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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  12oct2019(sa)11:17  No.71692  OP  P1

Hi! I didn't forget about you guys, honest.
Also, taking suggestions.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_melee_ver_0.2.swf (4.87 MiB)
700x550, Compressed (Deflate). 301 frames, 12 fps (00:25).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)11:37  No.71693  A  P2R1
Do you have a website or page for contact?
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)17:03  No.71695  B  P3R2
Could we get a Sabrina x Hypno?
>>Niggfaggot  12oct2019(sa)17:13  No.71696  C  P4R3
Maybe something Cynthia tittyfuck-related?
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)19:35  No.71697  D  P5R4
lmao the excavation minigame
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)20:32  No.71698  E  P6R5
ANyone find any secrets
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)21:36  No.71701  F  P7R6
I support this
>>Anon  12oct2019(sa)23:00  No.71702  G  P8R7
could we get Cynthia anal?
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)23:03  No.71703  H  P9R8
anal is gay
>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)04:02  No.71705  I  P10R9
ok then cut a hole in her and fuck her guts instead, problem solved
>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)04:44  No.71706  J  P11R10
Dawn looks phenomenal. More of her please. Besides that maybe Hilda?
>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)04:52  No.71707  K  P12R11
Then I guess I'm a big faggot then. Like I give a fuck either way.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  13oct2019(su)08:17  No.71710  OP  P13R12
Yes, here. lol
I don't bother with social media. (Because I don't have any friends)
What did you want to talk about?

I'd like to try doing Sabrina again too.

There's a minigame where you take a big fat ogre shit on Lucas when you click on Dawn's nose. Trust me, dude.

Cynthia's pretty cool. If I draw her in her official art then her tits will be small. Just a heads up.
Speaking of which. I hope you guys don't mind me alternating artstyles all the time. They way I draw Leaf is my natural style while Dawn is sugimori's official art.


>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)10:53  No.71711  L  P14R13
Is there any chance of having the Dawn scene without black sillouette? Its funny but its one of your better animations and its a bit heartbreaking to see the climax covered :<
Still, great job, brings me a tear of joy everytime you deliver
>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)11:11  No.71712  M  P15R14
Yeah I'd also like to see something anal. I like it regardless, you're really good at what you do!
>>Niggfaggot  13oct2019(su)14:04  No.71713  C  P16R15
Its all good mate. Variety is the spice of life or someshit. Keep up the good work.
>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)14:29  No.71714  N  P17
>Nigger in thumbnail
No thanks
>>Anonymous  13oct2019(su)22:21  No.71722  B  P18R16
Please! If you're putting Hypno into the flash, to insinuate that hypnosis may not or may have been effective; show that his pendulum have been tossed to the side like a condom or something uwu
>>Anonymous  14oct2019(mo)03:15  No.71723  O  P19R17
Hey! You're doing another one!
Thanks mate, your flashes are excellent.
>>Anonymous  14oct2019(mo)19:25  No.71733  A  P20R18

>"What did you want to talk about?"

Was thinking of tossing some stuff your way for more of what I like. But it's fine since she's already got her spotlight.

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  15oct2019(tu)07:44  No.71739  OP  P21R19
I wanna try if I can squeeze the Rui one I didn't finish into this one somewhere. It's kinda awkward as its own standalone flash.

But covering it up makes it SEXIER

You guys want anal? You got it.


Okay. Well, glad you're happy. I don't take requests anymore unfortunately so sorry dude.
I'll be happy to take feedback and suggestions for this one though.

>>Anonymous  15oct2019(tu)10:37  No.71740  P  P22R20

Any possibility we could get Hilda anal?

>>Anonymous  15oct2019(tu)17:08  No.71741  Q  P23R21
can you make the ending of dawn's scene progress a little slower? maybe make it so you have to click for every hammer swing?
>>Anonymous  18oct2019(fr)20:12  No.71787  R  P24R22
Any chance of you doing something with Iris this go around? Also are you gonna do a climax option for Leaf?
Love your work, keep up the good sauce my dude.
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)02:34  No.71798  S  P25R23
good shit keep it up
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)05:30  No.71802  Q  P26R24
your emulation of sugimori's style on dawn is fuckin awesome just saying
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)15:33  No.71811  T  P27R25
clicked nose, nothing happened. I assume you trolling me.
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)20:03  No.71816  U  P28R26
Why did that dawn sex scene give me such nostalgia
>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)18:01  No.72495  V  P29R27
Do you plan on doing any of the new pokemon characters? (pokemon sun & moon and pokemon sword & shield)?
>>Anonymous  2dec2019(mo)01:55  No.72527  W  P30R28
Do you have a cuck fetish? Why did you cuck gold in the omega ruby parody?
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