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>>Anonymous  7aug2019(we)02:30  No.70496  OP  P1
Apparently it was removed from NG, so I'll just post it here for y'all to enjoy it.

Jinora's Playful Fuck V1.1 by JoSilver.swf (1.41 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver23, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  7aug2019(we)05:48  No.70498  A  P2R1
I assumed the other one was a third-party edit, the faces kind of don't match the legs color-wise. I prefer this one.
>>Anonymous  7aug2019(we)21:55  No.70507  B  P3R2
removed from NG? but why? by the author himself? still, why?
>>Anonymous  7aug2019(we)22:19  No.70508  C  P4R3
Probably because loli.
>>Anonymous  9aug2019(fr)21:27  No.70532  D  P5R4
Just go to his itch io site and download the updated version with 3 girls.
>>Anonymous  11aug2019(su)00:38  No.70547  B  P6R5
shit, didn't know NG was like that.

why not link it instead of simply referring to it?

>>Anonymous  11aug2019(su)00:51  No.70548  OP  P7R6
Recently there have been sjw groups that have threaten many website that host "loli" drawings.

Apparently the x-hentai outrage was started by a false flag that made the owner of panda getting scared.

>>Anonymous  11aug2019(su)01:09  No.70549  B  P8R7
oh REALLY? i've been wondering what "new law" it was that made go down, nobody seemed to be able to find it.
>>Anonymous  11aug2019(su)06:11  No.70555  OP  P9R8
There were no changes in the law. It was a hoax to make them panic and close it.
>>Anonymous  11aug2019(su)13:08  No.70556  E  P10R9

I heard it was Dutch copyright laws, but that's about it.

>>Anonymous  12aug2019(mo)12:27  No.70563  F  P11R10
it was a kiwifarms user GethN7 who organized a campaign to carpet bomb the server hosters of both panda and ATF with false accusations that both have CP on it, it seems that the "SJW" group is them being at it again
>>Anonymous  12aug2019(mo)22:17  No.70567  OP  P12R11
What are kiwifags? And why they sound like a bunch of hypocrite moralfags?
>>Anonymous  13aug2019(tu)10:07  No.70571  G  P13R12
>>Anonymous  27aug2019(tu)12:06  No.70818  H  P14R13
All egofag forums devolve into moralfaggotry, EVERY, SINGLE, ONE, OF, THEM
See Something Awful, NeoGaf, GameFAQs and chanology forums. Just few example.
anonboards doesn't require usernames, as such it's hard to form a internet persona around absolutely nothing. As a anon, you are a faceless and nameless faggot just like the next faggot anon who posts after you
>>Anonymous  28aug2019(we)01:01  No.70829  I  P15R14
sadly those days are either long gone or at least starting to wane more and more
>>Anonymous  28aug2019(we)16:41  No.70836  J  P16R15
Because it don't take much effort to type in "josilver itch io" on google you lazy bum.
>>Anonymous  29aug2019(th)06:53  No.70843  OP  P17R16

Glad I've been archiving all these years because, deep down, I knew it would end.

>>Anonymous  14sep2019(sa)11:04  No.71072  K  P18R17
To the autists.

This isn't how sex works.

Ass -> Vag -> Ass -> Vag = Sick, angry girly

>>Anonymous  15sep2019(su)23:06  No.71086  B  P19R18
hate "just google it" people so much. did you know that your search results doesn't even look the same as everybody elses? of course you didn't. you just assume that the world would be so much better if everybody just sat there and googled everything on their own hoping to get the right page instead of following direct links that don't waste time and always take you to the right place. tldr i'd like to punch you.
>>Anonymous  16sep2019(mo)04:07  No.71091  OP  P20R19
Thanks spergmaster, If you didn't point that out I would have never know.
>>Anonymous  18sep2019(we)01:02  No.71118  I  P21R20
it's still easy enough to do
that's the way the saucefags find it who spoonfeed it to you
not all things can be easily found with a single google search, but most can, especially the ones where people tell you to just do that
there's a reason the lmgtfy site came to life when normalfags invaded the internet

oh, you poor poor person, never getting around to fuck real girls

>>Anonymous  7dec2019(sa)19:04  No.72640  L  P22R21
They intend to eliminate what allegedly offends him and then all the material collected over the Int

SJW. these idiots wanting to make the internet their ''best place and safe space'' for themselves by monopolizing good content that almost no one is more offended themselves.

>>Anonymous  7dec2019(sa)19:06  No.72641  L  P23

And they intend to eliminate what allegedly offends him and then all the material collected over the Internet time disappears in vain without realizing it themselves.

>>Anonymous  7dec2019(sa)22:12  No.72647  M  P24R22
if you enjoy it, consider throwing them a schmeckle or two (optional on download)
if there is one group of artists i support, it's the taboo.
>>Anonymous  8dec2019(su)04:51  No.72670  OP  P25R23
Casual have ruined the net.
Just here there is one that is calling bullshit on the rocket girl swf.

These people go around imposing their views on niche groups that do not want them anyways.

>>Anonymous  8dec2019(su)18:45  No.72674  H  P26R24
I think the multi character version was uploaded before
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