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>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)01:17  No.76539  OP  P1
Kurzgesagt.swf (1.67 MiB)
1100x720, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)06:57  No.76541  A  P2R1
Well, can honestly say i never thought this would get lewded. At least it was the humans and not the birds.
>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)08:13  No.76542  B  P3R2

This right here is our "Great Filter" and affirmation of the Fermi Paradox. The aliens monitoring us will one day see this and wipe out planet clean of all life and life history, just as they have so many other races beyond saving, so that our tainted influence will not escape to corrupt the remainder of the universe and those that come later will have no inkling of the horror that once thrived on this planet.

>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)11:55  No.76546  C  P4R3
>not the birds
>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)15:13  No.76553  D  P5R4
That's because porn of the birds already exists, anon.
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)08:57  No.76557  E  P6R5
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)21:27  No.76568  F  P7R6
>the best sex partners
>science magazine style web series
Of course it's a black dude in the video, it's [TheCurrentYear].
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)23:53  No.76575  G  P8R7
Fixed version when?
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)06:48  No.76587  H  P9R8
Nice work, but I think more can be done with this. At the very least, options for partners and positions.
>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)08:12  No.78037  I  P10R9
how the fuck did OP even find this do you work for their patreon or something

resist temptation please

.t cuck

>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)20:53  No.78133  I  P11
found it
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