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>>Anonymous  12feb2020(we)07:44  No.74607  OP  P1
Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride

ado.swf (157.5 KiB)
1100x820, Compressed (Deflate). 18 frames, 32 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  12feb2020(we)19:16  No.74609  A  P2R1
is that you dinner, you fuck. I can fap to the beat.
>>Nigredo  12feb2020(we)22:40  No.74611  B  P3R2
Maybe it is. Kinda reminds me of his style.
>>Anonymous  12feb2020(we)22:59  No.74612  C  P4R3
Very nice dude! Moooar!!!

Is the girl's name Ado?

>>Anonymous  13feb2020(th)00:55  No.74613  D  P5R4
It's the nigga from Kirby's Dreamland
>>Anonymous  13feb2020(th)01:53  No.74614  E  P6R5
more like Kirby's Creamland
>>Anonymous  13feb2020(th)14:18  No.74636  F  P7R6
fucking Adeleine is BAY
if that's you DinDin, then your choice is spot on as always

She's more prominently featured in the N64 Crystal Shards

>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)00:21  No.74656  C  P8R7
>Kirby Dreamland 3 -Ado Boss-

those pixels... you scaled her up nicely OP

>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)00:33  No.74657  C  P9
>Year created 1997
shit, and i had never seen her before. never really been into kirby so maybe not too surprising but she's not been in much porn i guess or i think i would have remembered seeing the character before

>Adeleine, also known as Ado (though possibly different character)
Ado seems to have more of a brown skin color so your flash is more Adeleine than Ado. unless it's supposed to be the same character but Ado looks older in the super nintendo concept art than the N64 Adeleine. your flash girl version looks older so from that angle you've made Ado. bleh, let's just say it's the same character... even though they gave the two versions different names, different ages and different skin color...

>>Anonymous  17feb2020(mo)03:04  No.74690  G  P10R8
They're the same. Cope.
>>Anonymous  17feb2020(mo)07:54  No.74694  A  P11R9
only thing this needs is a cumshot
>>Anonymous  18feb2020(tu)10:38  No.74700  G  P12R10
>>Anonymous  18feb2020(tu)23:36  No.74711  H  P13R11
>>Anonymous  20feb2020(th)00:09  No.74714  I  P14R12
First time?
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