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>>Anonymous  23nov2019(sa)11:21  No.72360  OP  P1
Rottytops Part 2 Beta (FINAL 1.0)

Rottytops Part 2 Beta (FINAL 1.0) ttytops_Part2_compBETA35.html

LL_Rottytops_Part2_compBETA35.swf (23.77 MiB)
1000x720, Compressed (LZMA). 76 frames, 24 fps (00:03).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23nov2019(sa)14:17  No.72361  A  P2R1
No special hidden things in this one? I was disappointed to not find a futa bonus at the end.
>>Anonymous  24nov2019(su)08:10  No.72373  B  P3R2
When she says "Roast my rump" before the anal penetration theres a thing behind the tree in the back to click for a secret
>>Anonymous  24nov2019(su)18:04  No.72385  C  P4R3
wish these animators would stop using these voice actors and forcing us to listen to their dialogue. just get their moans if you want but fuck, don't make me listen to your shit writing.
>>Anonymous  24nov2019(su)20:08  No.72386  D  P5R4
I think that in order to improve an animation with voice acting you need a good actor otherwise it would ruin all the effort put in the animation.
>>Anonymous  24nov2019(su)23:53  No.72391  E  P6R5
i'm pretty sure Lusty herself makes the voices in her flashes
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)07:30  No.72402  F  P7R6
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)12:39  No.72403  G  P8R7
I really like the voice acting.
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)15:07  No.72406  H  P9R8
The writing is so cheesy i want to fucking end myself
>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)05:39  No.72414  I  P10R9
Agreed, the second i hear dialogue in flash-porn, i fucking want to slit my throat.
Just stick to moans, at this point i don't care if it's stock-moan1.wmv
Just don't make me cringe at your rotting awful lines.
Or at least give me the ability to mute the voice.
>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)19:56  No.72420  J  P11R10
wish harder
>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)19:59  No.72421  J  P12
The character actually is cheesy. The VA is just paying tribute by copying the game character.
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