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>>Anonymous  22jan2020(we)20:49  No.73362  OP  P1
this story was a little cute

Desert Island Cousin.swf (10.92 MiB)
1024x576, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 40 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  22jan2020(we)22:02  No.73365  A  P2R1
well that was something, incest is always a wincest
>>Anonymous  23jan2020(th)06:37  No.73371  B  P3R2
Crusoe had it easy 2015
Desert Island Cousin 2020


>>Anonymous  23jan2020(th)07:58  No.73374  C  P4R3
Ohh man, I remember playing the heck out of this when it first released
anything new since then?
I recommend the code that makes her your actuals sister, because it just increases the wincest and also the word "cuz" just sounds stupid imo.
>>Anonymous  23jan2020(th)15:07  No.73376  D  P5R4
ah I remember this one
it's the one where the good ending is getting raped by your sister in the middle of the night

the exact circumstances reversed gives you a bad ending
moral of the story is don't rape unless you're a girl I crazy or did the art of the sister get changed?
I could have sworn she was a brown skinned or tanned girl... huh

>>Anonymous  23jan2020(th)16:23  No.73377  OP  P6R5
i looked at the real name and decided it wasn't very descriptive. creative and funny sure but i bet a bunch of people wouldn't even have clicked the flash with a name like that.

maybe this is a fixed version =P

>>Anonymous  24jan2020(fr)01:37  No.73383  E  P7R6
Didn't know that this had a flash version. I saw this on newgrounds close to when it was released and it used unity.
>>Anonymous  24jan2020(fr)01:37  No.73384  E  P8
Didn't know that this had a flash version. I saw this on newgrounds close to when it was released and it used unity.

And what would the code be?

>>Anonymous  24jan2020(fr)02:24  No.73385  F  P9R7
looking at the code in JPEXS i see cheat codes. no fucking clue how to enter them though.
>>Anonymous  24jan2020(fr)02:35  No.73386  F  P10
got eem! got eem! enter the first word at the main menu to unlock.


>>Anonymous  24jan2020(fr)05:03  No.73387  F  P11
a couple of things. seems like only the last cheat you enter sticks. the 'papabear' cheat has a problem. at one point you are talking to her like you are cousins/siblings.
>>Anonymous  24jan2020(fr)20:51  No.73391  OP  P12R8
are you sure you saw it using the unity web player? (assuming that's what you mean by "used unity")

Unity Engine could export to flash files back in 2012 but they removed support because... because... uh, I guess because Adobe refused to cooperate properly?

>>Anonymous  25jan2020(sa)05:56  No.73395  E  P13R9
I'm pretty certain I remember the unity logo while the game was loading. Maybe I was wrong? that was 4-5 years ago. Also I'm annoyed that I can't check now because apparently the newgrounds moderators felt the need to remove the harmless game
>>Anonymous  25jan2020(sa)08:05  No.73398  F  P14R10
>>73395 /
>>???? ????  25jan2020(sa)20:33  No.73404  G  P15R11
Whatever happen marble syrup.
They just disappeared and still get patreon money.
>>Anonymous  26jan2020(su)22:13  No.74421  H  P16R12
only difference is the ability to move with mouse on the screen vs being a single image your able to look around a bit ... actually makes the game worse imo ... do a search for crusoe had it easy
>>Anonymous  14feb2020(fr)08:45  No.74644  I  P17R13
Heh, i remember this one. Developers posted it to this site themselves, then blew up when I posted the 'patreon only' codes. Less than a month later they got busted for have used stolen artwork for the game...
>>Anonymous  14feb2020(fr)23:25  No.74654  J  P18R14
I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where in the world we're supposed to put the cheats... this "first word on the main menu" thing? what does that mean?
>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)16:33  No.74671  C  P19R15
on the main menue, where you would press start
just click somewhere inside the flash on an empty space and type the word out on your keyboard
it should pop up a message if done correctly
>>Anonymous  20feb2020(th)23:50  No.74718  K  P20R16
>rape is bad, mmmkay?
>also, you can't have sex with the hot anime blonde unless you rape her
>or if she rapes you instead, which is apparently the good ending, but still ends on a sad note

I've gotten 5/7 endings and I wasn't really happy with any of them... surely there's a way to just stay on the island and fuck your hot cousin all day and all night?

>>Anonymous  21feb2020(fr)22:03  No.74728  OP  P21R17
Oh shit, I didn't know this game had history with swfchan.
This must be the thread you're talking about:

Interesting. I would not have guessed they got several thousand bucks per month to make this.

>>Anonymous  23feb2020(su)21:24  No.74750  C  P22R18
Yep, pretty much.
I remember the "true" ending was where you both just stay and fuck until you knock her up and then some.
>>Anonymous  23feb2020(su)21:26  No.74751  C  P23
It was at the height of the Breeding Farms scandal, so they probably rode the same bucks-wave until then.
>>Anonymous  24feb2020(mo)21:00  No.74757  L  P24R19
Whoever wrote this shit is such a cuck goddamn.
>>Anonymous  28feb2020(fr)07:43  No.74801  M  P25R20
This is pretty bad even as far as short VNs go. Aside from the typos the script is a fucking mess and some of the cheats like the daughter one straight up break some parts of the story. The final drop is having 7 endings with only 1 good ending and with only rape-like sex scenes.
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