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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  29apr2020(we)22:38  No.76572  OP  P1
Updated with a preloader.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_melee_ver_1.1.swf (20.55 MiB)
700x550, Compressed (Deflate). 337 frames, 17 fps (00:20).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)23:04  No.76573  A  P2R1
Respect for turning 7 days into like 3
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)23:33  No.76574  B  P3R2
Was about to post this. (even with the preloader hiccup)

Also, I'd listen to your tribulations, Dinner! Not like you have to talk about them if you don't want to.
>Next year
Arrrgghh, that's like, nearly a whole year. Still, I definitely will look forward to it. Don't overexert yourself. Hope you will have fun creating your OC! You da best <3

>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)23:55  No.76576  A  P4R3
Secrets I found with a decompiler:

Marnie breathing heavily and staring at you in a desolate room
Leaf getting Horn Attack'd by Beedrill
Whitney's timed underwater anal escort quest
Serena fucks Ash at his desk to stop him from playing Fornite
Cynthia's Garchomp ambushes and cuckolds you
Melody pin-up advertising Din-Din's artist tag on Paheal
Sabrina surprise gangbang with Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar
Lyra goes on a Space Odyssey to fuck Arceus
Lillie pees into a bottle (or can be scared into peeing on Selene)

I don't know how to actually find any of this in-game, thats on you

>>Niggarotto  30apr2020(th)00:42  No.76577  C  P5R4
Magnifico! Its been a while but its finally here. Now I'll try to find the hidden scenes with my retard brain.
>>SD  30apr2020(th)00:45  No.76578  D  P6R5
hitting the tild on the i then clicking the e to the left gets marnie
use pokeflute and wait for a ? to appear at the top right
click cynthia's swim suit and wait for garchomp to show up
click spring and make it winter, click the suit off and wait for the character to cum, click the glowing book on the book case. arceus one.
when lillie pees, just click her to hold it in. double click when she blushes for max hold in. do this in the bathroom, bushes, and on the street to pee on selene.
right click and click forward for the pinup, on melody.

that's all i could find

>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)00:46  No.76579  E  P7R6
i found garchomp in summer just waiting

with the pee thing if you keep holding it in eventually a penis will pop out and scare her, keep repeating until she's peeing in a bottle and it is the girl

dunno the others

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  30apr2020(th)01:24  No.76580  OP  P8R7
Damn you guys are fast. One more secret for Dawn though. It's very insignificant but it WAS a request.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)02:30  No.76581  F  P9R8
My only request is more Hilda as she's still best girl.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)02:37  No.76582  G  P10R9
Figured out the Dawn one. In the last stage right before things black out, her mouth changes, and on the second cycle when her tongue is a heart her watch glows. Click it to see the cumshot without it silhouetting.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)03:02  No.76583  G  P11
Also, in the May and Brendan scenes, there is text on the top of the grandstand that is only there for a flash during the concert. It's hard for me to make it out, but maybe a hint for getting to some of the other easter eggs? It doesn't seem to be in the previous version.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)03:26  No.76584  H  P12R10
"smoke marlboro
cigarettes, goyim"

But I don't get it.

>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)03:34  No.76585  G  P13R11
Hmm, yeah, that isn't nearly as helpful as I thought it would be.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)11:47  No.76593  I  P14R12
On the Dawn one wait till an emerald shows up in the background click on it for a secret. In the secret you have to be fast to fucker her
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)12:00  No.76594  E  P15R13
anyone figure out the sabrina secret?
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)13:17  No.76595  J  P16R14
anyone find the serena one
>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)02:03  No.76607  K  P17R15
Good job on seeing this through to the end. I appreciate you catering to yurifags like me. This and the last one are unironically better games than the last few GF have put out, and I have absolutely no shame in admitting to jerking off multiple times to both.
I'll patiently wait for Brawl now.
>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)09:08  No.76611  L  P18R16
Holy shit Dinner that Marnie jesus christ, you spooped me real fucking good you did.

For real though great job, this turned out amazing overall. A few minor sound bugs(though having the Pokeflute still going during the Beedrill secret is fucking hilarious to me ngl) but nothing too bad. Much appreciation for all of your hard work during these trying times.

>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)17:29  No.76612  M  P19R17

Thank you man, I recall myself asking for it - I really, really appreaciate it :)

>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)18:00  No.76614  N  P20R18
I can only paraphrase anon on /f/ about the lackluster sabrina scene. It's well made and all but it just kinda ends out of nowhere. She doing anything with that cumball, even just throwing it away would have really made the difference.

The bottle scene is just the end of the lillie gameplay.
The trick is to slow peeing down as much as possible by only doing short bursts.
Everytime something ends the scene you get a new one after.

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  1may2020(fr)18:28  No.76615  OP  P21R19
Yeah now that I look at it again it does seem kinda lackluster doesnt it? I should update this one more time with the audio fixed, too. Which just gives me an excuse to jam more shit into the file, right? There was one other thing I wanted to do with Cynthia anyways.

Anyways, thank you everyone for your warm words and for your patience. I know it's not the best art ever but I try to make the pokégirls look like how they do.

>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)23:25  No.76619  E  P22R20
so nobody's discovered the sabrina gangbang or the fortnite secret yet?
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)01:01  No.76620  O  P23R21
There is no god damn Sabrina easter egg, can we stop with this meme already lmao
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)02:06  No.76621  P  P24R22
Woohoo, thanks for this! Dayum son, almost 21 megs.
There's already an aryan fix out as well. Not bad, not bad.
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)02:46  No.76624  Q  P25R23
It could be a jew for all we know
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)10:19  No.76633  E  P26R24
Well >>76576 claims there is
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)12:41  No.76635  R  P27R25
Could you add more to the Elesa one? its by far my favourite.
>>Anonymous  3may2020(su)07:36  No.76648  S  P28R26
first scene, click the white sign in the back ground when it appears
>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)16:26  No.76690  B  P29R27
>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)16:57  No.76691  B  P30
does nothing for me
>>Anonymous  1jul2020(we)09:05  No.77989  T  P31R28
Subliminal advertising is the joke.
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