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>>Anonymous  18apr2020(sa)10:33  No.76368  OP  P1
niiCri - StandAlone Work 4

Taken from sion-v1-80-niicri.12179/post-2786273

niiCri - SAW004_GoblinSlayer_Fighter.swf (9.79 MiB)
1200x700, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  20apr2020(mo)01:42  No.76426  A  P2R1
Pretty sure this one is broken. There's no way to stick it in her.
>>Anonymous  20apr2020(mo)22:58  No.76441  B  P3R2
Wow, a unique viewing angle for niiCri AND spot on animation directly from the source.
Put in the intro and outro of the scene and this could fly for a Z-TV.
>>Anonymous  21apr2020(tu)03:09  No.76452  C  P4R3
I can never figure out how to get their clothes off in any of these damn games.
>>Anonymous  21apr2020(tu)08:35  No.76454  D  P5R4
It's never been intuitive in niicri games, you got to hold down the mouse button and then move mouse around in circles without leaving the game's screen area until the clothes disappear.
>>JL95  21apr2020(tu)15:33  No.76457  E  P6R5
Frankly, you just need to figure out once. (Behaviour is consistent across all games)

1. Mouse over the clothing article till your cursor turns from a pointer into a hand symbol.
2. Click and hold down, spinning over the article in small circles till the clothing disappears.
3. ?!?
4. Profit.

>>Anonymous  21apr2020(tu)23:03  No.76462  F  P7R6
It's just click and drag, super simple. Takes 2 sec to undress her, unless there is something wrong on your end.
>>Anonymous  23apr2020(th)16:01  No.76494  B  P8R7
idk, it's just not very intuitive
there is no indication that clicking or dragging does anything, so unless you drag around wildly for no reason, you wouldn't know that does the trick
on some other of his flashes I even tried doing it, because it's a fairly common thing in those kind of flashes, but I guess I didn't do it long enough and thought it doesn't work
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