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>>aasa  14may2020(th)04:11  No.77104  OP  P1

Interactive doggy

Creambee-BTSv3-6.swf (5.56 MiB)
640x800, Compressed (Deflate). 22 frames, 31.25 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  14may2020(th)07:06  No.77107  A  P2R1
Gotta love how even literally on Flashes brink of death, new content is still made or updated.
>>Anonymous  14may2020(th)20:17  No.77114  B  P3R2
I'll drink to that!
>>Anonymous  15may2020(fr)07:10  No.77122  C  P4R3
its almost like flash has always been on the verge of dying for years but people continue to not offer an actual alternative to replace it. Sure html is better for things like video players and such but flash as a platform continues to be a decent choice for smaller projects despite how limited it is
>>Anonymous  15may2020(fr)13:58  No.77129  D  P5R4
true, but taking away official support will still scare a lot of less-capable PC users away, because OMG WHAT APOUT SECURITEE?
no end user is (besides us) is going to go through hoops if it means he can't just use his browser to play flash anymore and developing for that demographic won't pay the bills, so people will definitely stop producing flash content to some degree, maybe releasing animations as mp4 and swf tops.
>>Anonymous  15may2020(fr)17:02  No.77132  E  P6R5
end of support does not equal death. why do you kids keep saying it?
>>Anonymous  16may2020(sa)06:42  No.77138  F  P7R6
They're not old enough to have seen official support for something cease and then continue to exist via fan support.
>>Anonymous  16may2020(sa)19:00  No.77142  D  P8R7
well, it happens a lot less these days with that much more stuff in general and also companies sueing the absolute fuck out of anyone infringing their rights, even if they don't care about the product anymore
>>Anonymous  17may2020(su)20:40  No.77151  G  P9R8
what does the bar in missionary do?
>>Anonymous  18may2020(mo)09:40  No.77176  H  P10R9

it's her cum gauge. You click the hand/peach button during the applicable scenes, things slow down, then you can click (and hold) on her pussy, and move around to fill the bar, and make her cum.

>>Anonymous  22may2020(fr)19:46  No.77236  I  P11R10
You can actually bang her from behind, click the fuck buttons when she twerks
>>Anonymous  22may2020(fr)19:47  No.77237  I  P12
and some other positions depending on her current dancemove
>>Anonymous  23may2020(sa)14:11  No.77247  J  P13R11
When will there be the Risky Boots version?
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