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>>Anonymous  20dec2019(fr)06:43  No.72870  OP  P1
fuck 4chan's new captcha

does anyone have a way to make it more bearable? I'm not buying a pass, not only do I not want to buy cryptocurrency, because I don't want to support the current incarnation of it.
I rarely post and the one time I did after the change, it required me to fill out at least 5 of the fading captchas in a row before letting me through. I believe I did at least 20 captchas in total and that was for only one post.

>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)05:54  No.72874  A  P2R1
I've been saying for years that I think 4chan is big enough to have their own captcha solution. It's very lazy to just use Google's reCaptcha and it's especially weird on a site with such an emphasis on Anonymous usage.

Google will know exactly how many times your IP posts on 4chan, and if you're logged into Google they attach those stats to your account. In combination with Google Analytics (also used by 4chan) they can figure out exactly what thread you make replies in. In fact by using timestamps they can figure out exactly which reply in a thread are yours and are able to profile your entire post history on the site, across all boards. So much for being Anonymous! No doubt they are hard at work to circumvent browser plugins that block trackers as well.

I think the problem with 4chan's "new" captcha is that Google is simply dropping no-script support for it, because they want to be able to collect data on users more efficiently. So although 4chan is not blameless for using reCaptcha in the first place the main culprit is Google. They keep eroding away a free internet and is shaping it the way they want it and are working hard in making JavaScript not an option online, but a requirement.

Wish people didn't hand them the keys to the web by using only their search engine, their browser, their e-mail, their site analytics, their video hosting services, their captcha solution. Even Microsoft are giving up now and will use Google's render engine for Edge.

(Remember that Google changed name to Alphabet and then started a new company named Google.)

>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)12:29  No.72879  B  P3R2
There is little effective anonymity in 4chan. Not only do they use Google captcha, they don't allow any VPNs or Tor.
>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)19:45  No.72881  OP  P4R3
it really is sad but there's not much you can do if you want to continue posting on 4chan. I suppose you can use a separate browser, if you do use a youtube/gmail/etc account, just for 4chan and then load it up with more security measures.
I forgot to mention that I only ended up solving the captcha by opening the audio dialog and it sent me through in one try. I bet it would eventually require a lot more if you posted more regularly.
Also recaptcha doesn't work at all for older browsers: it checks useragent strings in addition with their own checks and will give you an error message if you are not using up to date or one of the not big 3 browsers.
>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)13:28  No.72898  A  P5R4
>it checks useragent strings in addition with their own checks and will give you an error message if you are not using up to date or one of the not big 3 browsers.
Didn't even know it was that bad. We've really allowed them to dictate everything.
Although you're probably wrong about it not working at all in other than the 3 biggest browsers because it would affect too many (around 20% of people). browsers#Summary_tables
Maybe you meant it checks and enforces the version of the 3 most popular browsers.

One thing that few know about is that reCaptcha can lock your ability to even try to attempt solving the captcha if it has detected malicious behavior (spam etc) from your IP range. This happened to me one time and it was infuriating not being able to post because of some other computer in my city. One time in all my years of using reCaptcha may not sound much but there are probably IP ranges that have it happen to them far more frequently.

>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)03:04  No.72918  OP  P6R5
I've had the misfortune of experiencing being locked out a few times. I think it happened due to my activity because I kept on intentionally checking one of the boxes wrong.

As for the browsers, yeah I got that one wrong. Here's their page 28 and it looks like they support more than I thought, but only the 2 most recent ones. But if you try and load it with a useragent, such as icecat; some random text; wayback machine's; etc, you'll get a message pointing to that page. All this does is encourage people who don't want to switch browsers to make it lie about what they are using.
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