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>>I Dislike Melanin !odlBXA9FB2  19may2020(tu)18:58  No.77193  OP  P1
Konsuba Characters And Shit

Click "Free." Removed Patreon lock for more sex options.

Developed by Dong134

mew-game-v0-3_Konosuba.swf (2.92 MiB)
720x1200, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  21may2020(th)08:36  No.77222  A  P2R1
Thank you my king.
>>Anonymous  12jun2020(fr)19:34  No.77628  B  P3R2
I wonder how you actually play the game if you prefer that over free mode. Seems to be locked in titlicking at the moment.
>>Anonymous  12jun2020(fr)21:07  No.77632  C  P4R3
Am I only fine who finds the anatomy and head placement odd and lazy?
>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)20:49  No.77649  D  P5R4
Still don't get how to do anything on free mode.
Guess 0.3 means lots of scenes aren't complete yet.
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)15:18  No.77785  E  P6R5
It took me longer than I admit to find out there are more characters and you can switch between them at any point. Nice to also include Marnie from Pokemon SS
Wish there was the possibility to fuck them in several ways at once, like BJ and fuck together, but when I attempt it, I break the game. Apparently it should work because the dick appears in the correct position for a split second.
Nice one nonetheless 6/10
>>w7-890  21jun2020(su)15:38  No.77786  F  P7R6
why do u hate melanin so much

also how do you undress her

>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)08:55  No.77802  G  P8R7
ahh this guy again, he developed an impressive fuck position system and physics and couldn't get his own controls right
>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)21:57  No.78704  F  P9R8
walkthrough? anyone
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