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>>Anonymous  26jan2020(su)17:53  No.73423  OP  P1
remarkable how many of these were made at the turn of the millennium before they realized there wasn't much money in it. sure the art wasn't dynamite but the parody value and story wasn't bad and they had voice actors/actresses reading a script

Wayne's World.swf (1.04 MiB)
550x400, Uncompressed. 4091 frames, 15 fps (04:33).
Ver4, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  27jan2020(mo)07:41  No.74428  A  P2R1
somehow i don't think Pornholio was in it for the money. aslo Pornholio is what got me interested in adult flash games/shows.
>>Anonymous  27jan2020(mo)08:37  No.74430  B  P3R2
pornholio was basically synonymous with adult content oti for me back in the day
>>Anonymous  27jan2020(mo)12:51  No.74431  OP  P4R3
if that's true, if they did it for fun or passion, why did they stop?

this flash I uploaded is credited to "Visual Dynamics", are we sure it's the same as Pornholio?

pornholio's website was (currently a "temporary homepage for TranSpecT Computer Consulting Inc. (Canada).") but looking at the 2005 version
it's absolutely one of those "pay to be able to see" porn sites. same with the 2001 version:

absolutely looks like it was about money to me

>>Anonymous  27jan2020(mo)13:30  No.74436  A  P5R4
don't know why they stopped. maybe a woman dug her claws into him/them. i'm sure they didn't mind the money, but looks like they enjoyed making them to me. anyway...

it has Charlie, and the art style is definitely the same as well as the voice acting. according to the torrent i have, Pornholio had 41 releases. 'wayne's watch' being one of them. they may not be fap worthy, but always good for a laugh.

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