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>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)15:58  No.74666  OP  P1
Wish -8 would tell us what filename he wants for these, I assume "6o8rop" was just randomized by the site where he uploads.

Source: 93216

I think this is one of his best works, those crayon visuals are gorgeous. Don't know if it's his own character or if it's from a show. He wrote "doodle gf fun", does he have a girlfriend and this is her? Or is it a doodle he made to be his girlfriend for valentine? Maybe he'll write in the twitter thread later.

6o8rop.swf (5.56 MiB)
960x720, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)16:40  No.74673  A  P2R1
As long as you write "Minus8" in the comments, people would still be able to find it. Also you could add that to the filename.

Great work by -8 again btw.

>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)16:43  No.74675  OP  P3R2
You're right, I should have added "minus 8" into the filename since the filename was random anyway.
>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)19:07  No.74677  B  P4R3
i wish that as well.
saw it posted on a chan as 'Short_loop_shit.swf'.
>>Anonymous  16feb2020(su)05:47  No.74685  C  P5R4
Wish it had a scene selection for looping the different parts.
>>Anonymous  16feb2020(su)20:38  No.74687  D  P6R5
This gave me motion sickness
>>Anonymous  17feb2020(mo)13:40  No.74695  B  P7R6

h-flash shows it as 6o8rop.swf
other uploads there have actual file names so i'm going with 6o8rop.

that twitter account his or a fans?

>>Anonymous  18feb2020(tu)19:46  No.74708  OP  P8R7
I'm not completely sure but I think it's his.
>>Anonymous  18feb2020(tu)19:51  No.74709  OP  P9
lol actually nevermind, the account holder has this description:

🔞 Not the real minus8, just a fan sharing his art with his permission. Managed by:

So it's not him unless it really is -8 and he wants to pretend it isn't him.

However if it is just a fan that begs the question where this dude gets new -8 content from.

>>Anonymous  18feb2020(tu)22:45  No.74710  E  P10R8
I believe there's a discord where people, who watch his Picarto streams, post the links that -8 puts up to his released works.
>>Anonymous  19feb2020(we)02:39  No.74712  OP  P11R9
A secret discord and secret streams? Interesting.
>>Anonymous  19feb2020(we)05:27  No.74713  E  P12R10
It's not that hard to find if you search the -8 subreddit. I'm just hesitant to spread it around because -8 is easily triggered by shit in his stream chat and stuff like that screencapped video of his Parodius animation. It's bad enough with the fan boys in there trying to be his BFF and setting him off on fits of self-loathing when they keep trying to shove their Youtube music playlists in his face.
>>LongDongWong  20feb2020(th)03:04  No.74715  F  P13R11
The asshole blocked me, lmao
>>???? ????  20feb2020(th)05:22  No.74716  G  P14R12
Meh I don't really pity -8 he needs thicker skin
>>Anonymous  20feb2020(th)13:55  No.74717  E  P15R13
Nobody gives a shit about your pity I just want more porn flashes and want 'tismos to stop fucking things up.
>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)21:52  No.74727  OP  P16R14
I think I enjoy hearing about -8's fits more than I would if I experience them in real time.
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