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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  2may2020(sa)03:14  No.76625  OP  P1
This'll be the last fix and update. (I hope)
I also put in an extra secret in there too if you can find it.
Let me know if you encounter any bugs because there probably will be..

super_smash_a_pokegirl_melee_ver_1.3.swf (24.12 MiB)
700x550, Compressed (Deflate). 337 frames, 17 fps (00:20).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)03:57  No.76626  A  P2R1
If you click Haunter's dick 666 times you get an easter egg where Sabrina smokes a fat blunt
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)04:10  No.76627  A  P3
The Sabrina part went from bottom-tier to God-tier.
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)05:06  No.76628  B  P4R2
If you type in ''S A B R I N A 69'' really fast while the game loads you get the special SabrinaXHypno scene, it's really good
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)08:07  No.76630  C  P5R3
In the first scene option with the two trainers, click in the white coffee logo in the scene where they are in the bath together. It goes pretty quick. Looks like a missing no. related secret.
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)08:13  No.76631  C  P6
During the scene with Sabrina, just wait at the end. Patience is the key.

Side note: There is a bug where the music from the secret Sabrina scene will play in several places (like the menu screen) when idle.

>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)17:06  No.76642  D  P7R4
In the scene with the last pokegirl (don't know the name, sorry), you can have her keep her pee in by clicking on her. If she holds it in long enough, there'll be a dick poking through the hole scaring her. This can be repeated is all I'm going to say so as not to spoil the ending.
>>Niggarotto  2may2020(sa)23:15  No.76645  E  P8R5
The previous one was good but this was a dope improvement. Especially Sabrinas...reaction to a certain event.
>>Anonymous  3may2020(su)05:44  No.76646  F  P9R6
It's true I tried it with an auto clicker
>>Anonymous  3may2020(su)10:34  No.76649  G  P10R7
I appreciate Dinner, and his easter eggs.
>>Anonymous  3may2020(su)22:46  No.76652  H  P11R8
i dont see any of those in the flash files
>>Anonymous  3may2020(su)23:59  No.76653  I  P12R9
Thank you for the last frame
>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)15:04  No.76687  J  P13R10
AWW SHIT SON, when fucking Dawn wait when you're going fast and you'll see a blue + appear on her watch. Click that shit, bam uncensored creampie!
>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)17:14  No.76693  K  P14R11
>When the eastereggs are as plenty and as good as the regular content

You're doing an awesome work Din!
I love how you capture each pokegirls personality and make a scene that really fits with every one.
Would have loved a better loop at the regular sabrina scene still. Like she just disgustedly throws away the ball of wad, but that's basically the only bad thing I can think about all of this!

>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)18:40  No.76696  L  P15R12
Can we get a comprehensive list of all the easter eggs and how to find them? That way we know if we've found everything that is known thus far.
>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)18:47  No.76697  L  P16
I had the music from the secret Sabrina scene play when Garchomp shows up in Cynthia's portion, and during the following scene, to help add to the "bug report".
>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)21:28  No.76703  M  P17R13
DinDin is a fucking dude.
>>Anonymous  5may2020(tu)01:38  No.76736  N  P18R14
look at the 1.1 thread, it's already there
>>Anonymous  5may2020(tu)10:49  No.76796  O  P19R15
Each time you reset the flash a different letter is clickable. Just click all of them. Something will happen.
>>Anonymous  5may2020(tu)13:17  No.76798  K  P20R16
here's the link in case you missed it
>>Anonymous  5may2020(tu)17:48  No.76805  B  P21R17
so is your MOM
>>Anonymous  5may2020(tu)18:44  No.76821  L  P22R18
That list is helpful, but it's now out-of-date with this new version and the new easter eggs. I'd try to make one myself, but I'm not quite sure on what actually activates some of the hidden scenes.
>>Anonymous  5may2020(tu)21:51  No.76834  P  P23R19
I cant find the Ash Fortnite easter egg
>>Anonymous  6may2020(we)07:21  No.76842  B  P24R20
no spoon feeding plz
>>temptemp  7may2020(th)01:45  No.76859  Q  P25R21
lol the lolicatgirls meme gives away your age but fuck me are throwbacks a sight for us sore losers who should know better. I really miss this kind of shit. Much love mang.
The intermission organ bug starts happening when you go to Cynthia's scene BTW.
Thanks for the laughs and tunes but I can't fap to this... ;)
>>Anonymous  7may2020(th)15:50  No.76918  R  P26R22
screw you i want spoon feeding
>>Anonymous  9may2020(sa)00:17  No.76989  S  P27R23
probably not accessible without ripping the flash apart, just like sabrina for the last one
>>Anonymous  11may2020(mo)10:39  No.77065  T  P28R24
please remove the gay black border, so you can see everything when you zoom out. In particular, I hate how whitley is so cropped in when you bothered animating the whole thing, that's only visible when zoomed out. Otherwise, good job
>>Anonymous  12may2020(tu)17:24  No.77085  K  P29R25
I'm pretty sure I got all the sabrinas by just waiting indefinitely on each scene (after the end of the normally accessible ones).
>>Anonymous  10jul2020(fr)07:40  No.78138  U  P30R26
Another found secret. Wait for some time in Cynthia's autumn scene
>>Anonymous  11jul2020(sa)05:04  No.78146  L  P31R27
Good catch on that one. It was definitely a bit of a surprise though, even knowing something was going to happen.
>>Anonymous  11jul2020(sa)10:31  No.78153  K  P32R28
Wow, a hood, didn't see that coming. How could nobody have discovered that yet, you don't even have to wait that long.
>>Anonymous  11jul2020(sa)21:28  No.78159  V  P33R29
Anyone else notice a lot of scenes of the Sabrina secret music starts playing, overlapping with whatever other music is playing?
>>Anonymous  12jul2020(su)01:19  No.78160  S  P34R30
people still haven't figured out the serena and ash one

i'm gonna keep my lips sealed. keep looking :)

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  12jul2020(su)02:03  No.78161  OP  P35R31
Yeah I've noticed that too. I think there's something glitching with the music. I thought I fixed it but it's apparently still there.
>>Anonymous  12jul2020(su)14:08  No.78164  K  P36R32
Dude, you can't just say you found additional stuff on this 2 months old Dinner release and just let my boner die here!
>>Anonymous  12jul2020(su)18:13  No.78165  W  P37R33

How do you even progress to summer?

>>Anonymous  13jul2020(mo)01:30  No.78166  U  P38R34

click on the screen when it has the black background, before it fades.

>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)21:26  No.78232  X  P39R35

Thanks, that was driving me crazy.
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