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>>Anonymous  14mar2020(sa)15:13  No.74952  OP  P1
doctorcursed-ych-project.swf (544.9 KiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 639 frames, 30 fps (00:21).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  14mar2020(sa)16:12  No.74953  A  P2R1
Hello, I'd like to make a deposit on my kizuna ai account.
>>Anonymous  14mar2020(sa)23:56  No.74955  B  P3R2
I'm ashamed that i fapped to this
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)00:20  No.74956  C  P4R3
somebody make one where the dude isn't a nigger and we've got a winner
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)02:59  No.74957  D  P5R4
this is godlike, doctor cursed always delivers.
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)03:01  No.74958  D  P6
it's almost perfection really if they add voices to the girls now that would make it pretty much perfect.

His prior work all had excellent voice work so it could potentially be done

>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)13:27  No.74965  B  P7R5
fuck off, voice acting ruins anything fappable
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)14:50  No.74968  A  P8R6
I think he meant doing the zone thing where he puts clips of the actual person talking/moaning together.
This just BEGS for a FUCK YUUU and zone-tan also has a ton of voice-over from ZTV news.
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)20:05  No.74970  E  P9R7
The green text needs a drop shadows, can't read it for shit.
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)20:07  No.74971  F  P10R8
This flash is a nice surprise! But I agree that it needs a fixed version.
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)20:14  No.74972  E  P11R9
Okay, the arms need to be redone, because it looks like they've been amputated from below the shoulders.
>>Anonymous  15mar2020(su)22:12  No.74978  G  P12R10
Kizuna's breasts are wrong. This guy gave her the same ones as Zone when the latter's bust is 10 cm smaller, and he even listed them.
If someone fixes it, give AI the 3rd girl's breasts.
>>Anonymous  16mar2020(mo)09:40  No.74985  H  P13R11
Now this looks promising!
One thing I hope for is a way to manually change their expressions.
>>Anonymous  17mar2020(tu)02:20  No.74989  I  P14R12
add another girls plz
>>noko  17mar2020(tu)23:27  No.75004  J  P15R13
I'd pay to support this I could change the dude. I'm not black
>>Anonymous  18mar2020(we)12:29  No.75011  K  P16R14
Rent free.
>>noko  18mar2020(we)22:59  No.75013  J  P17R15

The black and brown dicks don't bother me it's just it ruins the immersion. Same thing in porn even with some white guys. If there's a white guy covered in tattoos it just doesn't appeal to me cause I can't relate. It has nothing to do with hating other people

>>Anonymous  23mar2020(mo)16:39  No.75050  L  P18R16
needs cock color settings
>>Anonymous  24mar2020(tu)03:47  No.75059  M  P19R17
Nobody complains about the Asian man because Asian man makes communities better not worse.

Dudes with more tattoos than a pirate are reason #54321 why film porn is even less realistic than .swf porn.

Learn Unity, it's like Flash but newer and 3D. Also learn Blender, knowledge is power.

>>Anonymous  24mar2020(tu)06:01  No.75082  N  P20R18
You can FUCK the Patreon logo too !
>>Anonymous  24mar2020(tu)17:41  No.75127  A  P21R19
😂 the absolute madman 😂
>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)19:48  No.75767  O  P22R20
The real question is: what determines fertilization? Is it just random chance? I went well over 40 times in the vag and only got 1 insemination.
>>Anonymous  31mar2020(tu)16:35  No.75784  P  P23R21
guy color: random, [selection]
Girl state: clean, cummy, inseminated
Inseminate after: random, 1 time, # times, never
reset: markings, history, markings and history
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