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>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)05:21  No.72439  OP  P1
minus8_parodius.swf (20.44 MiB)
640x480, Uncompressed. 2550 frames, 24 fps (01:46).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)06:17  No.72442  A  P2R1
Minus8 hasn't finished this yet and the reason he's taken a break for so long is because this screencap was shared and it pissed him off. So maybe NOT spreading it around is something you should consider eh?
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)06:33  No.72443  B  P3R2
i would tell him to go cry me a river but he nuked his social media again
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)06:52  No.72444  OP  P4R3
laugh at this poster
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)06:54  No.72445  C  P5R4
I understand your point but knowing how minus is so volatile and unstable I don't think it matters at this point sharing his work.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)07:41  No.72446  D  P6R5
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)09:41  No.72447  E  P7R6
its real hard to jack it to this when im busy laughing at the song
>>what  28nov2019(th)12:17  No.72450  F  P8R7
what the fuck is that song

what the fuck is that song

>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)13:35  No.72452  G  P9R8
why did he share a screencap in the first place if he wanted it to be a secret? i really hope he finishes it because it looks like his best work yet! seems kind of complete already so can't be that much work remaining.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)13:35  No.72453  A  P10R9
Yeah but he went from working on it occasionally to working on it not at all so I'd say this is distinctly different from one of his usual tantrums. It's those Spanish fanboys who want to be his friend and bother him with their fan art and their music. I think one of them originally screencapped it and put it on the subreddit. Now we've got that deviantart reject putting his shitty MSPaint drawings there and rarely anything new from -8.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)14:04  No.72454  H  P11R10
I'd personally believe that, especially with the history he has with his light pedo admission, that his DM's must be some of the most cancerous shit ever, probably half of it furrys trying to get him to commision their diaper OC and the other half calling him a degenerate that should kill himself.

That would be enough reason to nuke social media for me over and over tbh.

>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)14:24  No.72455  I  P12R11
He's Korean in Korea, I'm sure he nukes is social media over and over so he won't go to jail since porn is just straight up illegal there.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)16:36  No.72456  J  P13R12
its Coon Hunters — We don't want niggers in our schools
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)19:41  No.72457  K  P14R13
real vector version when
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)02:25  No.72460  L  P15R14
>We're never going to get the actual .swf because some fag leaked it
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)04:27  No.72461  M  P16R15
anyone know what song -8 was really going to use?
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)07:52  No.72463  N  P17R16
>posts a screencap of something he's working on
>gets pissed off when it leaks
This is why you keep to yourself until the project is ready.
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)08:59  No.72465  O  P18R17
But if you release screencaps early that encourages the morons to donate Early Access style. Then he can string them along with an unfinished piece of work for years.
Don't ask questions. Just buy incomplete product and get excited for next incomplete product.
Also I'm certain I've seen this animation here already. Or pieces of it.
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)11:56  No.72466  A  P19R18
What the fuck are you talking about? -8 has no Patreon and has expressly stated he only does this as a hobby. And this was never released in any way besides the video that somebody took of their desktop while they were watching him stream. Save your patreon daddy issues for artists who actually deserve the ridicule.
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)17:35  No.72468  P  P20R19
He should have not play it during stream, unless just a few clips or screenshot of it if he's gonna keep it secret.
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)17:40  No.72469  Q  P21R20
>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)18:08  No.72470  A  P22R21
He doesn't want to keep it secret, he just doesn't want fucktards going around recording it when it's not done yet and spreading it around. People who want to see it streamed shouldn't have to have that taken away because some autismo wants cred for showing off their screencap.
>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)01:13  No.72471  E  P23R22
That's about as fucking stupid as people who take sex pics and videos of themselves and then others find it and spread it around and then they get angry after having made the footage in the first place. Hell, it's MORE stupid because minus8's making this shit for other people to see to begin with. Then he showed it to people, and they recorded it and now more people can see it. He's just being a prima donna about it, like usual.
>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)02:55  No.72472  R  P24R23
>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)05:49  No.72474  S  P25R24
I'll agree with this, but given what I read about this guy he's probably not completely right in the head either way. Might have been just an easy escape to vent some more.

If it wasn't he's an a grade retard thinking it wouldn't get leaked streaming it.

>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)20:54  No.72477  T  P26R25
what happens when you have mental issues, and by videos and art he does he isn't right up there, so i don't feel bad for him.
>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)22:09  No.72478  C  P27R26
Please, his stuff is quite tame.
>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)05:53  No.72485  U  P28R27
I don't get what's up with: 1) the forced shitpost music, 2) minus8 throwing a hissyfit over this being leaked.

1) I mean it's already recorded in shitty quality and unfinished. But to throw a fuckin obnoxious song to force me to mute it while fapping? Fuck off.

2) It looks pretty fucking good, one of his best works for sure. Maybe the best (if it ever gets completed). I don't know why he didn't want it to be leaked and/or shared if he livestreamed it.

All in all, don't show anyone you don't trust, especially if you don't want it shared. And don't add stupid-ass music on a shitty compressed recording.

Thank and fuck you.

>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)06:16  No.72486  U  P29

Aside from the borderline-pedophilic stuff he'd made, like lolicon and shotacon being either raped or gangbanged by fully grown men, which is the least of worst you can see on the internet. I find it laughable that you think his content is shocking.

Go lurk the internet some more, or if you have the balls, deepweb.

>>Anonymous  4dec2019(we)06:24  No.72593  V  P30R28
Intended music - 3377748
>>Anonymous  10dec2019(tu)22:37  No.72709  W  P31R29
Someone who has no penis added this racist song to the original post?
Wow I'm sad his girl left him for BBC. Serves him right.
>>Anonymous  11dec2019(we)05:04  No.72725  C  P32R30
>>Anonymous  11dec2019(we)08:53  No.72730  X  P33R31
Cope cringelord.
>>Anonymous  11dec2019(we)08:55  No.72731  X  P34
Go back to Tumblr with the other SJWs.
>>Anonymous  11dec2019(we)12:33  No.72733  O  P35R32
It needs controls instead of being a loop.
Might as well make these two in Honey Select instead. It has all the bits and mods to do so.
>>Anonymous  12dec2019(th)01:26  No.72737  Y  P36R33


>>Anonymous  18dec2019(we)09:54  No.72842  Z  P37R34
dont be such a nigger about it
>>Anonymous  19dec2019(th)02:19  No.72852  AA  P38R35
Whats the problem? Minus8 always puts obnoxious music in his flashes.
>>Anonymous  19dec2019(th)04:07  No.72856  C  P39R36
There is no problem at all, just some faggit complaining.
>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)22:26  No.73064  AB  P40R37
fockin mastapiece OwO
I hope to god Minus8 doesn't get v8'd, or dies of a heart attack before this is finished
>>Anonymous  4jan2020(sa)08:23  No.73097  AC  P41R38
Goddamn, what kind a nigga you gotta be to complain about stupid shit on the internet? Probably the same as the idiots who hate niggas.
>>Anonymous  22jan2020(we)19:41  No.73358  G  P42R39
Two short preview loops was posted on 355968 around 24hrs ago so I'm assuming he is still working on this.

He also said
>Tweening animation has its limits.
>Besides, I never reached that limit.
>I failed.

-8 if you read this: If you mean that you're running up against flash's limit on how many frames you can have in flash you can solve it by separating your main timeline into MovieClips and just advance the main timeline when a MovieClip reaches the end. Super simple to do with ActionScript 2, just stop() the main timeline and put _root.nextFrame() at the end of the MovieClips.

The frame limit is per timeline! Not even ZONE knew about this when he started complaining about flash's limitations a couple of years ago.

If someone have twitter please jump on and tell him this, would suck if he gives up on delivering swfs just because he think there's no way around it.

>>Anonymous  23jan2020(th)05:39  No.73369  AD  P43R40
Can't you just tell him on his streams?
>>Anonymous  23jan2020(th)17:06  No.73380  G  P44R41
Please do. I don't watch his streams (and I don't use twitter).
>>Anonymous  26jan2020(su)10:00  No.73414  AE  P45R42
Ok nigger.
>>Anonymous  26jan2020(su)14:03  No.73416  AF  P46R43
ok boomer
>>Anonymous  28jan2020(tu)18:33  No.74456  U  P47R44
You must have severe autism if you're upset I took a shit on a low-tier shitpost.

Go back to jerking off your micro penis to your retard music, retard.

>>Anonymous  28jan2020(tu)18:38  No.74457  U  P48
Thanks, didn't know there was source.

Expect it finished within 1-3 years. Or never. That's Minus8.

>>Anonymous  29jan2020(we)06:35  No.74461  AG  P49R45
and what are you making? Fever X took while, but look how it turned out.

i dont' think minus is slow at all.
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