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>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)06:23  No.73213  OP  P1
Magical girl Mia

JSK game, it is still in Japanese but there are many guides where you can find how to play

37c017bbd85b1f2772c23d61cafdb995.swf (46.04 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 104 frames, 24 fps (00:04).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)23:20  No.73220  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)00:00  No.73221  A  P3
So, as far as I could make it out:
Top left stat is attack and right is defense, down right is speed, as always
Battle menu is top right and bottom right are both attacks and bottom left is defense
on the ground the right options are also attacks
the trick is to attack her in rapid succession, because the little bar below her health (shield) otherwise regenerates
as opposed to prior titles you can stack your actions when the bar fills
when you down her the top option is conversation I think and right one leads to a scene

as always the sex scenes are NOT included, so I suggest finding a download and playing it from there

>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)15:19  No.73227  B  P4R2
I suggest you change the filename to something more descriptive (artist name, character name, anything like that) the next time you post something. Makes it easier to find the file in the archive.
>>Anonymous  15jan2020(we)02:18  No.73236  C  P5R3
oh look its a jsk game on swfchan. I wonder what the sex scenes will be like
>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)01:49  No.73246  D  P6R4
f95 has a thread with his games including this that's mostly if not entirely english and if you hate f95 i'm sure it's somewhere else
>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)17:36  No.73254  E  P7R5
Menu with lots of buttons is your upgrade menu, you need to upgrade 4 big buttons to ease the future pain:
Top left - attack power
Top right - stun power
Lower left - HP
Lower right - speed(creates "charges" faster)

100% guide(absolute max stats, all scenes unlocked, and a tutorial in combat. Simply use ctrl + f to look for specific things in the guide.).

Stats:Nothing that really needs to be noted if you're a fan of JSK's work, but it is of important note that the cap for your stats increase the more scenes you unlock.

Fight 1:How you play affects which 2nd version gets unlocked first(rape her the whole time, 2-2, and reverse for 2-1). Nothing else matters. Perfect place to get the scenes and acquire higher levels.

Fight 2:Easily harder than normal, can now unlock endings.

Combat:Top left is special attack inventory, more on that a little later. Top right is normal attack, gain special attack power. Bottom left is special attack. Bottom Right is defend. Do not bother with pink circle, as it is useless, and is a complete waste of time playing with. Special attack power underneath HP.

The Magical Girl will have a shield that increases in strength every loss(visible to right of her action bar). Deplete it to 0 via regular/special/inventory attacks and you'll be able to damage her better.

Combat Inventory:Top left is clothing attack, which only breaks clothing when used to break shield. Does normal special attack damage. Top right is the shield breaker, which does immense damage to shield. Does slightly below average special attack damage. The bottom attacks are to be continued in pt2. Ammo cannot be used again until shield is restored. Ammunition count is visible to the left of your action bar.

Combat Inventory pt2:Bottom right, the lust attack, is the only attack that stacks after it's used, and takes effect once shield is down. 1st shot causes her to give footjobs, magic handjobs, and masturbating above your face. 2nd shot is a blowjob. 3rd shot is a 69/face ride scene. 4th shot is forced reverse vaginal rape(meaning it counts as a rape and wins the fight). Deals slightly below special attack damage.

Bottom right is the knockout attack. When used to break shield, knocks out Magical Girl, and allows you to kick her in top right, bottom buttons to rape her in missionary and doggy style, or restrain her in top left, extending the time allowed as she wakes up, but changes the menu to finger her in top right, forced cowgirl rape in bottom left, forced titfuck(doesn't count as winning the fight however).

Victory Options:Left is missionary rape, right is doggystyle rape, middle is spare(no rape).

Counter:Currently unknown, but probably just like any other JSK fighting game. Get her low health, and wait for specific moves to happen, so you could click the counter option that appears very briefly.

Endings(only obtainable in 2-1/2-2 mode):

1. Slave(otherwise known as rape) Ending:Just rape her once. Is auto-obtained when you try not to rape at all in 2-2 mode.

2. Pregnart Slave(aka rape) Ending:Rape her the whole game.

3. Submission Ending:Play 2-1 mode and do not rape her at all for the first two rounds. I don't know if it's necessary or not, but do like what the others say for dialogue, choosing top(1) and bottom(2), then top(1) twice.

Initiate two lust scenes of any variety up to scenes 1-3(4 will count as rape), or do the scene that don't count as rape(forced titfuck) at least twice in the third round. You then proceed to find the quickest way to kermit suicide in-game.

4:Lust(aka Slave) Ending:Play on 2-2, and rape her every round making sure she cums by going as hard as possible(its when her blush is at it's highest, she goes ahego, or when you see hearts in her dialogue), but on the final round, hit her with four lust attacks, and let her rape you/you rape her.

Like Teidor said, blues eyes should signify that you've done it, but if it still isn't the case, just grind up to 12 shots and shoot her with 4 lust darts every round and let her rape you(but still keep the speed setting to it's highest to ensure she cums. Easy, and works.

5:Love End:Just go into 2-1 and just don't rape her at all. Restraining and using lust scenes 1-3 are still perfectly usable.

>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)23:23  No.73262  F  P8R6!FpRSAKpa!0xVMGaGhLuPjtsjeHOqcO g file/ folder 16
>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)23:32  No.73266  G  P9R7
w-what's this all of a sudden? JSK Studio collection?
>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)02:46  No.73274  A  P10R8
looks like the game is actually more than a year old, but for some reason was "edited" or "updated" just recently last month
so I don't think it is even a new release, though I haven't seen it before
>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)11:30  No.73285  H  P11R9

Its been around for a long time. 3kKY_oxZBHxUWIwZY3v1gOZ9wqejY8/edit?usp=sharing

This has pretty much everything you'll ever need.

>>Anonymous  19jan2020(su)03:56  No.73310  I  P12R10
what are the two attacks that can be countered?
>>Anonymous  19jan2020(su)05:04  No.73311  G  P13R11
bretty cool!
>>Anonymous  14feb2020(fr)09:05  No.74645  J  P14R12
ULMF is and basically always has been the home for JSK translation and walkthroughs. If you like his games just go there. A newer member of the translation thread recent wrote a gui to make translation faster/easier so translation speed has increased recently as well.
>>Anonymous  23feb2020(su)16:35  No.74743  K  P15R13
Dead links everywhere

Can't get it to work on flash projector, shows an error with "URL not found" any workaround on this? don't know if it's supposed to be able to download the H-scenes or if it's missing files
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