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>>Anonymous  18dec2019(we)22:38  No.72847  OP  P1
someone know if possible to convert the files of that game into .swf

this is a japanese game called tetra-territory, the site is down but i recover this game from wayback machine, but is only possible to download .exe /

>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)06:02  No.72875  A  P2R1
Sothink has a EXE to SWF program that extract the swf(s) from an exe. I had it installed on an old computer. elp/exe.htm
It's not free software though but there's a 30 day trial mentioned on their site: ownload.htm

Here's a free option (can't remember if I tried it myself):

>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)06:15  No.72876  A  P3
Realized you can most likely extract swfs from exes using jpexs and yes you can: wiki/Commandline-arguments
>17) -extract <infile> [-o <outpath>|<outfile>] [nocheck] [(all|biggest|smallest|first|last)]
>...Extracts SWF files from ZIP or other binary files

I would try that if I were you. Get "" from this page (you need Java): releases

>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)22:50  No.73066  B  P4R2
Don't forget to post the file afterwards, OP!
Best to add a fitting description as well.

Unfortunately I can only find this shitty video upload of it here >>>73052

>>Anonymous  3jan2020(fr)00:57  No.73068  A  P5R3
After I wrote my posts I found an old copy of the sothink exe2swf on my disk and tried it on the exe he linked. Unfortunately the game used multiple swfs inside the exe so they wouldn't work even if he posted them.
>>Anonymous  3jan2020(fr)23:16  No.73088  B  P6R4
Very understandable, but uploading them is still good, especially when they aren't even on waybackmachine anymore.
Just put them under consistent naming and people can understand to download them all and play locally.
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