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>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)08:56  No.75758  OP  P1
So I came across this in a collection and liked it, though me getting C rank no matter what frustrated me.
A little bit of code digging and I saw my best attempts which was around 25k were nowhere near close enough to the minimum for B, which was around 40k.
I changed the requirements for each rank to be much much easier.
B just needs 10k now
A needs 15k previously from 85k
S needs 20K from fucking 100K but requires no mistakes at all.
It's beyond my scope of talent to be able to do away with the typing game and just have the different rank endings on buttons, which I would've done otherwise.
Maybe if I knew Japanese the original score thresholds might actually be possible if given more time but fuck having to reach them in under a minute.

48typing4gaijins.swf (1.16 MiB)
516x729, Compressed (LZMA). 10 frames, 20 fps (00:00).
Ver27, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)14:23  No.75762  A  P2R1
what about making it all short words, is that beyond your coding or increasing timer. Cause half the time I just get long ass words hell one of them was so long it didn't even fully fit the box and had to press random button to make it pass
>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)15:00  No.75764  A  P3
too fucking long
>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)21:26  No.75771  B  P4R2
Nothing changes at S rank except he comes inside, just an fyi
>>Anonymous  31mar2020(tu)09:58  No.75781  C  P5R3
where is it from?
>>Anonymous  31mar2020(tu)17:11  No.75787  D  P6R4
B - come to her tits while she's masturbating
A - come outside
S - come inside while hugging eachother
>>Anonymous  31mar2020(tu)22:49  No.75797  E  P7R5
fuck, now I have to reach every rank!
>>Nigredo  31mar2020(tu)23:04  No.75799  F  P8R6
I like the animation but fuck is the timer short. If only one could increase it somehow.
>>Anonymous  31mar2020(tu)23:13  No.75800  G  P9R7
see a young fucking a milf is so good
>>Anonymous  4apr2020(sa)06:18  No.75902  H  P10R8
Timer is super fucking short for the amount of effort you need to put in even for someone who types fast.
>>Anonymous  4apr2020(sa)07:49  No.75905  I  P11R9
Timer is short because the original game was in jap which the big words are basically 3 letters in jap.
Only way i see you fixing this is to set the requirements much lower, maybe an S rank at 6000 points?
>>JL95  4apr2020(sa)08:28  No.75910  J  P12R10
Decompiled it. Unfortunately, it's a lot more broken because the original author used "scenes", which the decompiler doesn't handle nicely.

Could modify it further to remove the lengthy text options, but meh.

tl;dr: Probably not worth the effort turning into pure animation.
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