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>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)03:25  No.72786  OP  P1
Rock Candy Ellies Exorbitant Extrication

Rock Candy ding dang did it again

RockCandy-762366-Rock_Candy_Ellies_Exorbitant_Extrication.swf (16.46 MiB)
1200x920, Uncompressed. 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)03:52  No.72787  OP  P2
ending 1: just end it

ending 2:???

Ending 3: click the yo in the top corner for every reindeer and then pick their associated ornament to get her pregnant

>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)04:17  No.72788  A  P3R1
how tf do i get the second ending?
do i crack all the ornaments or what?
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)04:25  No.72789  B  P4R2
For second ending you need to impregnate her 4 times (click end when smile appears on her face)
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)04:47  No.72790  C  P5R3
Good stuff.

To make matters more elaborate than already in the comments:
The "yo" is in the top right corner and is made up of nails. Each reindeer has an associated bauble with an icon depicted on it that corresponds with their name. Pretty much all of them are really obvious.

>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)05:32  No.72791  D  P6R4
What the fuck was up with the shitty voice acting? did we REALLY need some dumb whore and some dumb guy to put their voices in? completely ruined it.
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)07:46  No.72793  E  P7R5
BGM seems to have elements of the Winters theme from Earthbound.
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)08:28  No.72794  OP  P8R6
is it just me or is RCs lipsynchng always a little bit off?
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)09:17  No.72795  F  P9R7
ending 2: just let every reindeer have its turn
for someone who doesn't play with sound: red blue green pink yellow black white brown puple
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)10:16  No.72796  G  P10R8
that's ending 3, ending 2 is
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)21:58  No.72802  H  P11R9
Good job Rock Candy!

This flash fills me with Christmas joy.

>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)22:00  No.72804  I  P12R10
I'd say this is definitely the worst one yet with regards to lip syncing the lines.
>>Anonymous  17dec2019(tu)01:14  No.72810  J  P13R11
red blue green light red yellow black white brown purple

That is all, you filthy degenerates. Merry fucking christmas, you may hang yourselves now. Don't tell that uncle anon never gave you anything

>>Anonymous  17dec2019(tu)17:10  No.72826  K  P14R12
I was using Firefox when I noticed lipsynch issues.
I switch to Google Chrome and it worked perfectly after.
>>Anonymous  8jan2020(we)09:50  No.73150  L  P15R13
i just love flashes that allow cum-stacking.
>>Anonymous  8jan2020(we)10:13  No.73151  L  P16
and also semi-dynamic facial expressions. so far only rock candy takes these into consideration
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