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>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)05:23  No.72009  OP  P1
Mizuki Challenge Uncensored - Jyubei

Removed the censoring on the sex scenes. Some of the genitals aren't very detailed since they were going to just be a blur, but the majority have detail to them. Enjoy.

Mizuki Challenge Uncen.swf (32.86 MiB)
1280x730, Uncompressed. 2845 frames, 12 fps (03:57).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)09:07  No.72011  A  P2R1
Thanks. but how did you removed the censoring?
I just look up the old game they just put pixelation in every frame
did I miss something?
>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)11:16  No.72014  B  P3R2

pls answer this, if it teaches someone else to also uncensor flashes then everybody benefits

>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)17:25  No.72019  C  P4R3
link to the censored version and i'll see what i can do to answer that.
>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)19:45  No.72021  D  P5R4
some of the older flashes had the censoring baked into the images. this one just had a blur filter applied over uncensored images. i uncensored this one myself when i first saw it on here, even going so far as to try redrawing some of the less detailed "uncensored" bits, but got bored and never finished. btw op, you missed the spray bottle when she falls over and the body paint is partially washed off that can also be removed.
>>Anonymous  2nov2019(sa)02:19  No.72026  OP  P6R5
Ah shit, I didn't even realize that was censored. Probably would have noticed but I felt my mind going numb removing each damn blur.
>>Anonymous  2nov2019(sa)03:04  No.72028  E  P7R6
You're a god OP, thanks for this
>>Anonymous  6nov2019(we)06:59  No.72108  F  P8R7
>some of the older flashes had the censoring baked into the images

I imagine this is the case for the Yoko one that was made by the same dude? There's a scene in that one that is literally just a full screen of pixels

>>Anonymous  6nov2019(we)09:36  No.72109  G  P9R8
Well, every screen is full of pixels.
>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)02:23  No.72895  H  P10R9
Fuck you with a bag of lice!

Fuck you with a bag of lice!
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