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>>Not Xadera  25oct2019(fr)19:20  No.71896  OP  P1
Nimin Fetish Fantasy

Lilo and Star are online, plus new Orphanage contents. Lilo, Stitch, Nani, and Jumba can be found at the Beach, after getting enough encounter will unlock a new area. Star Butterfly can be found in Softlik. Very random, low rate. Slowest story so far.

Xadera Nimin Fetish Fantasy v0.975a.swf (862.8 KiB)
1175x661, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Not Xadera  25oct2019(fr)19:24  No.71897  OP  P2
Oh, dev hacks still on for testing purposes so you might encounter strange situations like time travels, infinite-use items, instant pregnancy/birthing, etc. Don't worry about it.
>>Anonymous  26oct2019(sa)02:55  No.71900  A  P3R1
God I'm so sorry somebody is finally building on this abandoned game.
>>Not Xadera  26oct2019(sa)04:45  No.71906  OP  P4R2
I'm going to keep adding more contents. Because this was such a good and simple game. Shame that xadera and others abandoned it.
>>Anonymous  27oct2019(su)21:07  No.71932  B  P5R3
wtf is this? a text game? nnnnope
>>Anonymous  28oct2019(mo)04:58  No.71938  C  P6R4
>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)04:02  No.71955  D  P7R5
this was my shit, hope you do good OP
>>Anonymous  5jan2020(su)23:18  No.73111  E  P8R6
>>Anonymous  6jan2020(mo)04:27  No.73114  F  P9R7
someone forgot to take their Ritalin.
>>Anonymous  7jan2020(tu)02:13  No.73125  G  P10R8
meh I still prefer T.I.T.S over N.F.F
>>Anonymous  7jan2020(tu)10:43  No.73130  H  P11R9
I think there should be a tag for text only games. (Other than the far too broad rpg/adventure one.)
>>Anonymous  7jan2020(tu)20:12  No.73141  I  P12R10
or you could take a look at the screenshot or lurk long enough to know the like 3 text games that get posted regularely
>>A Guy  26jan2020(su)08:11  No.73409  J  P13R11
Hey, what program do you edit with? All I can find is JPEXS or whatever, and I can only use the Pcode thing, which is tough.
>>Anonymous  26jan2020(su)09:29  No.73410  I  P14R12
you can't really edit a swf, if you don't have the .fla project file
the only thing possible is decompile it (into a fla with jpexs or whatever) which is about 99% accurate, then edit the thing and finally compile it into a swf again
>>A Guy  26jan2020(su)09:41  No.73411  J  P15R13
So then just Adobe flash would be the only feasible thing to edit it?
>>Anonymous  26jan2020(su)09:51  No.73412  I  P16R14
No, I think Jpexs does everything just fine, but I mean you could do that.
I just wanted to state that it's not as easy as just "editing" the swf file. There could be a lot of potential hurdles your way.
Basically the quality of the decompiler will dictate your success.
Jpexs does crash upon trying to decode swfs sometimes and such.
There WAS a project flashbulb by that xeloh guy, but that's long dead, so .. yeah idk even any other good decompilers out there.
>>A Guy  26jan2020(su)09:58  No.73413  J  P17R15
Alright, thanks very much!
>>Anonymous  27jan2020(mo)13:23  No.74434  K  P18R16
It's not 1995 anymore, fuck off with this bullshit.
>>Anonymous  28jan2020(tu)04:03  No.74455  L  P19R17
You couldn't just ignore the thread but had to go into one about a subject you don't like and complain about it?
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