No.77270  H  P10R9

Nah bro, he's meming. She's already in, check the windows.

Btw amazing job Dinner

>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)16:14  No.77271  I  P11R10
i see the shadow how do i activate her?
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)17:40  No.77272  J  P12R11
All these hot demons yet artists only go for the bland basic ass humans. So glad you are doing this.
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)18:00  No.77273  J  P13
I wonder if Scáthach Will be in this?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  25may2020(mo)18:21  No.77274  OP  P14R12
You activate Alice by doing a reeeaaally big jump.

I've seen plenty people ask for her so I might.

>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)22:31  No.77276  K  P15R13
Thanks for the work DinDin<3
Take your time, don`t rush it.
Do you know the Demons Demeter or Nadja?
Those demons are cute&funny.
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)23:11  No.77278  L  P16R14
I feel the power of Mara coursing through my dick. How far are you planning to go with this flash? It's only v0.2.2 and you already have more content in this than most flashes.
>>Anonymous  26may2020(tu)17:09  No.77287  G  P17R15
Damn! Didn't know this version has tab support.
>that mothman
Jizzus, how can one person be so based like Din. His humor and style is always top.
He's like your average normal ass person who sees something he likes and thinks "yeah that would make great porn", but then HE ACTUALLY DOES IT.

As far as requests go, obviously Angel would be a good fit as well.

>>UnfriendlyJogger  26may2020(tu)17:31  No.77289  M  P18R16
Oh boi I'd love me some of that Asherah, Napea or even Lillith.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  26may2020(tu)18:21  No.77290  N  P19R17
Uhh I guess at least like, 10? Maybe? I don't really have anything planned. I just wanted to make a flash dedicated to Moh or Hathor but ended up squeezing more things in just for shits and giggles. Expect 5 or 6 more.
Side note. I'm working on fem demons rn but I personally want to add Krishna in somewhere too. Please don't crucify me if you see it happen.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  26may2020(tu)19:22  No.77292  N  P20
Oh man that would be so hard to even attempt
I think I'm having a coronary just thinking about it.
>>Anonymous  26may2020(tu)20:21  No.77293  O  P21R18
i call dibs on playing his "flute"
>>Anonymous  27may2020(we)11:22  No.77299  P  P22R19
you could have her riding Mara or something, I think the scales line up on that
>>Anonymous  28may2020(th)01:10  No.77303  Q  P23R20
I think the Nekomata animation could do with some speed changes, just to liven it up a bit.

Very good as always! I see most of my favorite demon girls have already been requested, so I'll wait with hopes for the next update.

>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)11:33  No.77617  R  P24R21
Any chance of more Alice content?
>>Anonymous  12jun2020(fr)11:14  No.77624  S  P25R22
Poor Mothman
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)19:34  No.77822  T  P26R23
I'd love to see Apsaras
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)01:33  No.77831  U  P27R24
fr how to activate the shadow
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)13:03  No.77841  V  P28R25
lifting up her shirt to cum or her small tits is the hottest shit on the planet to me like holy fuck
>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)14:21  No.77874  W  P29R26
This would be a thousand times better with some sound effects, a mute button for the music and a speed control slider.
>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)20:02  No.77886  G  P30R27
>sound effects
yes and no
sure, good sound effects are great, but if they aren't they can really detract from the immersion
I'd rather this than cheap squishy noises or porn moans
it's kinda hard to balance correctly with the music
also, the focus lies on the great game music, I think it's fine as it is, feels like SMT and that's the most important part of r34
>mute button
not really necessary
if there's sound effects, then yeah, why not, wouldn't be hard to put into the swf
>speed control slider
changes little without actual new animation and the way it is it synces really well with the music
don't really see the appeal of that

I think what you should be saying is:
>This would be a thousand times better with a thousand more characters inside.

>>Anonymous  25jun2020(th)21:22  No.77907  X  P31R28
name of the creator? and where to follow his/her work?
>>Anonymous  26jun2020(fr)05:09  No.77914  Y  P32R29

WTDinner or known as DinDin here. He is literally the one who posted this here.

>>Anonymous  27jun2020(sa)13:17  No.77922  X  P33R30
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)17:24  No.77940  G  P34R31
>when OP is actually OP
feels goodman
>>Anonymous  21jul2020(tu)12:32  No.78278  Z  P35R32
Fellas, it's time to reject god once more.

When/if you get to Pixie DinDin, I'd love to see her in her canon size grinding and being cute.

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  21jul2020(tu)21:47  No.78285  N  P36R33
I saw the news! Update tomorrow! I am excite!

>looking cute
Haha.. y-yeah. Boy are you in for a surprise.

>>Anonymous  22jul2020(we)02:37  No.78290  Z  P37R34
I mean, I prefer my Pixie content cutesy, but I'll still have that hardcore large insertion impossible fit stomach bulge ahegao cumflation too. Do you take me for a coward, Dinner Man?
>>FailedChavezNigr  22jul2020(we)16:47  No.78300  C  P38R35
smirks in SMT V
>>Anonymous  23jul2020(th)00:06  No.78312  S  P39R36
I can deal with it, I suppose. I definitely prefer cute grinding Pixie myself, there's never enough of that.
>>Anonymous  26aug2020(we)21:25  No.78948  AA  P40R37
>that Mothman

I hope you haven't dropped the project, I look forward to Amaterasu and Pixie
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