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>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)18:31  No.73181  OP  P1
Beef_Curtains.swf (157.8 KiB)
900x720, Compressed (Deflate). 810 frames, 15 fps (00:54).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)19:46  No.73186  A  P2R1
here we go again
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)20:10  No.73187  B  P3R2
lol someone wants that comment chain back...
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)21:01  No.73188  C  P4R3
Oh HELL no. We're not starting this shit again!
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)22:47  No.73189  D  P5
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)00:45  No.73192  E  P6R4
hello darkness my old friend
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)03:35  No.73193  F  P7R5
Aw, SHIT. Here we go again.
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)04:43  No.73194  G  P8R6
dude I love Arby's
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)17:32  No.73200  H  P9R7
Really? I thought this commissioner disappeared from the internet in 2017. Why is this relic showing up again?
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)18:48  No.73202  I  P10R8
this is so fucking hot
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)19:24  No.73204  D  P11
because this is one of probably like 3 swfchan memes
"memes" with quotation marks though
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)03:34  No.73211  OP  P12R9
Starting the new decade off right.
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)21:06  No.73216  J  P13R10
We can make a worse meme
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)21:09  No.73217  K  P14R11
starting the new decade early?
>>Anonymous  13jan2020(mo)21:37  No.73218  D  P15R12
It was still a decade between 2010 and now 2020, so that makes this a new one. A decade does not have to calculate all back to 0 or whatever, also technically there was a year 0, it just wasn't counted at that time.
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)03:27  No.73223  L  P16R13
this trash here again,gtfo
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)04:33  No.73224  M  P17
i lolled
too bad there wasn't a futa edit but i suppose that's sort of the point
>>Anonymous  15jan2020(we)03:12  No.73238  N  P18R14
New epic gamer moment incoming.
>>Anonymous  15jan2020(we)08:59  No.73241  O  P19R15
the Bacon
>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)06:11  No.73248  P  P20R16
We should have gotten more interactive SU stuff, between then and now, there still haven't been any SU flash of significance. The Zone's loop was kinda underwhelming.
>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)01:15  No.73270  D  P21R17
>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)01:26  No.73271  H  P22R18
What the fuck is wrong with you? SU = Steven Universe. Bruh.
>>Anonymous  19jan2020(su)03:31  No.73309  Q  P23R19
>>Anonymous  20jan2020(mo)21:13  No.73336  R  P24R20
>>Anonymous  22jan2020(we)08:07  No.73353  P  P25R21
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)10:04  No.74512  P  P26
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)12:58  No.74513  S  P27R22
I remember when that one triggered autist tried to flood /fap/ with irrelevant flashes in attempt to kill beef curtains
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)15:07  No.74516  D  P28R23
do you mean SOLDIER OF FAP?
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)17:47  No.74517  S  P29R24
Autist's super hero name, how novel
>>Anonymous  10feb2020(mo)08:13  No.74600  T  P30R25
why tho
>>Anonymous  11feb2020(tu)17:55  No.74603  S  P31R26
Autist got triggered after first beef curtain had one year birthday, survived server downtime among other things.
>>Anonymous  5mar2020(th)09:04  No.74856  U  P32R27
that's rather curious
>>Anonymous  11mar2020(we)15:54  No.74910  S  P33R28

'Soldier' of fap got pass for flooding /fap/ with irrelevant flashes in order to push beef curtains to page 5.

Beed curtains server outages, more spam and infidels. It had one year anniversary birth day and all. It outlived the horse porn flash, due to the fact roasties aren't illegal.

That is the tale of Beef Curtains, young newfag

>>Anonymous  23mar2020(mo)03:57  No.75044  V  P34R29
Its back, I was just thinking about it
>>Anonymous  23mar2020(mo)17:50  No.75054  W  P35R30
curious tho what's this >comment chain
also how did an ordinary flash like this one become a meme
>>Anonymous  24mar2020(tu)13:56  No.75095  D  P36R31
it keeps happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>Anonymous  1apr2020(we)01:45  No.75805  X  P37R32
Someone posted this flash a while ago and people kept the thread alive for over a year.
>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)07:48  No.76303  Y  P38R33
I wanna barf, puagh
>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)19:08  No.76315  Z  P39R34
God dammit, again?
>>Anonymous  22apr2020(we)09:42  No.76470  AA  P40R35
>no interactive SU flash worth of mention made since then
>>Anonymous  25apr2020(sa)00:18  No.76509  AB  P41R36
just here to bump the thread
>>Anonymous  25apr2020(sa)18:09  No.76514  AC  P42R37
>>Anonymous  26apr2020(su)03:06  No.76516  AD  P43R38
god fuckin damn it why is this crap here again
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  27apr2020(mo)03:45  No.76530  AE  P44R39
Hi guys what's going on he-OH LAWD
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)21:17  No.76601  AF  P45R40
We need a futa edit of this, seriously.
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)23:20  No.76602  AB  P46R41
but a futa edit wouldn't get quite the reaction that Beef curtains does... someone should start editing futa things into beef curtains
>>Anonymous  30apr2020(th)23:36  No.76604  AG  P47R42
>Visual Novel
>Choiices don't matter

Absolute garbage, SU is pretty much tranny exclusive show

>>Anonymous  4may2020(mo)08:21  No.76685  AH  P48R43
I like how you go from the permise of VN eing bad to SU being for tranny.
>>Anonymous  20may2020(we)02:52  No.77201  AI  P49R44
Who wants to bet that all the spam of old shitty flashes was killjoys attempting to bury this?
>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)06:22  No.77484  AJ  P50R45

As an oldfag with nearly perfect memory of the event, the meme started because the artist was a retard that stated and believed (I'm going to summarize here) "Women can naturally have their pussy lips extremely long like this", It was posted here originally to make fun of the guy, then the retard came here to argue about it and got roasted, but while it was here, it also triggered a few people so it got bumped for memes and outlived both horse pussy shitposts.

>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)16:55  No.77494  AK  P51R46
If they train, they can. Like natty bodybuilders.
>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)23:10  No.77620  AK  P52
what will happen after flash is no longer supported?
>>Anonymous  12jun2020(fr)19:11  No.77627  D  P53R47
Hardly the thread to get serious answers on that, but
mainly there will be no new updates for flash player.

And that's it.
Sure, sites will try to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and adobe will purge all archives and plugin downloads and browsers are already dropping plugin support for everything, so
+ 1. get a good download for all the plugins and standalone projector and keep them somewhere save
+ 2. download and use a browser that still supports flash, even if it is just a standalone palemoon used only to browse flashsites
+ 3. that's all. If you for some reason want to use flashes with your current syndicate browser, then just download and run them with the projector automatically. Don't forget to delete them every so often or they would keep piling up.

>>Anonymous  24jun2020(we)17:43  No.77878  AL  P54R48
beef curtains de chimp where is it
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