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>>Anonymous  22dec2019(su)21:53  No.72894  OP  P1

Creambee PPT V Heart

Creambee_-_PPT_V-Heart.swf (5.81 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed (Deflate). 25 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)05:12  No.72896  A  P2R1
Finally added the missing pieces lol.
These people should working for EA Games.
Release the game! Finish it later. Demand full price from customers in v1.0
>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)23:33  No.72912  B  P3R2
Well my fellow anon, this is your golden opportunity to surpass the oh-so wretched creambee ans make your own hentai flash game.

If you think you can do better, you probably can! So why wait? Start working on it. :)

>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)00:19  No.72913  C  P4R3
Shut the fuck up you absolute bootlicking faggot
Surprised you can even type with how hard you're simping for this cunt
>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)03:49  No.72920  D  P5R4
This took nearly two fucking years to complete. Let that sink in.
>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)05:14  No.72921  A  P6R5
Anon 2 -
Sorry too busy learning Honey Select. Where far more faps are had.
I didn't say he's wretched. Just a grifter.
Assuming he doesn't work at all. Ya know, actually work. Then there's no excuse for this to take so long.
Maybe these people have ADHD and can't focus on one project at a time. IDK. Sounds about right for the welfare-minded mentality of e-funding.

So quick to attack instead of just have a laugh.
Come on man. This isn't like Bethesda Fallout 76 level of stupid, but it's certainly ridiculous Early Access shite.
The very reason I don't buy any new AAA normal games either. This fix it later model is BS.
V1.0 is 2 years ago huh? Swear it's longer than that.
And what did he do with this version? Add a vibrator and a buttplug? That's it? Where's Samus!? Where's Palutena?
And yeah what's up with people on a file sharing leak site cucking for the artists? You shouldn't even be here if you're that far up their ass.
While Creambee sits at his computer and diddles with titties. Men are out there working the cold. Or in the middle of the ocean drilling oil, or hauling in food for the mainlanders.
This is not work, it's a hobby leisure.

>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)05:34  No.72922  E  P7R6
every time i see this shit on this board i just get more upset that dumb cunts like her can make money from this, and the sheep that pay her.
>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)12:29  No.72925  A  P8R7
Wait so Creambee is not only asking money for this cheap porn. But Creambee is also a legit female? Not bi-trans whatever, but an actual female?
It all makes sense now. No wonder why so many cuck for Creambee.
Imagine paying a woman to make an adult Flash game instead of providing the service to you in person.
Just compare this to some Skyrim mods out there which are free on Nexus.
Compare this to the current build of Monster Girl Island on Steam being made by one guy. Which 3 of 4 chapters are out for free on Steam.

Now when it comes to little Flash games this particular one is good. Don't misunderstand me please. But it's the internet and all porn is freeware. Somehow, someway.
If anything Creambee should be hitting up those foolish Subverse backers who still don't have a game lol. Cucks.

>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)23:26  No.72936  F  P9R8
Game was 'finished' ages ago, since before the Super Crown stuff was added. But please, do keep whining that they bother coming back to old projects and giving updates to them in their free time. Also what the fuck are you even on about with them charging full price? They only charge a dollar for access to all their completed games and 5 for their WIPs (and their popularity means pirating is almost negative amounts of effort), unless you're implying they're releasing games and charging literal cents for them.
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)04:07  No.72943  G  P10R9
Keep in mind how much stuff they worked on between starting this and finishing it, not just for themselves but to assist other creators. Also, as a creator, he has the liberty to work on other things when he gets bored or tired of this. Its a good way to refresh perspective, if youve ever taken a break during a project of any kind.
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)05:37  No.72946  H  P11R10
Who even gives a shit about how long something takes to get new content added when you get it for free anyway? You get the new version, you mess around with it, you have your fun, then you go find new free shit from other people. There's new porn all the time and then one day, an update comes and you should be happy and excited, not bitter that it didn't come earlier. You're just bitchy because someone is making Patreon money and you're too dumb to do the same.
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)06:50  No.72947  I  P12R11
some people are ideologically against not being an absolute nigger
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)14:28  No.72948  J  P13R12
all of you are cucks. your all cucks lmao
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)02:01  No.72952  K  P14R13
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)05:57  No.72955  L  P15R14
Why are you people acting like a bunch of 15 year olds?
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)06:11  No.72956  M  P16R15
They're 10
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)07:56  No.72958  A  P17R16
Probably because some of us actually work. We don't beg for shekels online for our hobbies.
Same with YT'ers, game streamers, cosplay, etc.
They are the ten year old begging for an allowance. The e-begging is just obnoxious.
And yes making Flash games is a hobby. Not worth any money. Why? Because it's a simple digital file.
You cucks probably pay for Netflix, cable, and Disney plus all at the same time. Cucks.
Not all of you though. Seems to be some intelligent men in here.
Too dumb to make Paytreon money? How about dignity instead?
It's super easy to scam people online these days, but I'm not that kind of person.
Just look at the game Subverse. Crowdfunded started like 2 years ago. Still no game out lol. BETA access sounds about right.
Also answer the question. Is Creambee a female? If so then the online welfare mentality is no surprise.
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)08:02  No.72959  N  P18R17
Subverse's funding ended at May of 2019. There wasn't exactly any game existing prior.
Games usually take 2-3 years to make, indie or big.
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)11:44  No.72961  O  P19R18
At this rate i can tell if a game is a creambee game not because of the screenshots or the name of the file but by looking at the comment counter and seeing a huge number of them.

You are all too retarded for your own good.

>>Anonymous  27dec2019(fr)05:13  No.72977  A  P20R19
So why in the F would anyone give out a free business loan to FOW for Subverse?
They get zero return investments on their Cuckstarter contribution.
It's as ridiculous as supporting random strangers on the internet via Paytreon.
And Subverse will be cracked within the first week like any other digital PC game.
Maybe they should offer a disc-only option if they actually want to make money.
And sell the game AFTER they develop it.
OK so who wants to give me $1 Mil to start a local restaurant? You get zero returns on your investment. Makes no sense right?
Fitting though because it's going to be cucked camera angles for a cucked audience.
And all they have to show for it right now is a cheap Space Invaders indie game lol. Holy fuck cuck. Go find Illusion games instead.
I like how you just said it's funding ended and it will take 3+ years for the game to develop. Like this is acceptable and normal for the consumer economics side of it all.
Meanwhile that thot FOWchan probably blew the entire budget already. And they are based in the UK so the game will be total trash with manly voices for the female characters. Assuming the cucklord UK Gov doesn't shut down their studio because whamen.
Once the game leaks I'll share it here for everyone. F them and their crowdfunding model. Game will be shite anyways compared to Japanese titles which already exist.
>>Anonymous  3jan2020(fr)22:30  No.73081  P  P21R20
Unironically this.

I've never seen a thread where both sides of the argument are that fucked beyond repair.


God, what the actual hell is wrong with you people.
Here's some internet porn, take it or leave it.
on the other hand you don't have to belittle creators, just because MUMUMUH THAT'S NOT EVEN A REAL JOB, YOU HAVE TO CHOP SOME WOOD FOR YOUR HEAT POWERED PC, REAL MANLY MEN

I know coming into a thread just to shit on everyone is useless and stupid, but I just couldn't contain myself reading this absolute garbage in every fucking post.

>>Anonymous  4jan2020(sa)05:40  No.73092  A  P22R21
The real question
Is Creambee truly a female or is it a male masquerading as female to bring in more Paytreon piggies?
And yes chopping wood will build manly arms. Foresters are very hard-working men compared to online welfare queens.
>>Anonymous  4jan2020(sa)18:49  No.73099  Q  P23R22
Why do you think anybody cares about your paragraphs of shitty uneducated opinions? What in the fuck is wrong with you, you absolute faggot
>>Anonymous  5jan2020(su)00:21  No.73101  R  P24R23
Every creambee anything is absolute unredeemable garbage, the only reason I even open these threads is to laugh at the whiteknight faggots.
>>Anonymous  6jan2020(mo)02:10  No.73112  S  P25R24
why is this creambee's only game with no frame drops
>>Anonymous  8jan2020(we)04:48  No.73147  T  P26R25
wow I'm impressed that you have so much energy after a long day of building the pyramid for pharaoh to pour all this emotional energy into hating someone who gave you free porn, just think of what else you could do with that surplus energy, maybe develop a personality?
>>Anonymous  8jan2020(we)05:23  No.73148  A  P27R26
This porn isn't free though. One person bought it and uploaded it here for everyone.
Sounds you like don't work for a living either. You're on UBI.
But I'm the bad guy. Yeah.. OK.
>>Anonymous  8jan2020(we)09:50  No.73149  U  P28R27
I'm still miffed Daisy not in here
>>Anonymous  10jan2020(fr)14:15  No.73169  V  P29R28
>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)06:12  No.73249  W  P30R29
this is pretty neat
>>Anonymous  18jan2020(sa)15:22  No.73304  X  P31R30

yah no it wasn't finished there was still stuff you couldn't click on like butt plug and vibrator and x-ray were still missing, whatever gets up in the morning bro
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