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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  21oct2019(mo)09:04  No.71821  OP  P1

This was fun.
Doing Sabrina next since she was popular. Then after that maybe Cynthia? Got decent amount for her too. I'm counting stuff people have been requesting on /f/ too btw. And finally I still want to squeeze Rui in somewhere as a secret.

So I got a girl from Gen 1-5 so far (Yeah Melody counts dammit) so maybe the last one will be reserved for a gen 6 girl. Maybe Korrina or Viola? Or maybe skip Gen 6 and go for 7 or 8? Or maybe just do another requested/obscure one because the new ones get enough rule34 already.

Unrelated but~
I've been watching Sailor Moon recently so I want to do a flash with her in it too.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_melee_ver_0.3.swf (9.89 MiB)
700x550, Compressed (Deflate). 323 frames, 15 fps (00:22).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Niggfag  21oct2019(mo)09:30  No.71823  A  P2R1
Good job, I especially like the Elsa(?) one. Melody dersves some love too so thats neat. Curious on how Sailor Moon one would look like.
>>Anonymous  21oct2019(mo)11:11  No.71824  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  21oct2019(mo)17:35  No.71828  C  P4R3
The cumshot in the Melody Flash is great, I like how it's thick and ropey. The way the cumstring connects from her nose to the penis, slowly arcing downwards is fantastic. You should add a cumshot to the Leaf flash, I enjoyed this and your previous linzb0t parodies of her but none had a cumshot yet.
>>Anonymous  21oct2019(mo)19:14  No.71829  D  P5R4
pls make the dawn climax progress slower, making it so you have to click for every hammer swing would be lovely. thanks!
>>Anonymous  21oct2019(mo)21:51  No.71831  E  P6R5
Nice job dude

I got no opinions on gen 6 girls aside from Serena, which was done before.

But Olivia would be a cool pick from 7 or Casey as an obscure pick

And Sailor Moon by you sounds gooooooood too

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)00:56  No.71835  F  P7R6
Please do more cumshots! It would make all of the scenes better.
>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)03:21  No.71836  G  P8R7
Hidden Whitney is a good one
>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)04:04  No.71837  C  P9R8
What hidden Whitney
>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)07:14  No.71841  G  P10R9
Fuck around with the search bar. There's an intact Whitney assfuck.
>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)10:01  No.71842  H  P11R10
Good job, really awesome!!

Maybe do a MayleneVSHala or a fighting type pokemon?

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:39  No.71845  I  P12R11
awww I thought the update was gonna be your trademark goofy derp style but they are detailed like the comics.
>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)23:32  No.71850  J  P13R12
Hidden Whitney is accessible through a "thunderstone" on Dawn's scene, just wait for it to appear
>>Anonymous  23oct2019(we)06:33  No.71855  K  P14R13
Nice work so far. Any idea what Sabrina will actually be? The last thread for the last game, somebody trolled by saying there was a HypnoXSabrina and HypnoXLeaf easter egg.
>>Anonymous  24oct2019(th)10:53  No.71874  L  P15R14
top kek

you're a legend dude


>>Anonymous  25oct2019(fr)05:30  No.71888  M  P16R15
DinDin please add Jasmine getting doggy styled with an ahegao.

what part of it? i can't find it and using the seekbar makes the audio annoying

>>Anonymous  25oct2019(fr)16:34  No.71891  H  P17R16
Play Dawn's scene, let her walk for a bit and then press a green gemstone in the wall before it passes.
>>LOLICATGIRLS  25oct2019(fr)16:47  No.71892  N  P18R17


>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)09:27  No.72047  O  P19R18
Always did wonder if that was his hair or just a hat
>>Anonymous  14nov2019(th)09:43  No.72226  P  P20R19
Personally my preference would be Lorelei, though I say that every thread.
>>Anonymous  22nov2019(fr)07:40  No.72357  Q  P21R20
For the love of god please do Melony, Marnie, or Bea

If you cant add any of them to SSaPGM, maybe their own seperate flash

>>Anonymous  3dec2019(tu)07:57  No.72577  Q  P22
Any idea when your next flash will be?
>>Anonymous  27dec2019(fr)06:45  No.72980  Q  P23
So is Dinner coming back?
>>Anonymous  3jan2020(fr)22:42  No.73083  R  P24R21
Jeez, Dinner, can you get anymore based??
Hope the next version is well underway :3
Happy new year!
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  9jan2020(th)00:07  No.73158  S  P25R22
Hopefully this month I hope. If I don't fall asleep.
Yeah. College and Vacations and all of that good stuff.
Happy new year to you too, anon!
>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)14:22  No.74791  T  P26R23
You still alive?
>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)19:56  No.74794  U  P27R24
wait for dawn to walk a while, click green gem and then click nurse girl's pussy quickly, click the arrows, if you do it fast enough u can get her naked and then if you keep clicking theres an anal scene
>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)20:19  No.74795  C  P28R25
For the months I played this, I never got the anal scene. I thought it was a wip tease. I didn't know I had to complete the scene under a time limit, it doesn't help that what to click on isn't clear and the areas where you click on is small. And when you fail you have to sit through the dawn scene where I miss click the gem hitbox and sit through it twice.
>>Anonymous  27feb2020(th)21:27  No.74796  V  P29R26
Where the Sabrina+Hypno skit at
>>Anonymous  29feb2020(sa)21:31  No.74820  R  P30R27
isn't that whitney from the gen 2 gyms?
>>Anonymous  29feb2020(sa)21:56  No.74823  C  P31R28
>>Anonymous  2mar2020(mo)18:26  No.74846  W  P32R29
god these are great, i just wish you could see Dawn's climax in full detail with an easter egg or something, I really dig the rape angle there

if you do any gen 8 one Gloria is really cute and seems like the kind that'd just be into casual sex

also as a random request/suggestion maybe Courtney from ORAS, emotionless or stoic yandere rapes the boy trainer or something like that, or even just riding and letting him cum inside, iunno just my 2 cents

>>Niggarotto  2mar2020(mo)21:57  No.74848  X  P33R30
Basically this sums up my opinion too. It sure would be nice if W.T Dinner/DinDin<3 would come back.
>>Anonymous  4mar2020(we)20:17  No.74853  R  P34R31
W.T. DinDin, please don't dieee~~
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