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>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)18:31  No.73181  OP  P1
Beef_Curtains.swf (157.8 KiB)
900x720, Compressed (Deflate). 810 frames, 15 fps (00:54).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)19:46  No.73186  A  P2R1
here we go again
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)20:10  No.73187  B  P3R2
lol someone wants that comment chain back...
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)21:01  No.73188  C  P4R3
Oh HELL no. We're not starting this shit again!
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)22:47  No.73189  D  P5
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)00:45  No.73192  E  P6R4
hello darkness my old friend
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)03:35  No.73193  F  P7R5
Aw, SHIT. Here we go again.
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)04:43  No.73194  G  P8R6
dude I love Arby's
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)17:32  No.73200  H  P9R7
Really? I thought this commissioner disappeared from the internet in 2017. Why is this relic showing up again?
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)18:48  No.73202  I  P10R8
this is so fucking hot
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)19:24  No.73204  D  P11
because this is one of probably like 3 swfchan memes
"memes" with quotation marks though
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)03:34  No.73211  OP  P12R9
Starting the new decade off right.
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)21:06  No.73216  J  P13R10
We can make a worse meme
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)21:09  No.73217  K  P14R11
starting the new decade early?
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)21:37  No.73218  D  P15R12
It was still a decade between 2010 and now 2020, so that makes this a new one. A decade does not have to calculate all back to 0 or whatever, also technically there was a year 0, it just wasn't counted at that time.
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)03:27  No.73223  L  P16R13
this trash here again,gtfo
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)04:33  No.73224  M  P17
i lolled
too bad there wasn't a futa edit but i suppose that's sort of the point
>>Anonymous  15jan2020(we)03:12  No.73238  N  P18R14
New epic gamer moment incoming.
>>Anonymous  15jan2020(we)08:59  No.73241  O  P19R15
the Bacon
>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)06:11  No.73248  P  P20R16
We should have gotten more interactive SU stuff, between then and now, there still haven't been any SU flash of significance. The Zone's loop was kinda underwhelming.
>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)01:15  No.73270  D  P21R17
>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)01:26  No.73271  H  P22R18
What the fuck is wrong with you? SU = Steven Universe. Bruh.
>>Anonymous  19jan2020(su)03:31  No.73309  Q  P23R19
>>Anonymous  20jan2020(mo)21:13  No.73336  R  P24R20
>>Anonymous  22jan2020(we)08:07  No.73353  P  P25R21
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)10:04  No.74512  P  P26
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)12:58  No.74513  S  P27R22
I remember when that one triggered autist tried to flood /fap/ with irrelevant flashes in attempt to kill beef curtains
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)15:07  No.74516  D  P28R23
do you mean SOLDIER OF FAP?
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)17:47  No.74517  S  P29R24
Autist's super hero name, how novel
>>Anonymous  10feb2020(mo)08:13  No.74600  T  P30R25
why tho
>>Anonymous  11feb2020(tu)17:55  No.74603  S  P31R26
Autist got triggered after first beef curtain had one year birthday, survived server downtime among other things.
>>Anonymous  5mar2020(th)09:04  No.74856  U  P32R27
that's rather curious
>>Anonymous  11mar2020(we)15:54  No.74910  S  P33R28

'Soldier' of fap got pass for flooding /fap/ with irrelevant flashes in order to push beef curtains to page 5.

Beed curtains server outages, more spam and infidels. It had one year anniversary birth day and all. It outlived the horse porn flash, due to the fact roasties aren't illegal.

That is the tale of Beef Curtains, young newfag

>>Anonymous  23mar2020(mo)03:57  No.75044  V  P34R29
Its back, I was just thinking about it
>>Anonymous  23mar2020(mo)17:50  No.75054  W  P35R30
curious tho what's this >comment chain
also how did an ordinary flash like this one become a meme
>>Anonymous  24mar2020(tu)13:56  No.75095  D  P36R31
it keeps happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>Anonymous  1apr2020(we)01:45  No.75805  X  P37R32
Someone posted this flash a while ago and people kept the thread alive for over a year.
>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)07:48  No.76303  Y  P38R33
I wanna barf, puagh
>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)19:08  No.76315  Z  P39R34
God dammit, again?
>>Anonymous  22apr2020(we)09:42  No.76470  AA  P40R35
>no interactive SU flash worth of mention made since then
>>Anonymous  25apr2020(sa)00:18  No.76509  AB  P41R36
just here to bump the thread
>>Anonymous  25apr2020(sa)18:09  No.76514  AC  P42R37
>>Anonymous  26apr2020(su)03:06  No.76516  AD  P43R38
god fuckin damn it why is this crap here again
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  27apr2020(mo)03:45  No.76530  AE  P44R39
Hi guys what's going on he-OH LAWD
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)21:17  No.76601  AF  P45R40
We need a futa edit of this, seriously.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)23:20  No.76602  AB  P46R41
but a futa edit wouldn't get quite the reaction that Beef curtains does... someone should start editing futa things into beef curtains
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)23:36  No.76604  AG  P47R42
>Visual Novel
>Choiices don't matter

Absolute garbage, SU is pretty much tranny exclusive show

>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)08:21  No.76685  AH  P48R43
I like how you go from the permise of VN eing bad to SU being for tranny.
>>Anonymous  20may2020(we)02:52  No.77201  AI  P49R44
Who wants to bet that all the spam of old shitty flashes was killjoys attempting to bury this?
>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)06:22  No.77484  AJ  P50R45

As an oldfag with nearly perfect memory of the event, the meme started because the artist was a retard that stated and believed (I'm going to summarize here) "Women can naturally have their pussy lips extremely long like this", It was posted here originally to make fun of the guy, then the retard came here to argue about it and got roasted, but while it was here, it also triggered a few people so it got bumped for memes and outlived both horse pussy shitposts.

>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)16:55  No.77494  AK  P51R46
If they train, they can. Like natty bodybuilders.
>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)23:10  No.77620  AK  P52
what will happen after flash is no longer supported?
>>Anonymous  12jun2020(fr)19:11  No.77627  D  P53R47
Hardly the thread to get serious answers on that, but
mainly there will be no new updates for flash player.

And that's it.
Sure, sites will try to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and adobe will purge all archives and plugin downloads and browsers are already dropping plugin support for everything, so
+ 1. get a good download for all the plugins and standalone projector and keep them somewhere save
+ 2. download and use a browser that still supports flash, even if it is just a standalone palemoon used only to browse flashsites
+ 3. that's all. If you for some reason want to use flashes with your current syndicate browser, then just download and run them with the projector automatically. Don't forget to delete them every so often or they would keep piling up.

>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)17:43  No.77878  AL  P54R48
beef curtains de chimp where is it
>>Anonymous  10jul2020(fr)19:51  No.78141  AM  P55R49
bumpfag is bumpy call the medic ASAP

>>74910 >>77484
[archive link here \/] is it me or the old wiki thread layout sucks (i kinda hate reading it) (clearer version)

>>73309 >>73336 >>73353

>>74516 >do you mean soldier of FAG
who is guy and where is the horse flash

thanks (i guess)

um what are the other 2 memes

>>Anonymous  11jul2020(sa)10:31  No.78152  D  P56R50
>um what are the other 2 memes
From the top of my head:
+ Hating on niggerdicks
+ Thinking fictional CP is pedo
Here, I'll even throw in an extra one:
+ Modding flashes to have cum buttons who only play rickroll
>>w7-890  11jul2020(sa)16:53  No.78155  AM  P57R51
doublethx m8 (also how do you keep your IP for a long time)

>begone cuck
just click the whyte gem if it bothers you that much dude

>>73200 ->30021
>ED article here make one for him plz larv

>>Anonymous  12jul2020(su)13:54  No.78163  D  P58R52
>also how do you keep your IP for a long time
isn't that how it normally works? your ISP provides you with an IP and that's it
you'd have to actively go IP hopping, phoneposting, or using a VPN to get a new one everytime
also, if you're interested on having a consistent posting count, don't forget the system page:
you can get a swap word (like a password) there and swap your new IP into your old
it's not really made to be used all the time because of restrictions, but still it would give you the same IP everytime you used your swap word after getting a new IP
>>Anonymous  15jul2020(we)10:14  No.78203  AN  P59R53
I've seen alot of shit on the internet, why the hell does this of all things make me feel queasy?
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  16jul2020(th)16:13  No.78217  AM  P60R54
one small step for beef curtains another huge step for autists

>>78163 i mean ID whoops

>>73216 but how

what about dailydose and paraphore (also did swfchan ever have a dislike for newfags im kinda curious here)

i will use some more quotelinks from the old thread (in an attempt to continue the old discussion plz wait)

>>76602 >>76601 >>73224
can't we all just agree to shut fuck up and make a futa edit already
oh and dont forget to reskin it and change the filename (so others woudn't notice [ẃink😉])

oh hey its you again so hows the latest pokè flash going any new secrets yet

>>77484 (can't find horse pussy link pls spoonfeed)
also did anyone take an archive snapshot of /fap/ during the flooding i wanna see it

>>Siege-nonymous  16jul2020(th)16:21  No.78218  AM  P61
when i first saw this i didn't feel the need react badly (does that mean i am fucked in the head or something)
>>78203 also why the fuck do people even enjoy guro/fart/scat and shit

>>78217 (4got2addthis) also is it me or dailydose lasted almost 1 year

>>Anonymous  16jul2020(th)19:56  No.78220  D  P62R55
Oh, ID = IP, that's it. Still you keep ID with the swap that I was talking about.

what about dailydose and paraphore (also did swfchan ever have a dislike for newfags im kinda curious here)
maybe paraphore, but I wouldn't consider a single shock swf to be a meme, wasn't big enough
dailydose wasn't ever that huge of a deal here too, more so on /f/, it was just a one time beef curtains knock-off thread (because beef curtains wasn't up anymore I think)
to my knowledge newfags weren't ever despised, because there weren't any
most of the time you didn't even notice regular posters, only spammers and maybe furries were hated (during the transition from furry flashboard to regular flashboard - to this day)

>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)02:05  No.78221  AO  P63R56
Loving all the mongoloids complaining about this shit being up and then bumping it themselves as they just fucking commented.

You played yourselves, you human bidets.

>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)17:03  No.78231  D  P64R57
Is this really gonna get 1000000 replies again?
At first I didn't think so, but now ... it seems like people are just gonna continue commenting for the sake of it already.
>>medical states of amerimutt  19jul2020(su)19:56  No.78262  AM  P65R58
>>78231 >>78221>GOGOGO godpeed ahed
ok trodgylite dont forget to read the bottom comments

so why were the furries hated what did they do (also why does swfchan have a furry category if they are hated)

>>Anonymous  24jul2020(fr)12:44  No.78335  D  P66R59
I can't really go into detail for this. That's a story as old as the internet.
Let me just say. Furries aren't hated exclusively on swfchan. It's a general thing.
Furries are, to some degree at least in the past were, the basic scourge that befalls any place that doesn't explicitely purge it. Akin only to CP.
There is a lot of shock content that isn't generally liked, but none of it was as actively shoved into your face by unironicly huge fans who were only into that, like anything else.
/f/ also was plagued by this long ago (furry friday YIFF YIFF YIFF), so furries should never be openly welcomed anywhere
I think internethistorian had a good video on them (or maybe Fredrik Knudsen). They just are a special kind of degeneration.
It's not like I say all furries are bad people, there might be as well very well behaved, tempered furries, or ones who only fap to some shit oti and that's it.
But like, if I meet someone, him being a furry will most likely not better my opinion of this person.

On the other hand you do not want to expunge furry content. It's still a MAJOR category, probably the only real one remaining with people jumping off the flash bandwagon. So, it would be unfair to remove that category, just because people who are interested in it are unbearable. Swfchan does take a neutral stance in that. Admin always knew furries were a huge part of his community, he did neither encourage them to take swfchan over (like it happened in the beginning of this board, as in so many other places), not did he actively ban them or something. Guess it was more of a divine chance that this board now isn't exclusively 100% furry content anymore.
Also you want to have this category as like, a warning maybe? People who want furry stuff will get into it and people who don't will avoid anything tagged with furry, you know.

>>i forgot my name  30jul2020(th)02:38  No.78388  AM  P67R60
what about those with autism like me (thoughts?)(plz be honest)

c00kiez anyone? (does that count)

sorry if offtopic but has anyone been banned from swfchan before what did the B& page look like

also how did swfchan become a newfag resistant board its kinda a mystery im curious
(other chans typically get invaded in a few months of success)

why cant we repeat the same posts number success on the first board
(if you see the wiki the newer boards don't last too long)

>>Anonymous  1aug2020(sa)12:15  No.78419  D  P68R61
>what about those with autism like me
idk how autism plays into all that, are you still an autistic furry, or just an aspie in general? There isn't really anything wrong with autists oti, it's more of a safe haven for those kind of people, just don't take insults too serious (as they are a dime a dozen oti) and you're good to go.
And if you're a furry, then just don't talk about it, other than threads where it is relevant to the topic.

>other chans typically get invaded in a few months of success
Idk which other chans you take for an example here, but this is kinda like /f/. You know, the board nobody knows about. So take that and multiply it with even more obscurity, a shameful and unintelligible fear of viruses here (has to do with shitty ads that "porn" sites get as well as baseless rumors and reputation) and also the fact that people have similar reservations to flash content in general these days.

Back in the day, it was just too obscure, like people did hardly know this existed, it wasn't openly advertised anywhere, basically because it this wasn't meant to be a real chan that competed with newgrounds and 4chan, but just a way to upload directly into the archive. People have been on about that and I get that reyling on /f/ to get something archived can be tricky at times and also the fact that this site has a way bigger filesize limit.

There have, however, been times during the earlier to middle days, where newfags found their way here and spammed the board, tried to get attention, there was a CP spam once, there still is this mysterious spammer that dumps random text and don't forget about the recent brazil newfriend who spams the chan with terrible chaves flv edits.

I think you were the only person ever to really try to comprehend the culture here, but let me repeat. There isn't really any. This is just /f/'s basement COOMER cousin who happens to collect everything that was ever created. More of a utility than a home, you see?

And no, I don't think there's a cookie created that gives you your ID, it's just based on the posters ID, or the cookie that is the swapword that I was talking about last time. Really, if you want a consistent one get a swapword.

>(if you see the wiki the newer boards don't last too long)
idk what you mean, did you mistake the word threads for boards?

>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)12:29  No.78469  AM  P69R62
are you talking about the powerpuff mp3 spammer and the pdpatty guy (can we wordfilter him)
also saw the CP spamming forum links to a paid filehost (i was expecting direct image spamming)
and no i did not see the images themselves

apologies for spamming before (i just wanted to share stuff but the admin of YP has gone to shit)
this is a continuation of (btw)

(not posted) also why does this show up on [recover X] even though it says successful post
off topic but do you prefer to comment on the thread or watch flash first on .org

>>w7-890  6aug2020(th)23:13  No.78549  AM  P70
70 g-É-T baby

i dunno if anyone can relate but am i the only one stuck on a perpetual newfag like state because of my condition
no matter how many times I lurk the chans and wiki i simply just couldn't learn even though i sorta get it the thing
anyone know how to order meds during quarantine (i can't visit a doctor)

also Antz come have fun with us and don't forget your glowing red prototype hammer you jus bought from the CiA

thyming cuz i dont wanna bump (also we need full thread HP ASAP)

>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)20:37  No.78691  AM  P71
can we reach 100 Posts

for fucks sake can't you guys learn how to bump properly we can't let this shit die

>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)21:40  No.78699  AM  P72
up up and away with the health

what does (this is so meta) mean also why do very few people reply to FURRY stuff/flashes

>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)21:44  No.78700  AM  P73

also where was the swapword link again (i found it before but forgot) also im talking about the beef thread (not board whoops)

>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)17:47  No.78720  D  P74R63
chill, nigger, leaving behind your newfag status is a lifelong journey, takes years at least

link is on the main page, next to da rulez n shieeet

>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)00:07  No.78731  AM  P75R64
done any other swapfags here?

also what does hue mean

>>Anonymous  8sep2020(tu)11:09  No.79429  AP  P76R65
sometimes you just want to breath new life into this.
>>Anonymous  8sep2020(tu)21:09  No.79436  H  P77R66
can you shut the fuck up? each time people like you have this urge to type shit on this thing, it re-surfaces. let it die.
>>Anonymous  8sep2020(tu)23:19  No.79438  AQ  P78R67
I've fapped to worse.
>>Anonymous  8sep2020(tu)23:19  No.79439  AR  P79R68
One of best flashes here
>>Anonymous  9sep2020(we)02:39  No.79442  AM  P80R69
hey wait lets utilize this thread into a newfag introduction community i don't wanna create another one
also the name of the SWF makes this easy to find in google
>>Anonymous  9sep2020(we)02:56  No.79444  AE  P81R70
Like, what? An initiation filter?
>>Anonymous  10sep2020(th)12:22  No.79527  AR  P82R71

Implying newfags don't comply with flash obsolence.
SWFchan will be more or less obsolete archive of obsolete format of yesteryear after this December

>>Anonymous  10sep2020(th)23:12  No.79537  D  P83R72
are you shitting me right now?
people who actually go with that shit (90% of all flash users) only ever used flash because it was de-facto videoplayer/site navigator on the internet
swf as an artform has been obsolete for years now, for all but the most hard of the cored artists and furries
you can bet your pwetty ass on that every anon who bothers to browse swfchan threads and post here will do his 2 cents to be able to continue using flash for as long as they want to and not as long as Adobe endorses it

newfags as in actual fags who would be new will go the way of the dodo, but dedicated actual new/f/ags will be bound by their curiosity to become one with the format, even after the only way to obtain the plugin is torrenting

also, the archive itself is just that, an archive for posteriority reasons
it kinda doesn't matter if people even bothered to browse its contents

>>w7-890  14sep2020(mo)11:36  No.79689  AM  P84R73
why haven't we made an ED page for kattlarv yet (cmon guys we can't just let this cow get away like that)

>>78217 (found it)
now where is horse anal swf (still looking for web archive link)

why the fuck do pedos even bother to spread their shit on clearnet chans/sites why can't they just keep their shit on Tor where it belongs

>>78549 >tfw concerta not working (that shit is expensive)
>>79438 liek wut
>>79439 Orlly
>>79444 says the trippy pokefag (also can you make a gallery option for A new fetish swf for ez fapping)

+bluetext text
am i a normie how can i tell if im one and how do i change it is it too late already (i lurk reddit all the time without account)

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:06  No.79913  AR  P85R74
This flash will be a cure for China virus
>>Anonymous  22sep2020(tu)01:12  No.79971  AS  P86R75
We need an edit of ian with a pussy, and estelle deepthroating his negro pussyflaps ghagaqgg
>>Anonymous  21oct2020(we)08:37  No.80516  AT  P87R76
I like it.
>>w7-890  31oct2020(sa)21:23  No.80789  AM  P88R77
happy HALLOween guys hope we make it one year

gonna upload horse pussy swf incase this thread dies also sorry 4 bumping this gem
and always remember folks don't be shy LURK MOAR (also newfags can ask questions freely here)

N /ōō\ B + be nice to them you never know when old fags retire
\_-_/ + stolen from # he has very nice m00sic pls check #
>r8 8/8 gr8 m8 this is my first ASCII art (check the comments on the front discussion i took the avatar lol)

>>Anonymous  1nov2020(su)09:15  No.80807  AU  P89R78
bump LOL !
>>Anonymous  18nov2020(we)19:19  No.81194  AV  P90R79
Best flash bump
>>Anonymous  18nov2020(we)19:41  No.81196  H  P91R80
I wish all you guys bumping this would go stub your toe on furniture and suck on lemons.
>>Anonymous  19nov2020(th)04:00  No.81207  AW  P92R81
I wish I would stub my toe on a lemon.
>>w7-890  19nov2020(th)07:10  No.81208  AM  P93R82
>>81196 >>79436
>wants it die
>happy bumping guys im not dead yet
spot the samefag (hint its not me)
>>Anonymous  10dec2020(th)07:53  No.81777  AV  P94R83
Bumping due to garbage uploads, long live the best porn flash
>>Anonymous  13dec2020(su)10:24  No.81820  AB  P95R84
bumping for quality
>>Anonymous  24dec2020(th)14:20  No.82041  AX  P96R85

ffffuuuck dont let it die call the medic ASAP

>>w7-890  31dec2020(th)19:08  No.82227  AX  P97
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)22:09  No.82236  AY  P98R86
Glad to see the beef curtain thread sequel is still alive.
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)04:30  No.82248  AZ  P99R87
Happy New Year
>>Anonymous  6jan2021(we)08:14  No.82514  AX  P100R88
100 post GET also 6 days left for anniversary c'mon guys we can make it
>>w7-890  12jan2021(tu)19:49  No.82736  AX  P101
happy anniversary 🐝/f/curtains
goodbye old friend it was nice being with you any last words before the thread dies

also how do I cure my autism it keeps showing up on every board I post

>>w7-890  14jan2021(th)17:34  No.82809  AX  P102
maybe 370 days age
>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)19:26  No.82810  D  P103R89
sorry man, you're cursed forever with above-par intelligence and negative affinity for girls' emotions
>>w7-890  15jan2021(fr)20:39  No.82880  AX  P104R90
welp this is my last bump kthxbai
>>Anonymous  16jan2021(sa)11:44  No.82911  BA  P105R91
You're a fucking shit.
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)21:32  No.82997  D  P106R92
just a little suggestion:
it helps not constantly telling everyone that you have autism
even if you did, nobody cares about that until maybe 20 replies deep into an argument
if you're that autistic that you have to warn others about it then they will probably notice anyway
I wouldn't converse any different with you if you had autism, but writing it at the top of every comment invokes a kind of attention whoring
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)12:52  No.83019  AX  P107
yeah apologies for that gonna turn off my name in the meantime
so sage I guess?
>>Anonymous  22jan2021(fr)16:06  No.83091  BB  P108R93
>>Anonymous  23jan2021(sa)01:15  No.83094  AV  P109R94
Best flash to end it all with
>>Anonymous  23jan2021(sa)23:00  No.83106  AX  P110R95

introducing the new lingo

booggers! (former owner of /r/coom i hope this becomes a meme)

what happens if black people become old (they become dust in your nose)

zoo + ggers for gen z (hope you guys get the joke here)

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)03:06  No.83111  BC  P111R96
I hate niggers, but you should kill yourself.
>>Anonymous  10feb2021(we)18:42  No.83392  AX  P112R97
what about /fur/gin instead of /v/irgin anyone?
i have the urge to get my ISP banned on /trash/ for a quick lulz
>>Anonymous  11feb2021(th)14:03  No.83402  BD  P113R98
An empty head.
>>Anonymous  11feb2021(th)18:23  No.83406  AX  P114R99
welp last reply


>>Anonymous  12feb2021(fr)17:02  No.83418  G  P115R100
Roast the beef
Smell the queef
Get that jerky caught in my teeth
>>Anonymous  14feb2021(su)19:00  No.83445  D  P116R101
>>Anonymous  19feb2021(fr)04:04  No.83480  BE  P117R102
Flash died so this could live.
Thanks, doc
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