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>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)08:41  No.76110  OP  P1
Bunny peach and tribal daisy


ml2ls.swf (2.53 MiB)
900x800, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 62.25 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)12:29  No.76119  A  P2R1
very tight
>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)15:52  No.76170  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  11apr2020(sa)04:22  No.76175  C  P4R3
by that minus guy?
>>Anonymous  11apr2020(sa)09:49  No.76179  D  P5R4
Yup, it's by minus8
>>Anonymous  12apr2020(su)02:46  No.76187  E  P6R5
nice to see he's still thriving and didn't erase himself off the internet
>>Anonymous  12apr2020(su)22:18  No.76211  F  P7R6
I hope he dropped his parodius animation before doing such a thing.
>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)12:20  No.77743  G  P8R7
Hang on, how do I get hold of this remix, though. I kinda need this shit in my life as an MP3 or other audio file.

I already tried conversion sites as well as self-converting, but to no avail.

>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)12:38  No.77745  G  P9
Nevermind. I took longer than a few seconds to think and I found it.
>>Anonymous  18jun2020(th)15:32  No.77746  H  P10R8
needs clothing removal options
>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)05:20  No.77757  I  P11R9
There's a video of a nude edit on PornHub but I haven't been able to find the .swf file anywhere. 5e973fb8321c0

>>Anonymous  19jun2020(fr)21:53  No.77767  J  P12R10
Cute but dull.
-8 should do something good.
>>Anonymous  20jun2020(sa)21:05  No.77771  K  P13R11
This is plenty good; what rankles me is that it's 2.5 megs for a one second loop and some music but also that they don't get their tits out.
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)15:45  No.77789  L  P14R12
maybe it was self edited version also can someone contact the author
>>Anonymous  21jun2020(su)18:07  No.77791  I  P15R13
I'm the guy who left a comment on the video asking for the .swf file, as you can tell they have yet to reply. I was also unable to send them a PM, have to be friends with them to be able to do that.
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)01:02  No.77796  H  P16R14
i am going to see if, because it's just an anim I can just remove the clothes to resave it. it'd be different if there were multiple scenes or something. but lets see. if it's protected or in a higher version of flash I wont be able to do anything.
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)01:27  No.77797  H  P17
failed, file imports but only 1 frame. I can remove clothes but.. I'd have to reanimate it.
>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)16:55  No.77813  I  P18R15
You can get the .fla file here: 35744 (direct:
See if you can do something with it.
>>w7-890  22jun2020(mo)18:33  No.77815  L  P19R16
saved thanks

>>77813 //

>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)21:52  No.77825  H  P20R17
"unexpected file format"

probably make with something beyond CS4's format. sadly that's the only flash version I have.

>>Anonymous  22jun2020(mo)22:03  No.77826  H  P21
>>77813 rting-cs5-flash-files-to-cs4

if you have CS5 or later choose File>Save As> then change to CS4 FLA in the drop down menu.

>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)00:13  No.77827  I  P22R18
Don't have Flash installed right now but I'm looking into it. Will post the .fla file once it's ready.
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)00:25  No.77828  I  P23
>Install CS6
>Can save .fla as CS5 but not CS4
Fan-fucking-tastic. Saved it as CS5, I'll look into getting CS5 instead now, though I think you should look into getting a newer version of Flash Pro. Not that hard to find honestly.
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)01:13  No.77830  I  P24
Here you go anon, see what you can do with this:

Can't guarantee that this will work well though since this is a CS6 document downgraded to CS4. I would recommend getting a newer version of Flash Pro if you can.

>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)02:21  No.77832  H  P25R19
this works!
great job. I'll attempt to remove clothes and add nipples and such over the next day or so.
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)02:32  No.77833  I  P26R20
Awesome, looking forward to it!
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)10:47  No.77839  L  P27R21
>>77830 >>77813
original .fla name pls
saved catbox 404s quickly //
>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)13:00  No.77840  H  P28R22
and, no more clothes, -8 had labias but not nipples. next step is nipples, then an alternate with pubic hair for those who like it that way.

>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)18:32  No.77843  F  P29R23
I liek

I'd not bother with CS5. CS6 was the last good version (don't know about Adobe Animate) or CS3 if you want an older version.

Quote from Anonymous:
>CS3 was the first "complete" iteration, and is still breddy gud.
>CS4 introduces (buggy) IK animation for drawing objects, and improves shape tweening.
>CS5 brought Code Snippets (broken) and a whole casket full of spoopy bugs; CS5.5 fixed all that mess.
>CS6 finally brings fully working Code Snippets, a new extension format (gotta convert your old extension bleh) and begins deprecating classic tweens for motion tweens. Also, a ton of under-the-hood optimizations that make life happier with less crashing.
>Really, use either CS3 or CS6, whatever floats your boat. Those are the two most stable versions.
>CS6 just has better bells and whistles.

>>Anonymous  23jun2020(tu)19:25  No.77851  I  P30R24
Only switched to CS5 so I could save the file as CS4 (I used CS5.5, specifically) but good to know. I'll stick to CS6 then, though I don't understand why I couldn't save as CS4 with it.
>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)02:00  No.77865  H  P31R25
one Areola group animated finding out where to put it and that it had to be a group to show up was the hard part. tomorrow should be easier if no interruptions. shadow and nipple to come. when done I'll upload the fla here and the SWF to a new entry.
>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)02:31  No.77866  I  P32R26
When you're done with the edit, can you also make a version that has their vaginas look like the ones from the video in my earlier post? >>77757
I prefer it that way to be honest.
>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)03:26  No.77867  H  P33R27
sure thing.

I decided to finish the first draft tonight. let me know if the nipple design is to taste I can do more realistic.

>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)03:38  No.77869  I  P34R28
They look too bright. Maybe more realistic would work better? I really like how they looked in the video.

Here's a screenshot for anyone who's curious.


>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)15:09  No.77875  J  P35R29
They just wiggle.
>>Anonymous  25jun2020(th)14:59  No.77898  H  P36R30
interruptions yesterday.
Alright, I modified the shape a bit and added gradients, hows this for nipples?
>>Anonymous  25jun2020(th)20:37  No.77901  I  P37R31
Pretty good, honestly. Also, were you planning on giving Daisy tan nipples? It would fit her better.


>>Anonymous  25jun2020(th)23:46  No.77913  H  P38R32
was thinking that and was going to do it, at this point I'd have to find a way to duplicate the symbol and color it then replace it without reanimating it. or, just reanimate it. look at me talking about reanimating I sound like a necromancer or something.
ok that's a goal for tomorrow. then I can move lower.
>>Anonymous  26jun2020(fr)11:00  No.77915  I  P39R33
I just thought of something. Wouldn't it have been better to draw the nipples directly on the boob vectors instead of completely re-animating them and overlaying them on top of the boobs? They would animate much more smoothly like in the video instead of being jittery.
>>Anonymous  26jun2020(fr)15:35  No.77916  H  P40R34
I think I tried that and they were hidden behind the boobs, I could try again.
>>Anonymous  27jun2020(sa)07:47  No.77921  M  P41R35
when i click these links all i get is a page full of gibberish
>>Anonymous  27jun2020(sa)16:54  No.77924  N  P42R36
This is a clear indicator you are doing something wrong
Try googling ".fla extension"
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)17:33  No.77942  F  P43R37
.fla is not .swf
it's the .psd of image of files and the .aup of audio files if you catch my drift
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)19:16  No.77943  H  P44R38
I will post an swf when finished, had interruptions the past while will try to get some changes made over the next few days. daisy's nipple change and maybe a little less jittery anims and then vag. sorry for the wait, I want it done too lol.
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)20:19  No.77945  I  P45R39
No sweat anon, don't rush it.
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)23:31  No.77946  O  P46R40
Rush it so I can gush it
>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)01:21  No.77947  H  P47R41
Tan nipples, are they too dark? I'm thinking the light color is too similar to the skin color. maybe needs more red. what do you think?

>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)01:32  No.77948  I  P48R42
Too similar to her skin color, should be darker.


>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)13:48  No.77978  H  P49R43
ok nipples are colored realistically

next, I'll fix the jumpiness and work on the vag

>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)17:56  No.77980  I  P50R44
Not bad, I like it.


>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)20:53  No.77984  F  P51R45
godspeed nipples-senpai
and thanks >>77980 for posting previews
>>Anonymous  3jul2020(fr)18:43  No.78005  P  P52R46
>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)16:11  No.78045  H  P53R47
revision 1 posted

>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)16:40  No.78048  L  P54R48
why is the health 50% on the other thread
>>Anonymous  5jul2020(su)18:21  No.78051  H  P55R49
health? I assume like torrent health such as in file hosting health. probably because it's new and uploaded by an anon and no other copies and not many views or something.

Or I have no idea what thread health is here. it could be because I'm an anon the upload was flagged for review by a mod? bet they'll enjoy that.

>>Anonymous  6jul2020(mo)19:14  No.78072  F  P56R50
A minor nitpick, but please link to posts directly by quoting them with 3 >
as in
Links can break, especially since we're on .net now while the chan was originally on .org.

read the faq

>>Anonymous  7jul2020(tu)01:43  No.78084  H  P57R51
thanks for the notice. I barely comment much anyways so I didn't know that trick.
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