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>>wrg  5apr2020(su)01:32  No.75930  OP  P1
Bully PremiumEdition2.swf (1.62 MiB)
1195x645, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)07:45  No.75936  A  P2R1
I sure do love not having any fucking directions for controls
>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)09:30  No.75939  B  P3R2
So here's all I could figure out:

Space is "interact" (get in/out of desk; star/stop wedgies"
Up = U
Left = L
Right = R

Wedgie (press any single direction)
Pull up high = UU
Pull left = LL
Pull right = RR

Spin Left = LLU
Spin Right = LLR
Table-top = LRU or RLU

Atomic Wedgie (aft) = UUUUD
Atomic Wedgie (front) = UUDDD

That's all I got

>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)10:30  No.75940  C  P4R3
Any direction: Wedgie UU: High wedgie LL: Left wedgie RR: Right wedgie LLU: Spin wedgie (left) RRU: Spin wedgie (right) LRU or RLU: Tabletop wedgie UUUUD: Atomic wedgie UUDDD: Atomic frontal wedgie LUURD: Shoulder wedgie LRUUD: Head desk wedgie LLRRD: Bridge wedgie UURRD: Atomic to person behind UULLD: Atomic to person infront ULRUD or URLUD: Tandem wedgie Special finishers: Lizzie:cloth rack = LLLUUUD Jennifer:out of the window = LLLRRRD or RRRLLLD Holly:X marks the spot = RRRUUUD Laverne:make-shift furniture = RRLLUUD or LLRRUUD Chloe: Go Fish = UUUUUUD Mara's special finisher = UULLRUD
>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)11:23  No.75941  A  P5R4
I don't know how the fuck they expect you to figure these out.
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)20:12  No.76022  D  P6R5
how do you stand on furniture?
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)23:34  No.76029  D  P7
ahh, it was the LRUUD: Head desk wedgie
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)00:08  No.76031  E  P8R6
What name belongs to what girl though
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)07:18  No.76052  F  P9R7
ok how do i start the goddamn game
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)07:57  No.76054  G  P10R8
Hate how there isnt a free mode as a reward for beating the game, the teacher is annoying and takes too fucking long to punish you so i cant appreciate each of the girls animations with each wedgie. A mod with no teacher would be great.
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)09:15  No.76060  B  P11R9
Right click play is what did it for me
>>Anonymous  8apr2020(we)14:10  No.76066  H  P12R10
Unfappable garbage
>>Anonymous  9apr2020(th)18:36  No.76087  I  P13R11
6 years and this guys art hasn't changed or improved. Can't even surf a flash archive without their work popping up now and again. People pay for these?
>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)09:33  No.76112  F  P14R12
the game just hangs if i do that
>>Anonymous  12apr2020(su)07:47  No.76188  J  P15R13
who made this?
>>Anonymous  12apr2020(su)12:35  No.76192  I  P16R14
wtf just google the name thats right in the flash, damn.
>>Anonymous  12apr2020(su)22:14  No.76210  D  P17R15
you have to wait for it to load completely before and then press rightclick play

wtf, what is a conversation?
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