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>>Zoop  21feb2020(fr)06:01  No.74719  OP  P1
Rockcandy Zoo-phobia beta release 2

Rockcandy's beta release for Zoo-phobia, patreon release.
Public release would've be sooner or later but who wants to wait for that?

game.swf (9.25 MiB)
1600x900, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver32, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)07:18  No.74720  A  P2R1
Damn bro that is some nice blue.
>>Zoop  21feb2020(fr)07:32  No.74721  OP  P3R2 well since I screwed the upload up, heres a direct link to it.
>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)16:31  No.74722  B  P4R3
aight, not this really makes sense, thank you
>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)18:55  No.74724  C  P5R4
so she always hates it and never likes it? Boring.
>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)21:48  No.74725  D  P6R5
so if it works at that URL but not here does that mean he basically made a 9.25 meg preloader...?

how it should be

>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)22:12  No.74730  E  P7R6
It's not a preloader. I played it in a downloaded flashplayer and it played just fine. Not sure why it's not working here.
>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)22:56  No.74731  F  P8R7
Link doesn't work on Googlechrome for some reason. But it also has some weird slow down on Firefox.
Very strange.
>>Anonymous  22feb2020(sa)00:59  No.74732  D  P9R8
Ah, the flash is domain locked... It allows local viewing ("offline" viewing) and viewing on that website. I thought you were cooler than that RockCandy, domain locking is lame.

The implementation is pretty weak, this URL works in tricking the flash it is on a different domain:

If someone later re-uploads the flash with "" in the filename that would probably make it work as well.

>>Anonymous  22feb2020(sa)09:23  No.74733  G  P10R9
>I thought you were cooler than that RockCandy, domain locking is lame.
It could be a requirement for having it hosted on that site.
>>Anonymous  22feb2020(sa)13:06  No.74734  H  P11R10
Now all we need is a no bulge edit and we'll be good to go.
>>Anonymous  22feb2020(sa)19:25  No.74736  I  P12R11
Why the fuck would you want a bulge-less edit?
>>Anonymous  22feb2020(sa)22:41  No.74737  J  P13R12
Any easter eggs aside from getting the impregnation counter up to 100?
>>Anonymous  23feb2020(su)00:12  No.74738  K  P14R13
This is interesting. How does it parse said domain from the get? Or even more so, how would it work from the filename?
>>Anonymous  23feb2020(su)01:50  No.74739  L  P15R14
After fucking her in the ass 10 or 20 times, on one occasion her vagina started quivering like mad. I thought it was a glitch, but after a while longer it happened again. Vaginal orgasm maybe?

Also this is the guy that hides the word 'yo' in his flashes, right? Anyone see it?

>>Anonymous  23feb2020(su)21:13  No.74748  I  P16R15
No YO! yet but if you fuck her vagina and asshole and cum inside them 100 times each she gets a word written on each of her legs, but they dont really do anything yet.
>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)05:32  No.74785  D  P17R16
There's the ability in ActionScript to get a string that describes the full path that hosts the flash. It's the URL if you watch the flash online and something like "file:///C|/Folder/SubFolder/filename.swf" if you watch it offline (locally).

The code that checks this string can work in many ways but the simplest (like in this flash, I assume) is just to check if the string contains "" or "file:", if either is true the flash is allowed to play normally otherwise it becomes "locked". So if you just stick in the filename (or in a folder name) it'll work since that will be included in the string.

More annoying domain locking code will take apart the path string before checking if it contains the domain name and make sure you can't trick the code.

This URL is now 404 and RockCandy have posted the flash on /f/ for feedback: a+Release.swf
Luckily I don't think that swf file is domain-locked (unless swfchan and 4chan is allowed in the code) so I guess he just didn't want the one on spreading before he was ready with a proper beta file?

Or maybe he just capitulated and decided to remove the domain-locking because he realized that shit is gay and people will eventually just edit the swf file to remove any domain-locking anyway. Don't know if there's actually any difference between this flash and the one he posted on /f/.

>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)07:55  No.74788  E  P18R17
According to Rock it was apparently his coders (FallowWing) idea to do the domain locking.
>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)11:40  No.74789  M  P19R18
What a faggot
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