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>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)05:24  No.75966  OP  P1
Summer's b-day Uncut

the version of this on the main is the censored version, this is the uncut.

Summer's Birthday Director's Cut v0.5.2.swf (4.59 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 69 frames, 24 fps (00:03).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)08:22  No.75967  A  P2R1
Is EroPharaoh still in jail?
>>???? ????  6apr2020(mo)08:40  No.75968  B  P3R2
Yes. I'm starting to think he did something stupid to end up there.
>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)09:30  No.75969  C  P4R3
inb4 he got caught with cheese pizza
>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)09:37  No.75970  D  P5R4
And the real criminals still run the countries while torturing children and extracting their blood to get high.
>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)23:23  No.75975  E  P6R5
EroPharaoh is still a criminal, two wrongs do not make right, you sperg
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)01:34  No.75976  F  P7R6
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)05:32  No.75978  G  P8R7
What's the news on the whole jail situation?
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)05:42  No.75979  H  P9R8
He was caught slinging crystal weed.
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)20:35  No.76026  I  P10R9
what >>75970 said >>>>>>>>>>>>> having CP on harddrive
but sure, why not jail the latter for all eternity and let the former have all the power, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE CERTAIN INFORMATION ON YOUR PERSONAL PC THAT'S A NO-NO!
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)03:26  No.76033  C  P11R10
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)07:07  No.76051  J  P12R11
are you defending the possession of child porn because other people are bad too?
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)18:29  No.76072  I  P13R12
Yup, come at me bro.
I think possessing something like that isn't even a real crime and I hate people going into emotional overdrive just because MUMUMUMUH CHRILDREN while they feed power and money to people who systematically opress and poison them or whatnot.
Obviously that doesn't make it reality, but that's my opinion.
There are FAR worse crimes in need of attention. Also I consider the making of child porn to be a crime under most circumstances. Just not fucking downloading and fapping to it. People fap to all kinds of disturbed and fucked up shit and nobody cares.
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)18:48  No.76077  K  P14R13
Gonna get the FBI involved on you too?
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)22:12  No.76079  I  P15R14
Last time I checked having an opinion wasn't illegal, but who knows in this clownworld.
>>Anonymous  11apr2020(sa)21:03  No.76185  L  P16R15
Sup member of the National Association of Marlon Brando Look Alikes
>>Anonymous  11apr2020(sa)21:11  No.76186  L  P17
Anyways, considering that he has new doodles from jail uploaded on his newgrounds page by his supposed girlfriend, doubt he got arrested for CP. This man aged up his characters physically without just the 18+ stamp of approval, and doubt his girlfriend would care enough to upload his new work if he was arrested for CP.
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