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>>Anonymous  25mar2020(we)01:17  No.75154  OP  P1
KDP.swf (12.63 MiB)
600x800, Compressed (Deflate). 13 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]
>>Anonymous  25mar2020(we)02:31  No.75155  A  P2R1
There are only 8 "levels" in this game at which you get more customization options. Few of the first ones come with their own dialogue lines. Passwords from first to last bellow.
I also have every combination written down, if anyone is interested in knowing them for whatever reason.
>>Anonymous  25mar2020(we)13:25  No.75227  B  P3R2
keep typing in 333 for spooky story shit
>>Anonymous  25mar2020(we)15:26  No.75247  C  P4R3
That's pretty messed up. A shame there are no lewd options, some of the skin+clothes combos are pretty cute.
>>Anonymous  25mar2020(we)21:07  No.75347  B  P5R4
it looks like there's a secret fap scene that i think needs some giant password to unlock. trying to figure it out but just about nothing is labelled with any meaningful title.
>>Anonymous  26mar2020(th)01:15  No.75349  D  P6R5
919263177 is the code you get from their pixiv
>>Anonymous  28mar2020(sa)00:01  No.75687  E  P7R6
a second.
Well seems like that one artist who defied deviantart is back again
>>Anonymous  31mar2020(tu)21:14  No.75792  F  P8R7
yup, the artstyle and "porn" just looks exactly alike
>>Anonymous  2apr2020(th)22:44  No.75837  G  P9R8
What's song2 name?
>>Anonymous  27apr2020(mo)09:47  No.76534  H  P10R9
Pixiv Code works (though I can't preview website without login). The gimmick is rather boring, though. I like having the various scene / clothing / hair options. Human skin should have been an option with all the other anthropomorphisms. Despite the code, several of the option boxes are empty; are they for future updates?

My word, both tunes quickly get tiresome on the ears. Tried both, but settled for the mute button in the end.

>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)19:00  No.77882  I  P11R10
how the hell do you access the menus? is this some sort of dress up game? also 333 doesnt work
>>Anonymous  25jun2020(th)20:53  No.77902  J  P12R11
a new button appears.. press it.
>>Anonymous  27jun2020(sa)01:51  No.77920  K  P13
Not porn
>>Anonymous  28jun2020(su)17:15  No.77935  F  P14R12
it is, there is a hidden sex scene that makes it so you fuck her with human skin
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