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>>Creambee - Princess Pipe Work v1  6nov2019(we)20:28  No.72114  OP  P1
Creambee - Princess Pipe Work v1

This version adds a futa option (similar to Pipe Trapped's) and Daisy.

Creambee - Princess Pipe Work V1.swf (2.19 MiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 46 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  7nov2019(th)02:23  No.72119  A  P2R1
This isnt working, even in the archive
>>Anonymous  7nov2019(th)05:07  No.72120  B  P3R2
It IS working and if you skip to the end you can see the option for Shantae as a WIP labeled button, can't seem to get Shantae as the screenshot suggests thuogh
>>Anonymous  7nov2019(th)06:10  No.72123  C  P4R3
working for me in projector.
>>Anonymous  8nov2019(fr)05:48  No.72135  D  P5R4
>>Anonymous  8nov2019(fr)05:57  No.72137  E  P6R5
"let's just stick a dick on these girls because i guess that's what you're supposed to do these days"
>>Anonymous  8nov2019(fr)18:49  No.72141  C  P7R6
hey, at least it's optional. don't like dickgirls, don't click the mushroom.
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)03:59  No.72146  F  P8R7
>>72137 Y'know, I never got the whole anti-dickgirl perspective. I'd like to hear why this optional kink is so frowned upon.

Is it a religious thing? Because most religions that ban any form of trannyism or gay stuff in general also ban pornography or all sexual activity that isn't monogamous coitus. (if you fap you're a bad boy in jesus' eyes : (((( )

>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)05:33  No.72147  G  P9R8
I like traps, but dickgirls with massive dongs and tits (or God forbid, futas with their mutant dickvaginas) is super retarded in my eyes.
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)05:36  No.72148  D  P10R9
They get upset when someone modifies their waifus.
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)14:54  No.72152  H  P11R10
Maybe people like their girls without penises.
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)19:07  No.72155  I  P12R11
*tasteless people
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)19:53  No.72156  J  P13R12
>girl with penis
>g i r l
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:36  No.72164  K  P14R13
>>Anonymous  11nov2019(mo)01:12  No.72166  L  P15R14
>>Anonymous  24nov2019(su)11:20  No.72379  M  P16R15
this guy has a point. y'all arguing about "chicks" withs dicks but penis = guy which means u gey. its as simple as that.
>>Anonymous  24nov2019(su)22:06  No.72388  N  P17R16
Fuck creambee and fuck anyone who is stupid enough to give him money.
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)00:47  No.72392  J  P18R17
Is it ghey if a futa is fucking a girl? Or is it more straight since there is not a male figure in the copulation process?
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)00:55  No.72393  O  P19R18
I'd never give him money, but his stuff is decent.
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)06:45  No.72398  C  P20R19
exactly. people scream "GAY!" then proceed to watch vanilla porn with a man and a woman.

watching dickgirls fuck females is not gay at all.

>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)20:09  No.72409  E  P21R20
i just think it's too common. it really shouldn't be common. i mean WHY is putting a dick on a girl so common? no really, think about it. a dick. on a girl. impossible in real life. yet common in drawn porn. i mean, if you see a "dickgirl" in real life you know it's a guy pretending and you don't jerk it to that porn unless you're gay. so gay in real life. somehow not gay in drawn porn? exceedingly rare in real life, common in drawn porn. this flash for example, it was just normal porn and then the author thought it made sense to insert a "dick" option. very god damn strange. where's my option to have a third breast? why isn't that a common thing?

if dick girls were uncommon in porn i could just look away but it's basically impossible to avoid stumbling across it. many galleries don't even make an effort in separating "futa" from normal porn. anyone remember early internet? everybody laughed at transvestites, "chicks with dicks" was a running joke. "traps" used to be setting people up and then shocking them with the fact that they were actually looking at a guy, now it's just a gay category. i wonder what happened.

>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)20:39  No.72410  J  P22R21
The joke got out of hand.

In any case any penetration on a male figure is gay and penetration of on a female figure with masculine genitals is borderline ambiguously gay, imo.

>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)02:59  No.72412  P  P23R22
> impossible in real life. yet common in drawn porn.

I think you stumbled into the answer within the first few sentences.
Think about it, what are the most common porn tropes? complacently unrealistic situations and acts.

>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)04:35  No.72413  Q  P24R23
whats a strap-on?
>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)06:24  No.72415  R  P25R24
It's common because people like it; i'd argue people like it because they have lots of experience with their own dicks but little to none with vaginas. Women can fake arousal and orgasms since vaginas have little to show for it but cocks are generally honest. If you wanna blame anything blame modern society for modern dishonest bitches who don't spread pussy info around.
>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)16:52  No.72417  J  P26R25
>cocks are honest
>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)00:26  No.72424  S  P27R26
That makes no sense unless heterosexual porn is "gay." Not that it matters since if you use "gay" as a pejorative this way, you're probably 12.
>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)01:17  No.72425  T  P28R27
Slope just keeps on slipping.
I give it less than two decades before you're a bigot if you don't think it's perfectly normal for an adult to keep a few kids around to dress in animal costumes and chase around naked when the urge strikes.
>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)04:59  No.72427  R  P29R28
you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded
>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)05:38  No.72429  J  P30R29
wOw buddy, easy with the assumptions.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)04:17  No.72437  U  P31R30
Anyone else in this thread smoke weed?
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)05:06  No.72438  J  P32R31
Joe does.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)10:34  No.72448  U  P33R32
What's updog?
>>Anonymous  5dec2019(th)10:10  No.72606  V  P34R33
dude with a pussy is just a chick

it ain't gay to fuck the Rock with a pussy slapped on him

>>Anonymous  5dec2019(th)12:13  No.72607  W  P35R34
Remove nigger and arab and mexican dicks now.
>>Anonymous  5dec2019(th)18:55  No.72614  J  P36R35
Yes it is, you are just in denial.
>>Anonymous  6dec2019(fr)22:41  No.72626  H  P37R36
Am I gay for fucking a boulder? I put a bow on it to make it more feminine.
>>Anonymous  8dec2019(su)20:55  No.72675  X  P38R37
ligma balls
>>Anonymous  9dec2019(mo)23:20  No.72687  Y  P39R38 who cares if its gay or not, I mean besides little boys, little insecure boys. What kind of genitals the animated character i fap to has is of no consequence in my everyday life. I just hope you all understand that if you are over 18 and try to argue with someone IRL about what semantically counts as "gay" you will be seen as an adult child in the eyes of your peers regardless of how you with to define it. This entire discourse is retarded.
>>Anonymous  10dec2019(tu)01:06  No.72693  Z  P40R39

It's kinda simple.
Straight people don't want to see gay porn.
But for some reason, most hentai sites are bad with tags so you unfortunately run into gay stuff, even if you blacklist it ( -futa, -dickgirl, -gay, -yaoi, -futanari, -male/male, et etc. ).

Now it is optional in this one luckily, but it should at least be tagged as one of those gay filter words i just listed.

>>Anonymous  10dec2019(tu)04:34  No.72697  S  P41R40

Thank you for speaking for all of the straight people. We were all too unconfident to voice our opinions on this issue, but you went ahead and did it for us.

Penises are gay and anybody who's ever even SEEN one probably needs to seek gay conversion therapy.

>>Anonymous  10dec2019(tu)06:13  No.72700  AA  P42R41

Get over yourself, you insecure little man.

>>Anonymous  11dec2019(we)06:27  No.72729  AB  P43R42

Found the gays. Glad gays like you and us straights can visit the same imageboard.

>>Anonymous  11dec2019(we)17:35  No.72734  J  P44R43
Lol, what a npc thing to said.
>>Anonymous  12dec2019(th)04:25  No.72739  AC  P45R44
>where's my option to have a third breast? why isn't that a common thing?
someone's asking the real questions here
>>Anonymous  12dec2019(th)09:40  No.72743  AD  P46R45
op here,
just wanted to say you're all retards lol
>>Anonymous  17dec2019(tu)13:28  No.72823  Z  P47R46

Right, not wanting to see gay sex suddenly makes people insecure now.
Fucking faggots.

>>Anonymous  17dec2019(tu)18:14  No.72829  R  P48R47
just pretend shes sucking on futa cocks there problem solved
>>Anonymous  17dec2019(tu)21:20  No.72831  J  P49R48
But seriously man, does it matter at all?
>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)22:03  No.73061  AE  P50R49
Ahhh, the age old question.

IMO old hentai really solved this elegantly and it did spiral out of control recently in a """""gay"""""" way, because of the general gayness and retardation/degeneration of the whole public (oti).

I like the stance on that one. Yes, objectively it makes little sense. Why that? Why not something else, lemme tell ya:

Said it really well.
If you put on a penis on WHATEVER and it is the one getting penetrated = ghey.
If you put on a penis on a woman to fuck another woman = a okay.
I especially hate balls on futa, because they rarely have any purpose (like pulsating during extreme ejaculation f.e.). They are just there because the artist likes to see balls I guess? Entirely unnecessary for the penetration, where the extra dick comes it. That makes it really gay as opposed to futa (ea. just a huge dick-shaped, magical-semen-spraying clit).
Strapons are also kinda gay, because they are just that. Lifeless dildos that add little to any scene, not like a busting penis could.

For me the essence of futa is letting a chick
(ie someone who """""supposedly""""" only ever feels emotional and very uninteresting, or even nonexisting orgams - portrayed mostly by gesture and spastic movements, also >>72415)
feel the extensive orgasm potential of a man (like that one bustin' moment where you just cum with all your imaginative might.
That's what makes it good, it's like letting the girl into the boys only treehouse for a night and watch her as she is amazed by how better it is there.

Lastly, consider also audience proxy.
You can better empathize (as a man, like the creator of most all porn out there) with a chick that gets her "dick" sucked, imagining you would be at her place, rather that lesbian porn where fuck all happens.

It's funny how when that trend began, animes etc. had to justify that shit and call it funny names (MUH SHINING BLACK PENIS MAGIC), nowadays it's just ... kinda there. Whoops that girl just whopped out a freaking doppeldecker.

The pee is stored in the balls and that makes it gay.
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