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>>Nobody  18may2020(mo)01:33  No.77174  OP  P1
May's forest training


May's Forest Training.swf (4.93 MiB)
800x530, Compressed (Deflate). 6 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  19may2020(tu)08:44  No.77190  A  P2R1
What I think is kinda funny is the fact that when using the 'reduction' option for boob size they are actually rather close to how they are in the show while the 'normal' option is the one used in most rule34 works. (To age her up to legal age I guess?)
There is literally so much porn of May with big tits that rule34 practically increased her canon breast size and it became the new normal.
Dunno why but I think that's an interesting titbit and rather funny when you really think about it.
>>Anonymous  19may2020(tu)13:08  No.77191  B  P3R2
Very nice! But no ballgag option. ;_;

I would have named the "Plant Border" option "Plant Foreground" or just "Foreground".

Aging up cartoon characters is silly, you're still attracted to the young original simply by feeling the need to draw an older pornographic version.

>>Anonymous  19may2020(tu)21:11  No.77196  C  P4R3
You blind? There's a no voice option under system settings.. It gags her. You can literally see the ballgag appear in her mouth whenever you click replay, too.
>>Anonymous  19may2020(tu)21:37  No.77197  D  P5R4
Wait, is this old or is EroPharaoh finally out of prison again?
>>Anonymous  20may2020(we)12:17  No.77207  E  P6R5
Old, he's still in jail or dead since there have been no more doodle from prison after the first 2 posted
>>Anonymous  25may2020(mo)13:23  No.77261  D  P7R6
I hope he didn't die for our sins ;_;
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)13:48  No.77808  F  P8R7
last time I heard from eropharaoh is a tweet from january 2019 and he was going to court for his "non violent" crime, and that he was arrested since december 2018. apart from that, absolutely nothing in between. He probably died from covid in prison
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)07:29  No.77836  G  P9R8
It's because she had huge tits when the RSE anime began. Then they steadily reduced them over time.


>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)07:42  No.77837  G  P10


>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)07:43  No.77838  G  P11


>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)18:36  No.77844  D  P12R9
Noo, before DinDin thankfully appeared, he was our main resident flash creator. What a loss, fuck the jurisdiction for whatever bullshit he was arrested on.
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)22:07  No.77852  H  P13R10
His last sign of activity were two pages of sketches uploaded in his newgrounds post late of last year. It was supposedly drawn in jail, and also was posted through his girlfriend.
>>Anonymous  25jun2020(th)22:24  No.77908  I  P14R11
wtf does scott poster mean 68/1479688478404.png
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)17:20  No.77936  D  P15R12
maybe a /vp/ specific term for COOOMERs because of that character whose name is Scott
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