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>>I Dislike Melanin !odlBXA9FB2  19may2020(tu)18:56  No.77192  OP  P1
White Rurina From Pokemon

Developed by Dong134

runwhite.swf (549.9 KiB)
480x800, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 40 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  19may2020(tu)20:36  No.77195  A  P2R1
she looks so strange in this skin
>>I Dislike Melanin !odlBXA9FB2  19may2020(tu)22:32  No.77199  OP  P3R2
That's cuz the skin wasn't meant for her. There's another brown-haired white chick with the dumb fucking cap in the data files.
>>Anonymous  20may2020(we)13:44  No.77208  B  P4R3
oh hell yea
>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)08:09  No.77244  C  P5R4
Did they miss the ears?
>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)14:03  No.77246  D  P6R5
Ew. Now she's less attractive.
>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)22:06  No.77249  E  P7R6
No brownies allowed.
>>Anonymous  24may2020(su)00:53  No.77250  F  P8R7
You prefer cupcakes instead?
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)22:03  No.77275  G  P9R8
rent free
>>Anonymous  26may2020(tu)00:56  No.77280  H  P10R9
Why do these whitening attempts always make characters look so ghostly pale? Not all whites look like they came from Ireland. At the most, she just looks like an Albino African.
>>Anonymous  26may2020(tu)08:33  No.77284  I  P11R10
elaborate on this capped trainer?
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)08:24  No.77957  J  P12R11
Probably Gloria/Fem Protag, most likely. Don't thing there's anyone else with a cap
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)08:25  No.77958  J  P13
Actually, I stand corrected. It's Rosalie? or whoever the Fem Protag of Black/White 2 was.
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)20:10  No.77965  K  P14R12
B/W2 fem protag was Rosa (Mei).
>>Nick Gurs  4jul2020(sa)03:26  No.78014  L  P15R13
Needs to de-niggerfy the male

who wants to see Niggercock on display?

>>Anonymous  4jul2020(sa)07:04  No.78015  M  P16R14

Yeah, but that turns it into incest

>>Anonymous  17aug2020(mo)21:56  No.78770  N  P17R15
I was uncomfortable with raping the black girl but this is so much better, should have changed the hair to blonde or brown too but all of these palette swaps have been pretty lazy so far
>>Anonymous  17aug2020(mo)23:06  No.78773  O  P18R16
fucking ruined
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)05:42  No.78779  P  P19R17
Now replace the nigger dick.
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)06:09  No.78782  Q  P20R18
>she just looks like an Albino African.
Wut? She's an anime girl, she can't have black traits.
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)08:12  No.78785  R  P21R19
click on the man you absolute walnut
>>Anonymous  19aug2020(we)02:39  No.78789  S  P22R20
She looks like a fucking corpse that decayed for a week, then was de-bloated and reanimated.
>>Anonymous  19aug2020(we)12:09  No.78794  K  P23R21
Stop! My penis can only get so errect.
>>Anonymous  19aug2020(we)16:18  No.78797  S  P24R22

If you still have an erection after 4 hours, you should call your doctor now and seek medical treatment.

>>Anonymous  19aug2020(we)17:58  No.78799  H  P25R23
These edits never make them look white in an attractive way. If you're gonna make a character white, at least make it look less pork white or go the extra mile to give them caucasoid features too, otherwise they just look like they're suffering from albinism.
>>Anonymous  19aug2020(we)18:00  No.78800  H  P26
Oh wait, I already made a reply like this in here. The thread has been up for this long?
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)20:38  No.78818  K  P27R24
it has been up since 19may2020(tu)18:56, as you can see
threads on swfchan are likely to survive years,
and with the whole MUH NIGGER DICKS meme, they sometimes even get necrobumped after a month of silence or two
>>Anonymous  25aug2020(tu)08:47  No.78916  T  P28R25
Why is everybody complaining about the guy? Click on the guy to change pigmentation, duh. Also note, if you click on the heart after the guy finishes inside her, she'll have cum over her belly. Again, and it's a facial in addition to the belly. Nothing further of note as far as I can tell.
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