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>>Anonymous  2apr2020(th)23:57  No.75838  OP  P1
Blue Jellyfish of Deep Sea

old game, couldn't find it online

medusa-uncen.swf (17.6 KiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  3apr2020(fr)01:11  No.75840  A  P2R1
You posted a loader, where is the link?
>>Anonymous  4apr2020(sa)04:17  No.75878  B  P3R2
This is Medusa Taiken by Pubis, same guy who made Queen Hunt. I've got all his stuff, I helped gather it all together years ago. html

>>Anonymous  4apr2020(sa)04:46  No.75896  A  P4R3
You have a link to the full archive by chance?
>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)09:08  No.75937  C  P5R4
Link bro. Sharing is caring.
>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)14:28  No.75942  D  P6R5
I also have all of them on my hard drive.
You should too if you're a flash creep, it's Pabisshu.
>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)04:40  No.75959  E  P7R6
Check that your link works before you post it mate.

>Product Not Found
>Sorry, but the product you specified cound not be found.
>It may have been deleted or you have entered an invalid product number.
>Please make sure the URL, and try again.

lol, "please make sure the URL". maybe they should make sure the English!

>>Anonymous  6apr2020(mo)05:16  No.75962  F  P8R7
Why you maeku funu offu my ingrishu you stupidu gaijin.
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)07:46  No.75982  B  P9R8

If somebody can tell me a place where I can just drag and drop a rar file to upload, then post the link here, I can do that, the full archive is probably only like 30mb since it's just the 3 games.

>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)08:45  No.75984  G  P10R9
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)20:37  No.76027  H  P11R10
>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)04:18  No.76095  B  P12R11

That's Medusa Taiken, this game. I'll post the next two as well. I'm pretty sure I also have Dragon Bride, but it's on another HDD from the one I'm currently using.

>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)04:20  No.76096  B  P13

Forest Taiken.

>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)04:21  No.76097  B  P14

Queen Hunt.

Everyone spread these around so they don't get lost to time again. I don't want to have to do this every 10 years.

>>Anonymous  10apr2020(fr)07:04  No.76108  I  P15R12
God bless you Anon.
>>Anonymous  22apr2020(we)05:59  No.76463  G  P16R13
>Dragon Bride
here you go fam
>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)01:18  No.76606  J  P17R14
How in the heck do you play this?
The readme and html page are bonkered
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)07:11  No.76629  B  P18R15
Why are you clicking the html page like an idiot? Open it in flash player, not your browser. I just uploaded it as it existed on my PC, but the shit is over a decade old.
>>Anonymous  2may2020(sa)08:21  No.76632  K  P19R16
Thanks. I'll keep these until flash dies in 7 months
*shoots ropes*
>>Anonymous  9may2020(sa)01:58  No.76992  L  P20R17
wtf happened to pabisshu, his dlsite accounts on both the eng and jp version are empty. Did he delete everything or is it just me?
>>Anonymous  10may2020(su)20:51  No.77056  M  P21R18
I tried to find his stuff on dlsite a month ago, I had no luck either.
Not sure what's happened.
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