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>>Anonymous  25mar2020(we)04:32  No.75156  OP  P1
Get Wasted 8 (short)


Get-Wasted-8-Trailer.swf (30.07 MiB)
1920x1080, Uncompressed. 865 frames, 29.97 fps (00:29).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>IDXK  26mar2020(th)00:04  No.75348  A  P2R1
Bold move Cotton! Who wants to take bets on what will get him first; Corona, or the FBI?
>>Anonymous  27mar2020(fr)00:35  No.75657  B  P3R2
Well not the FBI as they're quarantined
>>Anonymous  27mar2020(fr)02:31  No.75658  C  P4R3
where can you watch this persons videos?
>>Anonymous  27mar2020(fr)04:44  No.75659  D  P5R4
This is just a bunch of rule34hentai webms thrown into a shitty, bloated SWF file for no apparent reason.
>>Anonymous  27mar2020(fr)11:20  No.75660  E  P6R5
I never understood why dumbasses give themselves credit for stringing together a bunch of people's work of a few seconds as if its.. something worth caring about.
>>Anonymous  27mar2020(fr)16:12  No.75677  F  P7R6
It can be enjoyable to watch, especially if well put together to the music and with kewl effects. But this one is way too short and not really worthy to share... They are never really fapworthy either with too quick camera/scene changes, at least to me. OP you say it's a "work in progress", wait until something's done before you share it.
>>Anonymous  28mar2020(sa)03:02  No.75688  G  P8R7
atleast put the artist name in
>>Anonymous  28mar2020(sa)09:59  No.75694  OP  P9R8
OP here,
>>75659 I indeed just make the "music video's" and always credit the notable artists in them. I don't claim anything else.
Every critique is good cause that way i have something to work on.
I made fast pased and slow HMV's so for any persons taste there should be a video by now..
>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)20:23  No.75768  H  P10R9
>>Anonymous  27apr2020(mo)10:03  No.76535  I  P11R10
Whatever happened to the HMV DOA Marie Rose featuring the song "Nastydirtysexmusic"? That was a good video; any chance an .swf of it exists?
>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)06:39  No.76540  J  P12R11
What kind of mkultra, illuminati, mossad, pizzaparty shit is this? Why is it a million mb? You installing the spyware equivalent of corona on my pc or something?
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)21:18  No.76564  K  P13R12
No, just a good old case of video and swf doesn't really mesh well together.
Also, we've had files bigger than 50mb here already.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)19:09  No.76599  L  P14R13
you're going to have to source your stuff. if it's not your animations you need to give the artist of ALL of them. not just some, not just the ones with an artist's watermark, all of them. and not just for this anim but go all the way back to your get wasted 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

It's actually a violation of their Intellectual Properties or copyrights to use their animations without even citing the creator. It's also misleading to your patrons.
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