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>>Anonymous  6sep2019(fr)21:23  No.70949  OP  P1
pregnant-minion-girl.swf (2.43 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 4 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6sep2019(fr)23:50  No.70951  A  P2R1
>>???? ???  7sep2019(sa)00:03  No.70952  B  P3R2
Can people get banned on here?
I hope so
>>Anonymous  8sep2019(su)18:39  No.70985  C  P4R3
if OP submit this obvious non porn to /fap/ I have to question why OP is fapping to this. You muddafucking knob. I wish I could delete or ban shit like this.
>>Anonymous  9sep2019(mo)08:40  No.70998  OP  P5R4
This is considered porn on DeviantArt.
>>Anonymous  9sep2019(mo)15:27  No.71006  D  P6R5
Yeah but so is Sonic's feet, the bar isn't set very high over there
>>Anonymous  9sep2019(mo)21:11  No.71008  E  P7R6
I think they got fed up with users posting fetish porn with the excuse that "it's just (body part)!"
>>Anonymous  9sep2019(mo)22:19  No.71009  F  P8R7
Can I source this in a suicide note or is that too formal?
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)17:13  No.71024  G  P9R8

No, I think you'd be right on the money.

>>Anonymous  11sep2019(we)08:13  No.71031  H  P10R9
>>Anonymous  11sep2019(we)19:47  No.71034  C  P11R10
the more you comment on this the longer it's gonna stay up here as active.
>>Anonymous  12sep2019(th)06:06  No.71050  E  P12R11
dude this makes PP go big and hard haha
>>Anonymous  12sep2019(th)06:15  No.71051  I  P13R12
Every day we stray further and further from god's light.

Pass the eye bleach.

>>Anonymous  16sep2019(mo)20:42  No.71100  J  P14R13
You must not have been around for the "beef curtains" incident.
>>Anonymous  17sep2019(tu)05:10  No.71101  K  P15R14
Oh boy, I actually spit my drink.
>>Anonymous  17sep2019(tu)05:20  No.71102  F  P16R15
So first we kill OP, then the artist, all agreed?
>>Anonymous  18sep2019(we)01:10  No.71120  L  P17R16
Oh it's this shit again.
It's hilarious. OP back in the day dug up a whole conspiracy theory about a network of russian sites who mutually referenced them to bolster google search rankings and made only absurd games like this targeted at young girls who were getting more and more into fetish territory in an effort to groom them or just for the lulz.
>>Anonymous  18sep2019(we)13:30  No.71176  M  P18R17
I'd like to see PdPatty to get banned for all the nonsense they upload to
>>Anonymous  20sep2019(fr)00:18  No.71189  C  P19R18
I don't know who keeps uploading more and more of their PdPatty shit even though their DA was reported and shut down. I can't find their porn hub nor any other account to report. It's just video clips of existing porn being recorded on flash quality. It's not like some director under the handle PdPatty is creating them anyways. I wish I could break the cunts fingers.
>>Anonymous  20sep2019(fr)04:49  No.71191  K  P20R19
Who is pdpatty?
>>Anonymous  25jan2020(sa)12:35  No.73402  N  P21R20
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