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>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)09:06  No.76056  OP  P1
Minus8 Crab Rave Nude

An edit of Minus8's Crab Rave Girl.

crady_nude.swf (49.6 KiB)
800x1000, Compressed (Deflate). 40 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)09:07  No.76057  OP  P2
First time I've ever edited a flash. Saw nobody did this yet, figured I'd give it a shot.
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)18:35  No.76074  A  P3R1
>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)08:02  No.76109  B  P4R2
Good job OP
>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)12:20  No.76116  C  P5R3
Anyone have a link to the original?
>>Anonymous  11apr2020(sa)09:51  No.76180  D  P6R4
Good job, but you should've also put on loop the crab rave song!
>>Anonymous  12apr2020(su)21:43  No.76205  A  P7R5
freaking this
>>Anonymous  13apr2020(mo)16:00  No.76246  OP  P8R6
The original flash didn't include it, so I'm not including it either.

The flash also isn't in time with the song.

>>Anonymous  13apr2020(mo)18:46  No.76248  E  P9R7
OP you're awesome, please give me a form of contact
>>Anonymous  14apr2020(tu)03:50  No.76251  F  P10R8
you should have made the nipple separate objects and tweened them to follow the motion rather then the individual part, thats typically what minus 8 does and it makes the animation flow more naturally with the wild cartoony stlye he animates in
>>Anonymous  15apr2020(we)06:47  No.76293  OP  P11R9
I'm not adding anything, only editing.

I'm on Pixiv: https://www(dot)pixiv(dot)net/en/users/18555068

>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)00:28  No.76299  A  P12R10
but making 1 object of 2 nipples into 2 objects of 1 nipple each is an edit without adding anything ?
>>Anonymous  18apr2020(sa)02:42  No.76361  OP  P13R11

Pixiv's not letting me send messages apparently, so my discord is my Pixiv username + "#7060".
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